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December 29, 2020

A Charismatic Two-For of Insanity with Jennifer "Sneaky Squid" LeClaire

By Anthony Wade

LeClaire is at again...fleecing the flock as only she can


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You see, we are not like the many hucksters who preach for personal profit. We preach the word of God with sincerity and with Christ's authority, knowing that God is watching us. - 2Corinthians 2:17 (NLT)

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The Calamari Queen is back again for more of your money. The Profit-ess Jennifer LeClaire has never met a Charismaniacal false doctrine she could not figure out how to cash in on. She created her own network of new false prophets who can buy their street cred by sending her an annual tribute of a little over 300 bucks. After that the prophetic world of scamming people is your oyster. Want to add the title apostle to your resume? That's just 50 dollars a month or so in Jennifer's school of the apostles, which is enrolling now! Not good enough? How about a new fancy title of "seer." Yep, she has a school for that too and all run out of the same hotel room at the Fort Lauderdale Airport Holiday Inn! Heck she has a school to pretend your kid is a seer too! The kiddy version is only 39 dollars compared to the near 1000-dollar price tag over three years for the adult version of this hot mess so choose wisely. If this is all too "out there" for you then you can settle for some good meat and potatoes spiritual teaching like how to drown marine demons for only $138.

Mind you, this is not satire. I wish it were. Real people pay this woman real money to teach them real heresy. One of the oft used schemes in Jennifer's quiver is to hype a book she is going to publish and then create teachings, video series', "activations", "intensives", and possibly full-blown schools out of the nonsense she writes about. So it seems that Jennifer has a new book coming out called Decoding the Mysteries of Heaven's War Room. Why stop with only mugging you for 20 bucks when you can tack on a webinar about the book and charge 60, while pretending to save you money on the book that way. Ahh, quite the racket. Maybe I should not be too down on this as Jennifer promises that you will be taught how to partner with the supernatural to see greater manifestations of God's victory on earth through your life. I mean, isn't sixty bucks worth seeing a little of God's victory through your life? Don't be cheap with God's victories now! But wait! There's More! Jennifer also promises that through heavenly encounters, you will unlock 21 distinct mysteries of heaven including:

Mystery of Heaven's Secret Rooms

Mystery of Angel Armies and the Angelic Ranks

Mystery of the Situation Room in Heaven

Mystery of Your War Assignment

Mystery of Jezebel's Daughter

Mystery of God's World War 3

Secret rooms in heaven? Angelic rank and God's very own world war? Who knew there was a situation room in heaven? Who knew we had personal war assignments? Sign me up! As an extra added bonus, Jennifer will pray for you if you buy the bundle the following:

Your spiritual eyes to be opened

The dreamer's anointing to be released

A spirit of wisdom and revelation

A sensitivity to the angelic realm

And more!

Uh-oh, I smell a "School for the Dreamer" coming to Fort Lauderdale soon! Seriously beloved, this is simply and abomination to the faith a stain on the church. It is the absolute height of absurdity and defines exactly what the key verse teaches about. She is a huckster preaching for personal profit. There is no sincerity in charging someone 138 dollars to teach them how to drown something that does not exist. She carries no authority, and I am comforted in the knowledge that God is watching. Just as He is watching Jennifer's latest foray back into her imaginary world of angels. Mind you this is not suggesting that angels do not exist - they do. It does mean however that Jennifer LeClaire cannot command legions of angels let alone one. She wrote a book once claiming to be releasing the angels of abundant harvest, which of course were going to make us rich beyond our greedy little dreams. Of course the angels were never released, no one got an abundant harvest. Well except Jennifer of course. Let us briefly reason once more through the article linked above.

