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NAR Rebukes Tyler Perry for Walking Away from Their False Christ

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The connection Tomczak has made throughout this article is quite plain. He believes that God blessed Tyler Perry with upwards of 600 million dollars because his mother was a godly woman and because Perry fell in with the NAR churchianity crowd. Never mind that the vast majority of his money was made in a career of dressing like a woman. Now, to be honest I have seen one of the Madea movies and it was quite funny. I had no illusions however that while there were godly themes interspersed, this was an extremely carnal movie made by an extremely carnal man. The notion that God would bless this mess is biblically absurd. Not to mention his Christian affiliations are suspect at best. For instance there was the ridiculous moment when TD Jakes allowed Tyler to "lay hands on him" after he had promised the one million dollars and of course Jakes fell out in a twitching heap as if the Holy Spirit had slain him. Please. This is not to mention the fact that Perry has fathered a child out of wedlock and when pushed on the matter declared that monogamy might not be for him. Not marriage beloved -- monogamy. This after he has made so many movies extolling the virtues of marriage! Do you think that hypocrisy is lost on the world? Why is it so easily lost in the church? Tomczak would go on at this point to say that it was commendable that Perry had spoken about humility and being saved and needing to forgive people but that there were two growing areas of concern for this NAR gatekeeper. After all, we are trying to gain ground on the entertainment mountain! Here was the first concern:

"Films going from obnoxious to offensive. Early on, I like millions enjoyed Tyler's comedic films featuring the Madea character. Sure, she was a bit over the top and annoying, but almost all of it was in good-natured fun. Not anymore! We stopped patronizing the previously, family-friendly franchise awhile back. Now it's been brought to my attention that allegedly his latest offering, Boo2! had an R rating from the Motion Picture Association of America until Perry made changes to raise the bar. Do we really need more celluloid products that further coarsen our culture, embarrass parents and portray characters in a foul, immoral manner? One person who saw this current flick said the family in front of him walked out. This movie features teenage girls' escapades at an all-night Halloween party with frat guys in a house where 14 youth were murdered. The storyline serves up "wholesome" family fun including: getting drunk, smoking dope, "hooking up," crude double entendres, profane language and repeated misuse of God's name. In this day and age of raising awareness on "Weinsteinish" exploitation of vulnerable females, do we really need more in-your-face portrayals of men's lust-driven sexual advances while rattling off references to [prostitutes] and "days as a pimp"? Sure, Madea and her comrades will try to fetch them, but honestly, do we have to sink so low for entertainment? Slapstick and silliness are one thing, but seduction, sensuality and sin are still another. Producers don't have to resort to cheesy, unrealistic productions to communicate authentic stories and life lessons. Anyone remember the fantastic film, Blindside that was nominated for an Academy Award Best Film? C'mon Tyler, don't let Hollywood lure you away from your roots and religious foundations." -- Larry Tomczak

So problem number one according to Tomczak is that Perry's latest Madea movie was originally rate R and thus chock full of unchristian like themes. If only he would return to the good old wholesome Madea. Now, the Madea movie I watched, which came from Perry's good ole days, included themes of domestic violence, hyper sexuality, and even some good old fashioned revenge for the aforementioned abuse. Who can forget that compelling Christian moment when Madea dispenses some biblical wisdom: "Cook a big pot of grits, bring him into the kitchen, then toss the grits on him. Then after you toss them, swat him with a frying pan." Brings back memories of the Sermon on the Mount, no? I agree that the topics listed by Tomczak should not be hailed by any Christian but the disconnect he suffers from is thinking that previous Madea movies were in anyway wholesome. The lead actor is cross dressing Larry! I might add here that all Tyler Perry has seen in his time within churchianity is one compromise after another. One of the most powerful preachers in the country let him lay hands on him for a million dollar payoff! Remember, this is a man who when confronted with his new child out of wedlock said that he did not think monogamy was for him. Mind you this is no different than many men in society today. The problem is that Larry Tomczak is holding Tyler Perry up as Christian virtue that is somehow backsliding. This is confusing to Christians as well as Mr. Perry, who be better served by someone preaching the actual Gospel to him rather than fawning over him because he represents some portion of the entertainment mountain being conquered. Here is the second problem outlined by Mr. Tomczak:

