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December 10, 2021

Virus' & Vaccines - It is Time for Christians to Stop Following the Stupid People

By Anthony Wade

It is time for most Christians to wake up or shut up when it comes to vaccines and this pandemic...


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Beloved, I urge you as sojourners and exiles to abstain from the passions of the flesh, which wage war against your soul. Keep your conduct among the Gentiles honorable, so that when they speak against you as evildoers, they may see your good deeds and glorify God on the day of visitation. - 1Peter 2:11-12 (ESV)

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As Christians in this world, we have a role and a responsibility. Our role cannot be clearer than the verses above, which are the key verses for today. We are sojourners and even exiles in this world. We have in fact been saved out of and from this world. A sojourner indicates we are merely passing through. An exile means our home is not here. The bible also says that our citizenship is in heaven and God does not allow dual citizenship! Just read the very first commandment! Yet there are forces in this world that have lured the majority of church leadership into an unholy partnership with the politics of this world. As such, the church follows a new master and lord. This new taskmaster does not have an easy yoke and a light burden. Instead, they stake out untenable positions, some of which are lethal, and demand full alliance. One such topical area is when discussing the COVID pandemic, which has now killed over five million people worldwide. One side of this argument sides with science and is fact based. The other side relies upon bogus science, conspiracy theories and outright misinformation. Sadly, this is the side the leaders of the now apostate church have chosen. The church continues to stake out the stupid position. To be the stupid people. Read the key verses again before reviewing the linked article with me and ask yourself if this position is honorable among the people who need the gospel the most. That is our responsibility. To whom much has been given, much is expected. As we read, realize that we are allowing unbelievers to speak evil of the cause of Christ and be fully justified in doing so. Let us reason once more beloved, while there is still time left to redeem.

'COVID-19 vaccine proponent Bill Gates now admits that the novel mRNA-derived formulas "... only slightly reduce the transmissions." These experimental drugs all seem to lose effectiveness within six months and are expected to require endless booster shots, similar to the annual flu shots. Gates said, "We need a new way of doing the vaccines."' - Gary Curtis

This is what is known as a lie. In a detailed and long-ranging interview Gates addressed many things. Someone took the video and ripped his words out of context to make it appear he was saying these things. He was actually speaking about future pandemics and how ideally the vaccines of the future will fully stop transmissibility, which the current ones do not. This is no major revelation as it has been clear from the start that the vaccines reduce transmissibility but more importantly protect us from severe illness should we contract the virus. Don't believe me, here is a Reuters article, which reports news internationally:

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Not a good way to start an article trying to dissuade people from protecting their health and make no mistake about it - that is what Pastor Gary Curtis is doing here. He may think he is doing something good and right but there is no time left to coddle idiots. He is going to kill people unless someone speaks up and says enough.

"Others feel the draconian efforts of governments and their ever-changing health analyses are alarming, if not tyrannical. Rather than working to protect the most vulnerable among us (including nursing home residents), the vaccination mandates are forced on nearly the whole population, even those who are understood to already be immunized by having had the illness or the vaccines. However, these "approved for emergency use only" mRNA vaccines and freedom-thrashing mandates have proven to be ineffective and inefficient for many." - Gary Curtis

Notice suddenly the issue has switched from a medical argument to a political one. Suddenly its about freedom and tyranny. One of the common practices these people use is to overhype the classification of "approved for emergency use", which is an FDA distinction. I would ask Curtis if he thinks five million dead people constitutes an emergency? Once again, choosing the stupid side. A government protecting people from a killer virus is not "tyranny." It is almost embarrassing to have to point that out. Polio used to ravage this world until they found the vaccine to prevent it. No one is complaining about the mandate we have for kids to receive their polio vaccine. Curtis also reveals here that he clearly does not understand anything about viruses or vaccines. You cannot just vaccinate the vulnerable and allow everyone else to transmit the virus all over town. Having the illness previously does not exempt you from catching it again, nor from the benefits of taking the vaccine.

