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June 30, 2022

Proof-Texting NAR Operative Admits Goal is to Purify Culture. Sound Familiar?

By Anthony Wade

Proof texting the bible and Amer4ican history, Mike Shreve lets slip the secret part and says it out loud...


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And everyone who thus hopes in him purifies himself as he is pure. - 1 John 3:3 ESV

Since we have these promises, beloved, let us cleanse ourselves from every defilement of body and spirit, bringing holiness to completion in the fear of God. - 2 Corinthians 7:1 ESV

Draw near to God, and he will draw near to you. Cleanse your hands, you sinners, and purify your hearts, you double-minded. - James 4:8 ESV

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As we continue to watch the Great Apostasy unfold before our eyes certain practices become more mainstream that those with discernment know are antithetical to solid hermeneutics and only serve to derail the cause of Christ. Once upon a time pastors used to seek the Lord in prayer for what word He wanted spoken to His people for a given week. Today, under the purpose driven, CEO-pastor-dude model, they hardly have time to preach let alone seek God for what to preach. This has steered the modern church away from traditional expository preaching towards the topical brand of sermons. Now, in and of itself, there is nothing wrong with topical preaching as long as God is giving you the topics and your preparation of such remains wholly biblical. That means we read the bible to see what God is saying about a particular topic. Unfortunately, most purpose driven pastors conclude their opinion before lifting the word of God. Thus, they are only leveraging the bible to support their pre-decided bias.

Let me give you a real example. Many years ago their was a rebellion in my local church and the pastor, my pastor, was being treated very unfairly. As the weeks went by my outrage grew and I sat down to write a devotional about righteous anger and we all know that if we want to write on that subject we flip the bible to the overturning of the tables in the temple. In expositing this story however God taught me that my anger was not righteous and that the bar Jesus set was so much higher. That was the devotional that was written as it does not matter what my opinion is, only God's. Today's preacher would have either twisted those passages or found another story to support the message he wants to give. This practice is known as "proof texting." Essentially this is scouring the bible, probably through Google, to find scriptures that you think can support your conclusions. To achieve this the texts that are proofed are usually ripped out of context violently. This practice has been bad enough but the above linked article from Charisma News today applies the practice to reviewing American History as well. The author Mike Shreve wrote this article because he believes that America was birthed in prophetic symbolism. As a NAR dominionist, it is important to him that he is able to make this argument. As a discernment minister I could care less what his motivation is, only that the truth is spoken, both biblical and historical. So, let's reason once more together.

"One of the most amazing facts about the Founding Fathers of our nation is this: The one referred to as the "voice" of the revolution (John Adams) and the one referred to as the "pen" of the revolution (Thomas Jefferson) both died on the same day"July 4, 1826"exactly 50 years after the formation of the United States of America in 1776. Some would call this a mere coincidence; I prefer to call it a 'God-incidence,' a prophetic sign of the Creator's providential care and divine involvement in the formation of this unique and blessed nation." - Mike Shreve

This is the typical type of nonsense dominionists usually have to resort to. Two people died on the same day so that must mean God arranged it and formed America? What context is Mike Shreve not including however? How about the fact that many historians have John Adams in the "deist" column, meaning while he believed in a higher power, it is not Jesus and the God of the bible. The so called "pen" of the revolution was worse. Thomas Jefferson created his own bible by removing any reference to the divinity of Christ and all of His miracles. Jefferson is actually quoted in a letter to Adams in 1823 by saying,

"One day the dawn of reason and freedom of thought in the United States will tear down the artificial scaffolding of Christianity. And the day will come when the mythical generation of Jesus, by the Supreme Being as His father, in the womb of a virgin will be classed with the fable of the generation of Minerva in the brain of Jupiter."

Hardly a ringing endorsement of the Christianity we follow today. The scaffolding is artificial. The generation is mythical. The virgin birth is a mere fable. So, tell me again why these two men dying on the same day has anything at all to do with Jesus Christ? This was not a prophetic sign beloved. It is just another attempt to hijack history to prop up a failed and false theology. America may very well be the greatest secular experiment in the history of governance but it is not Israel. It is not under covenant. It was not founded as a Christian nation. Always remember it was founded in rebellion, where the primary issue was money. Greed and the sword have never left us.

