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Devotionals    H3'ed 8/20/16

Prophecy Revealed! Hillary is the 4-Fold Fulfillment with an Esther Spirit, Deborah Mantle & an Ezekiel Anointing!

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Why Christians Must Do Everything in Their Power to Back Donald Trump Is Trump Himself a Prophet? This Businessman Says Yes! Donald Trump Key to Isaiah 45 Prophecy? Prophecy: God Sent Donald Trump to Wage War Against Destructive Spirits Trump Answers Big Question About Presidential Run: Did God Call You to Do This? (Is He Now Like Esther?) This is just in the last three days, on one website. The strategy is clear beloved. The political forces disguised as caring about Christianity are out in full force to convince you that the Bible somehow reveals that you should vote for Donald Trump. The problem is that all of their arguments are NOT what God has said at all. In fact, in every single case the same argument can be made for the other side. Donald Trump is not King Cyrus. He is not the new Esther. He is not the secret key to prophecies uttered hundreds of years ago, which have actually already been fulfilled. We should be offended as Christians that people who claim to serve the same God as we do would lie so casually about His Word for such carnal reasons. Likewise, we should be offended that the powers that be consider us so intellectually stupid that they can mangle Scripture to this point and we would not notice. The prophecy about King Cyrus was made by Isaiah for example hundreds of years before Cyrus was ever born. It is a powerful example of how real prophecy works and is never wrong. But it was fulfilled in King Cyrus. It is not some boomerang prophecy that comes back millennia later in a "new" King Cyrus. You also do not get to make the argument that because God used a King Cyrus once, He can again. Of course He can! He is God! But th at King Cyrus can just as easily be Hillary Clinton, Gary Johnson, or your periodontist. The fact that God CAN do something does not mean He WILL do something. It is a logical fallacy to pretend otherwise. Beloved, I just checked with God. He assures me He will still be on the throne November 9, 2016, regardless of who you vote for. He is not keeping score of your voting record either and anyone who claims He is does not understand Scripture. I love the inane logic that says God is going to measure the level of evilness in the people we voted for to see if we really chose the lesser evil. That is patently absurd. We are not called to influence society through carnal elections that determine who will try to make Sodom more livable. We are called to save people from this society through the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The more time the church spends in politics is time it is not involved in the one thing it is called to do in society and that is spread the Gospel. Christian leaders keep whining about the Johnson Amendment which prevents the church from taking political sides in exchange for being given a tax free status. As usual, the church is so compromised with the world that it keeps missing the point. First of all, we should not be in bed with the world to begin with. Taxes? Let me see who is on that quarter. Washington? Render unto Washington what is Washington's and render unto God what is God's. That said, the Johnson Amendment is currently the only thing preventing the church from becoming an official arm of the Republican Party. I know this is considered anathema in the compromised church but we are not called to lobby for legislation, change laws, or ensure one party is in control. There are equally reprehensible things about both parties and equally positive things as well. One is not God's party. The Gospel is the key to the kingdom of heaven beloved: For I am not ashamed of the gospel, for it is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes, to the Jew first and also to the Greek. -- Romans 1: 16 (ESV)

It is the power of God for the salvation of everyone. The very keys to the kingdom and what are we spending our time on? Which candidate for president is less vile? Look at what we are left to defend. He wasn't really mocking a disabled man. She doesn't really understand computers. He didn't call all Hispanics rapists. She didn't technically lie. He didn't really mean people should shoot his opponent. Are we serious here? Well what should we do preacher?

Stop. Stop the nonsense. Stop the lying. Stop representing evil while pretending to be Christian. Vote as you feel led. Do not share it. Do not brag about it. Do not try and convince others you are right about your vote. More importantly stop showing no faith in the God you claim to serve. This is not the direst election in our history. This is not an all or nothing. What does it say to unbelievers about your faith in God if you think He cannot survive a Clinton White House or a Trump regime? Dear Lord, are we serious? In 1774, John Wesley perhaps said it best:

"I met those of our society who had votes in the ensuing election, and advised them, 1. To vote, without fee or reward, for the person they judged most worthy: 2. To speak no evil of the person they voted against: And, 3. To take care their spirits were not sharpened against those that voted on the other side." -- John Wesley, October 6, 1774

How prescient. Keep in mind this was almost 250 years ago. I am sure the Christians then thought it was the most important election of their lifetime. I am sure political operatives disguised as Christians tried to co-opt their vote just as they try to steal Christian votes today. As Solomon says, there is nothing new under the sun. I think Wesley hits the nail on the head. We should vote who we deem worthy. Do not try and figure out which is God's choice. Neither are His choice yet He will use either one. Secondly, do not speak evil of the one you vote against. I have seen Christians, including pastors, post, tweet, and state the vilest things including many lies about Hillary Clinton. It damages your witness for Jesus Christ. Our job is not to speak evil in an evil world. We are to be light beloved. Thirdly, never lose sight of who our true brothers and sisters in Christ are. I have had Christian friends unfriend me on Facebook over petty politics in an election where I have not actually taken any side but the Lord's. I have not and will not advocate for any candidate because in doing so I am advocating for evil. At the end of the day, God will still be on the throne and we as His church need to be unified in doctrine around Jesus Christ. You may feel one candidate is the clearer choice but that should not be more important to you than your relationship to the body of Christ.

Beloved, do not believe when people claiming to be Christians distort the Bible to prop up any candidate as God's choice. Or that they are fulfilling some ancient prophecy. Donald Trump is no more King Cyrus than Hillary has the mantle of Deborah. It is all silliness and a butchering of God's Word. Remember, God will not be mocked. The ends do not justify the means. The Bible asks provocatively -- will you lie on behalf of God? Do you think you can lie to Him as you do to man? Does not His majesty terrify you? Sadly the truth recently is people are more terrified of the possibility of a Clinton Administration or Trump White House than they are of the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. As Christians we need to abandon the carnality within our politics and come back to Christ. There is nothing to worry about with His tax returns or speech transcripts. His medical records are not an issue. He bled and died on the cross for the sins of all humanity and now is at the right hand of the Father. All must go through Him. All will bow one day to Him. He spoke the entire universe into existence with a single spoken Word. He told the oceans they could only go so far. He placed the stars in the sky and knows each one by name. He has assured us to take heart for He has overcome this world yet we are still enamored and obsessed with which lesser evil we should cast a vote for. So obsessed we lie about it. We cheat about it. We disparage people we do not even know and end friendships with brothers and sisters over it. We stand by and allow ourselves to be prostituted by political pimps who care nothing about the cause of Jesus Christ. We sacrifice our witness for the Gospel. We sacrifice our personal integrity. We sacrifice the absolute truth of Scripture. All for the next king of Sodom. God help us. God help us all.

Reverend Anthony Wade -- August 20, 2016

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