"Current Vaccines Don't Guarantee Immunity. Moderna Therapeutics is now set to begin its three-phased clinical trials with its COVID-19 vaccine for children, ages 6 months to 11 years old. Over 13,000 children, including infants, will participate in the three, multi-aged groupings for the study. Pfizer is already administering grade-school-sized dosages of its "emergency use" vaccine while booster shots of the mRNA vaccines for adults are now being pushed. Also, the vaccine manufacturers are seeking emergency approval for early treatment pills to lessen the effects on those infected by the virus. Masks are still being recommended indoors, in many countries and locations, because virologists are finding some fully vaccinated and some who have recovered from the virus and have antibodies are still thought to be potential spreaders of the virus. The degrees of protection in these transmission scenarios seem to vary. A so-called "vaccine" that doesn't stop transmission over a sustained period of time is not really a vaccine but only a temporary, medical treatment, which may actually make the virus, at large, adapt and learn to grow stronger and more durable." - Gary Curtis

Yeah, no. Masks are mandated because the virus is still active because people like Gary Curtis keeps convincing people to not take it. The degree of protection really does not vary as much as Mr. Curtis pretends. Most hospitals will tell you that 90% or more of the COVID hospitalizations today are from the unvaccinated. Think about that staggering number before you start listening to charlatans and snake oil salesmen. No vaccine stops 100% transmission so his notion here about what is not really a vaccine is moronic. So, if the vaccine is only 90% effective Curtis is saying we shouldn't take it? How ridiculous.

"One California nurse expressed the frustration of many millions of already-vaccinated-residents when she asked the San Diego County Board of Supervisors, "Why do the 'protected' need to be protected from the 'unprotected' by forcing the 'unprotected' to use the protection that didn't protect the 'protected' in the first place?" It seems that if a few scores of people get sick after drinking a certain fruit juice, it is recalled from store shelves immediately. But as one online-forum commenter points out, if our government's own VAERS reporting system receives 875,000 adverse-effects vaccine reports--including 135,000 "serious" ones, with nearly 92,000 related hospitalizations--the reaction is "Hey, let's vaccinate the kids too!" The commenter concluded, "This is madness." What do you think?" - Gary Curtis

Now we come to the part of the article where Curtis just starts throwing everything against the wall hoping something will stick. Remember this is supposed to be a serious article dissuading you from taking a vaccine that can save your life. It deserves to be approached with some gravity and sanity not quotes from a random YouTube video and a respondent in a right wing forum. Yes, the quotes Curtis uses here are ridiculous. The alleged nurse is just some random YouTube video that went viral, ironically enough, in the anti-vaccine crowd because they think it sounds smart. It doesn't. It sounds like a child is posing the question. The second quote is literally from a random unknown person replying to an article on a right-wing website! Are you serious! People's lives will hang in the balance and your proof is someone you do not know, whose credentials you do not know, supporting someone you do not know. Even this rando-guy shows his own blind ignorance. The VAERS system is not meant to use for statistical proof. Their own website asserts:

"Key considerations and limitations of VAERS data: Vaccine providers are encouraged to report any clinically significant health problem following vaccination to VAERS, whether or not they believe the vaccine was the cause. Reports may include incomplete, inaccurate, coincidental and unverified information. The number of reports alone cannot be interpreted or used to reach conclusions about the existence, severity, frequency, or rates of problems associated with vaccines. VAERS data is limited to vaccine adverse event reports received between 1990 and the most recent date for which data are available. VAERS data do not represent all known safety information for a vaccine and should be interpreted in the context of other scientific information." - VAERS Website

What is madness is blindly and stupidly following people who lie with impunity at worst and at best display so much ignorance they should not be commenting to begin with. What is true madness is siding against 99% of science and experts to follow the advice of forum commentators, Facebook memes, and YouTube idiots. What is deeper madness is attaching the name of Christ to such nonsense, forgetting our role and responsibility.

