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About 828 Ministries

Greetings in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!

I am a Minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ formerly credentialed with the Assemblies of God. If you wish to read why I left, please click here:


I have been saved since 2002. I have served and led various ministries in the course of my walk with the Lord. Media, Television, Projection, Baptism, Hospitality and Small Group Leader are just some of the activities the Lord has led me to.

I took my first Berean Bible Institute course in 2004 and during it God called me to be a Minister. I was a lot like Jonah initially; as I would prefer to write than speak. But God always has a better plan. I suffered for seven years in my 20's from a panic disorder and my greatest fear was always public speaking. God knew that if I was going to be able to preach, I would have to draw even closer to Him. I am never more dependent upon God than when I speak. But it always starts with small obedience before the grander picture unveils. The Bible says that His Word is a lamp unto our feet because true faith needs only to see the next step God has for us.

I started writing devotionals over ten years ago. The first 52 I wrote were all based on Psalms. Since then the Lord has expanded my writing. The first devotional I did was two pages long and someone commented that I needed to break it up. I prayed and felt the Lord impress upon me that if people did not have 15 minutes for Him, then that was not my concern. So these are longer than typical devotionals. Now they are about four pages in length. I am generally doing 3-4 per week.

When I write, God is always ministering to me first. Like the Apostle Paul, I have not yet attained all or gotten a hold of why God got a hold of me. I claim no mastery over anything, even language and grammar as I am often criticized for loving the comma too much and being too adventurous with some of my titles. When it comes to the work of God -- of these I am the least. I just pray that the website blesses you in and that God is glorified through you living your faith as He intended you to. God bless.

Reverend Anthony - 2007

2018 Update - I have been sorely needing to update my bio, apologies. I updated some of the above and let me explain why. As I have grown with the Lord and His Word I have been called into a discernment ministry. Discernment ministries are concerned primarily with exposing false teaching within the church. The fastest growing mission field is sitting in pews across this country. The advent and proliferation of seeker friendly and purpose driven growth schemes and paradigms have created generations of false converts. These are the very people in Matthew 7 who will stand before Jesus and say: "Lord Lord." If you go all the way back to 2007 you will see my writing was not generally of a discernment nature. As I grew this was clearly where God wanted me and 10 years later it is even more evident. I do not ascribe to traditional boxes that Christians like to pigeon hole themselves into. I think it is only the arrogance of man that thinks he has completely figured out an infinite God. I simply try to follow what the Bible says. Do I fail in my own life? All the time. This is not about me beloved. It is always and 100% about Him.

Discernment ministries are often thankless and that is ok. It is the emails I receive from people all over this world that say they were able to finally come out from underneath false teaching and see the light of Christ that keep this ministry going. I was going to quit once because I felt like no one was really reading. I received an email that night from a paraplegic woman who wanted me to know that her faith was restored through my efforts. She passed away the following week. God could not be clearer. My job is to plant or water. His job is grant the growth.

If you have any questions, please email me at revanthonywade@yahoo.com

God bless.