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January 7, 2021

Jeremiah Johnson Apology Reveals Why He is a False Prophet

By Anthony Wade

Jeremiah Johnson has apologized but not for the right offense...


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Now I beseech you, brethren, mark them which cause divisions and offences contrary to the doctrine which ye have learned; and avoid them. - Romans 16:17 (KJV)

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Jeremiah Johnson is a false prophet within the apostate church. How do we know this? Because the bible tells us so. This entire network of false prophets create their own unbiblical paradigm to avoid facing the truth that the bible has one simple rule for prophets and that is they cannot be wrong, ever. If that sounds like a strict standard you can take it up with God but it seems right to me. If you are claiming to hear directly from God, shouldn't you be at least correct? God is never wrong. The truth is that false prophets do not hear from God at all. They instead hear from the hearts, which the bible assures us is the most wickedly deceitful thing ever created, and they attribute these thoughts/feelings/dreams/hallucinations to "hearing from God." Johnson, "prophe-lied awhile back that God told him that Donald Trump was going to win a second term. Now, as prophecies go, this was pretty lame as he gave himself a 50-50 shot. As we know now though, he still got it wrong. So the drama began where he lashed out at critics and consigned people who did not vote for Trump to hell. Apparently, he has come full circle and is trying to regain his street cred so he has apologized at the above link. Let us reason together and see how false this man truly is.

"I have submitted this letter to senior, respected national leaders in the Body who have now given their approval to publicly release it. I am also currently in relationship with local church elders where I reside who I greatly value and believe are essential for accountability in my life, marriage, and ministry. We have dialogued, prayed, and I continue to receive their instructions and corrections. I have learned some very hard and valuable lessons throughout this process and I intend to be as transparent as possible in the following remarks. The prophetic ministry is simply one of the gifts that God has given His body and we should always be actively seeking relationship and accountability, first at the local level and then nationally if that is where God's calling leads us." - Jeremiah Johnson

Yeah, no. This summarizes the global problem with the way the apostate church mangles prophecy. Being accountable to other false leaders does not make you any more credible but this gives the illusion of credibility. People look at explanations such as these and think that Jeremiah sounds reasonable, right? I mean he sounds apologetic and sincere and look! He is submitting himself to authority! No beloved he is not. First of all, he is not under the authority of Christ and His word. That is the ultimate authority. For example, Kris Vallotton is responsible to Bill Johnson. Now, while Kris is a lunatic false prophet, Bill Johnson is far worse. So unless Jeremiah is answerable to someone who will use the bible to tell him to stop calling himself a prophet when he is now disqualified, who cares that he answers to him?

"My aim in this public apology is twofold. First, I would like to repent for inaccurately prophesying that Donald Trump would win a second term as the President of the United States. I refuse to blame the saints and say, "It didn't come to pass because they did not pray enough." Nor will I proclaim, "Donald Trump actually won, so I was right, but now it has been stolen from him." I believe the first statement seeks to alleviate the prophetic messenger from the responsibility of what he prophesied, and the second statement is filled with potential pride and an unwillingness to humble himself and admit he was wrong." - Jeremiah Johnson

Strange, I do not recall Jeremiah initially reacting to the election results and the criticism for "getting it wrong" so even handedly. Thankfully these days we have a record of what people actually said:

"While we wait until January to determine our next US President, observe the stunning blindness and hypocrisy in the body of Christ. Christians who voted for the shedding of innocent blood, the Equality Act, and anti Israel legislation (ALL things God HATES) are now picking up stones to persecute prophets who supposedly missed it. While inaccurate prophecy requires repentance and effects the PRESENT. Aligning with and voting for issues that God so clearly considers abominations requires repentance and effects ETERNITY. As we seek greater accountability in the prophetic movement in the years ahead, let's also be in pursuit of greater accountability concerning where we will all spend eternity as well. Someone had to say it." - Jeremiah Johnson

Note that the "waiting for January" reference is Jeremiah refusing to admit that Trump lost. The rest of this diatribe is explicitly blaming the saints! That would make Jeremiah a hypocrite and a liar - on top of being a false prophet. The truly sad thing here is that he still does not get it. This has nothing to do with pride, humility or responsibility. It simply has to do with the fact that the prophesy, a 50-50 shot, was wrong. That means that either demons speak to Mr. Johnson and he does not realize (2Corinthians 11:14) or he is lying about hearing directly from God. Either way, the bible is very clear that he is disqualified from ministry and should just be thankful that we no longer live in the days when false prophets were stoned to death. He does not need to repent for getting it wrong. He needs to repent for lying about what God did and did not say.

"I want to go on record: "I was wrong, I am deeply sorry, and I ask for your forgiveness." I specifically want to apologize to any believer in whom I have now caused potential doubt concerning the voice of God and His ability to speak to His people. As a human being, I missed what God was saying; however, rest assured, God Himself is NOT a liar and His written Word should always be the foundation and source of our lives as Christians." - Jeremiah Johnson

You missed what God was saying? Did He stutter? Was there a long yawn in the middle of Him speaking to you? Were you too busy writing apologies for other false prophecies you have made that you were distracted when the creator of the entire universe was speaking to you? If the written word was really your foundation then you would have to admit that there is no difference between prophets in the Old and New Testaments. The standards are the same. You are clearly a false prophet and THAT is what you need to repent of. God is most certainly not the liar here.

"Second, I would like to explain my prophetic process along the way so that anyone desiring to grow and learn from my mistakes might have the benefit of doing so--especially other prophets and prophetic people. As a public figure, I recognize my mistakes often have public consequences, and I want to be as transparent as possible." - Jeremiah Johnson

Prophetic process? Have you read the bible? Let me be clear. You claim to be a prophet, which means you claim to hear directly from God. Not in little feelings or urges. Not in hairs on the back of your neck or silly unbiblical confirmations. Not in assuming that whatever pops into your wickedly deceitful heart must be from God. The "process" is simple. Hear from God, and then in turn tell His people what He said. We do not need your transparency if it only reveals the depths of the darkness of your soul.

"For those who follow our ministry closely, you will especially understand just how detailed my prophetic journey has been with Donald Trump since 2015. I believe I was given an assignment to help the body of Christ prophetically discern the plans God had for Donald Trump. However, my mandate has and will always be focused on preparing the Bride of Christ for the return of our Bridegroom King Jesus Christ. I have intentionally recorded my encounters concerning Donald Trump publicly for accountability purposes over the last five years. Below is a brief and condensed timeline of my prophetic process which I felt was most important to share." - Jeremiah Johnson

I will not be regurgitating nor responding to the six pages of nonsense Jeremiah Johnson thinks is his "condensed version" of this twisted history. In it he claims to have spoken to God so much you would think he has a bat phone right to the throne room. Throughout this tale Johnson keeps having vivid dreams that seem to justify his faith in his political idol, Donald Trump. He never questions why all of his dreams seem to affirm his political proclivities and instead, blames them all on God. This is how their false prophecy racket works. They claim God speaks to them in a dream and suddenly it is a "prophetic dream." No, it is just your deceitful heart lying to you Jeremiah. That is assuming he even had the dreams. The bottom line is Jeremiah Johnson remains a false prophet who should be marked and avoided by the body of Christ as our key verse instructs.

Rev. Anthony.

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Credentialed Minister of the Gospel for the Assemblies of God. Owner and founder of 828 ministries. Vice President for Goodwill Industries. Always remember that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him and are called according to His purpose.