"Now we are suddenly faced with a new strain of the current COVID-19 virus. Named the "Omicron variant," it is spreading from South Africa and is considered to be highly transmissible. Immunologists say it may infect an even larger group of people who may have avoided or been immune to the original COVID-19 virus and its earlier adaptations. Meanwhile, the chairwoman of the South African Medical Association says they have actually seen only "mild" cases so far and called imposing travel restrictions on her nation "hasty" and "premature," at this point." - Gary Curtis

The travel restrictions may have been hasty but that has no relevance to this discussion. What does is why we are dealing with the new strain. The nature of a virus is to replicate and mutate. As long as there are new places for it to spread, the more variants you can expect. The problem in places like South Africa is the lack of vaccines which has left the populace exposed to COVID. As long as we have greed deciding who gets the vaccines, we will always be facing strains. That is not an indictment of the vaccines - it is an endorsement of them! If this country ever wants to achieve herd immunity, we will need people like Gary Curtis to shut up and stop spreading disinformation.

"Claiming God's Precious Promises - We live in a fallen world and our bodies are subject to many morbidities, including those known to co-exist with viral infections such as hypertension, COPD, diabetes and "cardio-cerebrovascular diseases." During this pandemic, it seems more may have died with COVID than actually from COVID." - Gary Curtis

Let's first deal with the blithely oblivious statement regarding co-morbidities. Yes, it is true that many COVID deaths resulted from the COVID exposing underlying medical conditions. To pretend somehow that the person did not die from the virus is so medically stupid it is insulting. If Curtis knew this then shame on him and if he was really confused then he should never have written this article. So, imagine someone suffers from asthma and then contracts COVID. The COVID triggers the asthma and in the end the person dies. If the person never contracted the virus they never would haver died but Gary Curtis thinks it is somehow not a COVID related death? How insulting to the dead to parse their lives out in such a way. Do not minimize the disease this way Gary. It is despicable.

'Meanwhile, believers should be encouraged by the promises of temporal healing and immunity, which God gave to Moses and the traveling families of the tribe of Israel as they fled Egypt and its attacking Pharaoh: "If you diligently heed the voice of the Lord your God and do what is right in His sight, give ear to His commandments and keep all His statutes, I will put none of the diseases on you which I have brought on the Egyptians. For I am the Lord who heals you" (Exod. 15:26, NKJV). These desert wanderers may have received many healings and multiple miracles but they all eventually died. It was another generation that entered the Promised Land where they too died. Our Ultimate Healing - The rapid development of the current vaccines and medical treatments need to be acknowledged as unprecedented gifts of God's grace. But our ultimate healing may be through the "valley of the shadow of death," as we journey to our eternal home, prepared for us in heaven, by Jesus Himself (John 14:1-3). He urges us to be spiritually alert and prepared for this heavenly hope (Matt. 24:42-44). However, as long as God continues to give us breath in this life experience, we should gratefully claim His healing power and precious promises each day, for He is "the Lord, who heals you.' - Gary Curtis

It is always revealing and heartbreaking to watch compromised Christians trying to defend the indefensible by mangling the bible. So, we ought to be encouraged by God's promises of healing and not get vaccinated? Why? Because the Israelites died in the wilderness due to their own disobedience? That doesn't even make logical sense let alone biblical sense. As for the conclusion I am unclear what Gary Curtis is advocating for? Are we supposed to not get vaccinated and catch this lethal virus because God can heal us? And if He chooses not to in His sovereignty then oh well at least we have the eternal home in heaven waiting? Is that the Christian message now? Should Christian parents refuse to vaccinate their kids from polio, measles and mumps? Just leave it all to God? Wait a minute, Curtis just said that the vaccines need to be correctly attributed to the grace of God and then out of the other side of his mouth he fights for you to not get them and just accept the afterlife if you die? No beloved. Please, it is time for Christians to stop being the stupid people. We have a role in this world and a responsibility to those who are on the outside of salvation looking in. Look at where you are getting your information from. Back away from YouTube, Facebook and random forum posters.

Be safe in the name of Jesus.

Reverend Anthony Wade - December 10, 2021

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Credentialed Minister of the Gospel for the Assemblies of God. Owner and founder of 828 ministries. Vice President for Goodwill Industries. Always remember that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him and are called according to His purpose.