"DREAMS & VISIONS When Angels Carrying Glory Gifts Through Portals

There's been a lot of angelic activity at Awakening House of Prayer in recent weeks. Let me clarify: I believe there's angelic activity all around us all the time, but God has pulled back the veil on the angelic activity at a higher level over the past few Sundays. In one encounter, a portal opened and with it, a new dimension of sound came forth. Everything was suddenly louder and crisper. Then I saw angels coming through windows carrying glory gifts. I call them glory gifts because these boxes with bows appeared to be glowing with the glory of God. What was going on: the Lord is bringing new gifts and new glory to the church." - Jennifer LeClaire

God has pulled back the veil on angelic activity at a higher level? What does that even mean? Is He a hostess on the Price is Right? Why was He hiding it? Why would He do this at a false church preaching a false gospel? Or was He there for the bundle deal? An actual portal opened in your church service? Where are the pictures? Do people check their cell phones at your Welcome Center? New gifts? Sounds like new grifts.

"We know there are windows in heaven because Malachi 3:10 speaks of them--not just a single window but more than one. Of course, we don't know how many. We know the angels go through windows of heaven based on Jacob's experience in the wilderness: "Then he dreamed, and behold, a ladder was set up on the earth, and its top reached to heaven; and there the angels of God were ascending and descending on it" (Genesis 28:12). In Joseph's dream, we see a path from heaven to earth and vice versa through a window, or portal. Can angels really bring gifts from heaven? Yes, in the sense of revelation. Angels are, in essence, messengers. Although there are many functions of angels in the Bible, delivering messages or revelations from the Throne Room are a key part of angelic activity in the earth. Some angels are on assignment with prophetic announcements. Angels announced the birth of John the Baptist and Jesus (see Matthew 1:20-21; Luke 1:11-13.) What a glory gift these women received! Angels with the assignment to help interpret God-given dreams (See Daniel 7:16; Daniel 10:5.) Daniel; received the glory gift of an unlocked mystery." - Jennifer LeClaire

Sigh, where to begin with this butchering of the bible? Malachi 3:10 does not speak of actual windows in heaven. He was speaking figuratively of blessing obedient people. Read Genesis 28 and see if you can find the word window because it is not there. This is what hucksters do. If they cannot find what they want the bible to say they will just invent it knowing most will never check for themselves. Even if the angels on Jacob's ladder were coming out of a window it does not matter because this was a dream! We do not base our theology on a dream God gave someone thousands of years ago and infer that He must also have meant it for me! I would say the same about Joseph's dreams but none of them mention windows too. In fact it is not even vaguely mentioned. Now, it is true that angels have acted as messengers and I will concede that these revelations could be considered a gift from God. Here is the logical and hermeneutic disconnect. Just because something happened a small handful of times across millennia does not mean it is happening today with the apparent frequency of changing one's socks. Yet this is the modus operandi for false teachers everywhere. Find somewhere in the bible that says a word you are focusing on and ignore all of the context to apply it to your situation. If you cannot find it, make it up. Daniel may very well have received a glory gift of an unlocked mystery but that does not translate into angelic theology for today.

"The Bible also mentions angels of provision. God sends angels on assignment to bring revelation to His people (See Acts 8:26-27; Acts 27:23-24; Daniel 9:21-22.) While the Holy Spirit warns us of impending danger, God can send angels on assignment to warn us of situations and circumstances we need to avoid and even show us the way of escape (see Genesis 19:1-10). We should be aware of angelic activity and receive the glory gifts they bring us. Angels are ministering spirits, sent to minister to us as heirs of salvation (see Hebrews 1:4). Jesus allowed angels to minister to Him more than once, so should we be open to the ministry of angels." - Jennifer LeClaire

The bible does not mention angels of provision. Yes, angels have "provided" before but once again we see LeClaire creating doctrine out of singular events in the bible. Think of it this way when examining the three verse sets she references plus her own experience. An angel guided Phillip so that he might preach the Gospel to the Ethiopian Eunuch. Paul is comforted by an angel that he must stand before Caesar while the third angel provides insight to Daniel, held captive in Babylon. And the fourth angel apparently visited Jenifer LeClaire to show her angels coming out of windows bearing gifts. Right.

Beloved, angels are real. Jennifer LeClaire is not. Learn the truth. Discern the false.

Reverend Anthony Wade - December 29, 2020

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Credentialed Minister of the Gospel for the Assemblies of God. Owner and founder of 828 ministries. Vice President for Goodwill Industries. Always remember that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him and are called according to His purpose.