"It is doubly amazing to see that the number 50 represents liberty in biblical symbolism. Why? Because every 50 years the Jewish people were commanded to celebrate a special year called the Year of Jubilee"a year when prisoners were set free, debts were forgiven, and land and homes were restored to the original owners. Great joy reigned over all of Israel. Interestingly, a phrase from the section of Scripture describing that recurring event is found on one of our most beloved national emblems, the Liberty Bell: "Proclaim liberty throughout all the land unto all the inhabitants thereof" (Lev. 25:10). In my opinion, this double-sign is double-proof that it was God and not just man who raised up this bastion of freedom for His purposes to be accomplished in the earth. Not only have we been the natural breadbasket of the world; we have also been the spiritual breadbasket of the world for many years. We cannot lose sight of this calling in the face of so much anti-American sentiment." - Mike Shreve

This is how twisted the mind of the dominionist proof-texter becomes. Shreve's rationale is that because two people who do not appear to view Christ as God died on the same day and the speaker of the Pennsylvania Assembly ordered a new bell to have a bible verse inscribed in it, that secretly this is God's way of assuring us that He created America for His purposes to be accomplished in this world. What absolute gobbledygook. Note the NAR code speak. The NAR believes that God cannot accomplish His will by Himself. That He needs us to do things for Him, in order for His will to be done. This is of course unbiblical blasphemy. Note also the rewriting of history. America has been the spiritual breadbasket for the world? Are you serious? Invading nations to steal their natural resources while converting the inhabitants to Christianity is not really the point. All worldwide heresies have emanated from America. We exported the prosperity gospel to Africa and now five of the world's richest pastors come from the poorest continent. Many countries have begged us to stop sending missionaries to their countries because of the unbiblical doctrines they teach. This is not anti-American sentiment either. America has done a world of good throughout the globe but to pretend it has done only good is myopic and inaccurate. To proof-text history in order to sell a false doctrine is just wrong.

"Especially in the last few years, political ploys and corrupt corporate agendas have poisoned our country internally and fouled the waters of our influence among the nations. But there are still many rivers of living water flowing out of the bedrock of this republic. There are still righteous, God-fearing leaders fighting for truth, justice, morality and integrity in local, state and national arenas of influence, and there are multiplied thousands of ministries and Christian-run businesses that are continuing to change the world in significant ways. Together we are very strong, although our freedoms are being challenged in unprecedented ways. Globalist groups are ramping up their efforts to disintegrate any remaining biblical influence in our society"because that stands in the way of their socialist, communistic agenda." - Mike Shreve

Spoken like a deranged dominionist. The NAR is all about the victimization of the church. Suddenly everyone who does not lock step to their heresy is secretly out to destroy Christianity. What garbage. Real persecution exists in this world but not in America. This call to "influence" is straight from the seven mountains heresy that the NAR dominionist ascribes to. There is no secret cabal of communists and socialists looking to eradicate Christianity. They just want you to stop lying. They want you to stop pretending that our version of capitalism, where someone dies ever 12 minutes from poverty, is "God's way." That maybe while we hand out billions to corporate America in corporate welfare, we could also provide millions in funding to the poor so they might live above the poverty line. No one is trying to remove biblical influence, just stopping the institution of a theocracy in America. Let me give a very topical example. There was a high school assistant football coach in Washington state that liked to bring his team out to the fifty-yard lines after games to "pray." Never mind if the students actually shared his faith or not. The state warned him to stop, he refused so they suspended him. Did he follow Romans 13 and accept the decision from his prevailing authority? Nope. He sued them all the way to the Supreme Court. This is not some globalist plot to derail Christianity. This coach was still free to practice his faith, share his faith, and pray. He just couldn't do it after games where the impression was given that the state demanded it and kids felt coerced, as many admitted they did. The coach won of course with the new activist court but this is not victory for the cause of Christ, only for the NAR.