'Departing from pleasing God to promiscuity with your lady friend. Almost everyone knows that the best indicator of success for children is an intact nuclear family with a married father and mother. With the state of the black family in serious decline and the number of African-American children born out of wedlock now at a shocking 72 percent, there is a critical need for visible black leaders to regain the moral high ground and be godly examples. Mr. Perry often refers to the trauma of his dysfunctional childhood experience with the man who was not really his father and who mistreated him. How might his life have been different if he was reared in a home with a godly father and mother married to each other, obeying biblical standards, committed to doing the will of God? Not long ago, unfortunately, Tyler began veering off God's clear path for men and women regarding marriage and family. Millions who look to him as a role model for their lives and their children were shocked. He and his girlfriend, model Gelila, are reported not to be married but rather living together ("lifestyle fornication"). In 2014, they had an out-of-wedlock baby boy, Aman. The same article says Oprah Winfrey is one of their son's godmothers. Tyler says that the best advice Oprah's given him is this: "Just live in the moment. Just be present in what is going on in your life." He says, "For me, I just want to make sure that I'm enjoying it as much as I can."' -- Larry Tomczak

This is the sad truth that Larry Tomczak cannot see. The Tyler Perry of 2017 is the same Tyler Perry that in 2014 said monogamy is not for him and the same Tyler Perry that prior to this Tomczak deemed acceptable. He is a carnal man who has made a carnal living to the tune of 600 million dollars dressing as an elderly woman. While his movies usually had a moral, they were hardly parables. They always relied upon carnal humor and jokes and at best possessed a drive by Christianity feel. What else would anyone expect from someone who while raised by a godly woman, fell into churchianity and the NAR? Someone who was taught by TD Jakes that it is OK to fool the rubes with the Holy Ghost spasms when a million dollars is on the line. When the lines between Christianity and the New Age queen in Oprah are not only blurred but coexistent -- exactly what did we expect? The bottom line is the Tyler Perry of 2017 is simply more honest about the fact that he is not saved than the one Tomczak fell into seven mountains love with all those year ago. The disconnect from Tomczak comes full circle now:

"Here's the deal: material success and New Age advice from people like Oprah Winfrey have influenced Tyler Perry on a dangerous and deceptive path. For millions of us who have followed his career and pointed scores of our youth in his direction, now is the time to pray for his turnaround to once again please the God who has so richly blessed him." -- Larry Tomczak

No Larry, you do not get to pretend that you had nothing to do with it. You do not get to sit there in your ivory tower of babel and charismatic nonsense and pretend that you have been above this when you created the very cesspool Tyler Perry has been swimming in all these years. Your America-first, NAR, dominionist, bless me now churchianity is the reason why Tyler Perry thinks nothing of cohabitation while believing he is saved. It is why he thinks nothing of making millions of dollars for cross dressing while thinking he is serving the Lord. It is why he thinks it is OK to play church and slay TD Jakes on television for a meager 1% of his wealth price tag. I do not blame Tyler Perry beloved. He is simply living out what he has been taught. Who knows if he has ever heard the real Gospel before? He follows a different christ from a different gospel, as the key verses teach us. The ultimate disconnect here is found in the concluding thought from Larry Tomczak. He believes that through the cross dressing, co-habitation, fathering a child out of wedlock, eschewing monogamy, and associating with New Age queens and modalist kings, God has richly blessed Tyler Perry. That despite all of these things, it is God who has blessed Tyler Perry with 600 million dollars. So I ask you beloved -- if Perry also believes this, why in the world would he "change?" The prosperity side of the NAR false theology equates money with blessings. Thus it must be the blessings of God why Tyler Perry is rich. Larry Tomczak clearly believes that. Tyler Perry clearly believes it as well. The solution is the only thing that has the power of God unto the salvation of Tyler Perry and that is the real Gospel. Then the indwelt Holy Spirit would convict him of the movies and the sin. That is the only true solution. Larry Tomczak thinks that if only Tyler Perry would make PG-13 movies and stop living with his girlfriend then all of these problems would just go away.

Reverend Anthony Wade -- October 31, 2017

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