May 10, 2012: 10 Indictments Against The Modern Church In America - Paul Washer Two Hour Sermon by Pastor Washer to Pastors and Preachers about the state of the modern church; powerful.
Apr 9, 2012: Run For Your Life - Carter Conlon (Full Sermon) Preached right after 9-11, Times Square Church Pastor Carter Conlon preaches from his heart a message that still resonates today.
Apr 3, 2012: Standing Pure For God In A Day Of Compromise by Sandeep Poonen Excellent sermon on how the world system seduces us and how we must stand for Christ.
Apr 2, 2012: Beware of False Prophets by Sandeep Poonen Excellent half-hour sermon on false prophets and how to judge their fruit.
Mar 28, 2012: Preaching the Gospel to the De-Churched by Matt Chandler Excellent sermon on the need to return to the basics of the cross and the Holy Spirit in the modern church.
Mar 16, 2012: The Purpose Driven Lie by Jacob Prasch In this age of seeker-friendly, purpose driven, emergent church models, Jacob Prasch dissects the problem the modern day church faces by using the only thing that should matter to us - the Belt of Truth.

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