"More than ever, it is now time for the church to arise, on both a local and national level, and claim our nation and our world for true revival. For the sake of our heritage and the ones who sacrificed to pass it on to us, we must increase our efforts. For the sake of our children we must keep striving to purify our society and culture. For the sake of the kingdom of God we must keep preaching the good news and lifting up the name of Jesus. The biggest hindrance to the New World Order (and all its aliases and subgroups, including the World Economic Forum and the World Health Organization) is a tsunami wave of a spiritual visitation crashing over the seven continents"and inclining our hearts toward heaven." - Mike Shreve

Ahh the NAR mythical beast of revival that they constantly are chasing. Spoiler alert - there is no end times revival! There is only an end times apostasy, which you are leading. Revival also indicates something that was once alive. This country was not. Shreve does not mind using some delicate speech. So, the goal is to purify our society and culture? Where have we heard that before?

"With this political purification of our public life, the Government of the Reich will undertake a thorough moral purging of the body corporate of the nation. The entire educational system, the theatre, the cinema, literature, the Press, and the wireless - all these will be used as means to this end and valued accordingly. They must all serve for the maintenance of the eternal values present in the essential character of our people." - Adolph Hitler Upon Becoming Chancellor of Germany, 1933

I am not saying that Mike Shreve supports Hitler but they sure seem to think along the same lines. Realize when Hitler speaks about leveraging the educational system, the theater, the cinema, literature, technology and the press, he may as well be a NAR dominionist speaking about conquering the seven mountains! Beloved, there will be no Christian tsunami cascading across the world where we will all sing Kumbaya and wait for Jesus to return. There is a gospel message. Those that believe will be saved and those that do not, will not. People, not nations. What Shreve and the NAR believe in is the idolatry of America. If we want to purify something, let's start with the church. Read the three key verses for today and realize that purification is something intended for us - not for us to force upon other people.

At this point, Shreve tries to offer four facts about the Liberty Bell that he then reads into as "prophecy." This is of course NOT how prophecy works. For example, because it took three tries to forge the bell, Shreve says we should never give up until the perfect law of liberty reigns on a spiritual level across the world. Is he nuts? The quote from the Liberty Bell is from Deuteronomy. Anyway you slice it, it is dealing with the law of Moses, which Shreve seems to be advocating for the entire world. Didn't Jesus come to deliver us from that yoke Mike? Wow, breathtakingly bad theology right there. He tries to reference a verse from James about obeying the law of liberty but he already referenced Deuteronomy! Another "fact" provided by Shreve is a legend that says the Liberty Bell's famous crack occurred when it rung at the death of Chief Justice John Marshall in 1835. The alleged prophecy having something to do with the death of justice when liberty cannot ring or something equally silly. The problem however is that the bell actually cracked 11 years later in 1846. What a perfect example of proof-texting at its best. When the facts do not support your conclusion and in fact are off by 11 years just pretend it's not! History does not work like that. The bible does not work like that. Mercifully, Shreve concludes:

"On this July 4, let us unite in prayer that God will heal our land, not only taking us back to our roots, but taking us deeper than ever into a culture that is both God-honoring and Bible-based.

Our family has been to Washington, D.C., many times. One of our favorite sites is the Jefferson Memorial. The main quote from our third president, chiseled into stone and encircling the rotunda, always makes me weep: "I have sworn upon the altar of God eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man." May this be our passion and our battle cry as well!" - Mike Shreve

Yes, let our battle cry be from a man who butchered the bible and obviously believes that the deity of Jesus Christ is one of those forms of tyranny he was railing against. Look, the founding fathers have a special place in our history and should be respected as such but you can't deify them. You can't turn them into something they were not. The roots of our founding were no taxation without representation. Swearing on an altar of God eternal hostility is not exactly the gospel no matter how much I might like the quote. This society is not going to honor God, as every other society will not. America never has and never will be bible based. Do you know why? Because the bible teaches us that the things of God are utter foolishness to those that are perishing! Forcing high school students to pray after football games will not save any of them! All of these stupid culture wars will save no one! Salvation is not behavior modification. Stop the dishonest practice of proof-texting, whether it be done to the bible or American history. Do not bow down to the idol that this country has become for so many. Read the first commandment. Have no other gods before Him beloved! Our God is a jealous God, amen?

Reverend Anthony Wade - June 30, 2022

Authors Bio:
Credentialed Minister of the Gospel for the Assemblies of God. Owner and founder of 828 ministries. Vice President for Goodwill Industries. Always remember that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him and are called according to His purpose.