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August 27, 2017

Darren Wilson -- Jumping the Shark, Beating it Unconscious and Burying it Alive

By Anthony Wade

Because the fifth word in the Bible is "created" Darren Wilson concludes that if your church insists on Biblical truth then it has become incompatible with God...


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If, therefore, the whole church comes together and all speak in tongues, and outsiders or unbelievers enter, will they not say that you are out of your minds? -- 1Corinthians 14: 23 (ESV)

The false signs and lying wonders network of NAR churches is growing in this country as more people desire a show rather than God. As the Bible warns they are gathering around themselves teachers who will scratch their itching ears with exactly what they want to hear. I understand why beloved. Who wants to hear that you are a miserable wretch of a sinner that is facing an eternity of suffering if you do not repent? Who wants to hear there is only one way to heaven? No, people want to hear there are many paths, many journeys, and that admission is graded on a "how good am I" curve. You see it is always easy to find someone worse than you. People do not want to hear the Gospel which is why Jesus said He came to bring a sword. People would rather be entertained. Talented musicians, trained voices, and gifted orators are far more sought out than solid biblical doctrine. Throw in a sideshow and you have a purpose driven recipe for carnal growth. Some glory clouds here and gem stones there. Maybe some angel feathers and gold dust for good measure. Anything to increase the "wow" factor. Add some false prophecies and fake healings and voila! You have what passes for "revival" these days.

One of the chief proponents of this is Darren Wilson, who famously brags that God supernaturally gave his parents gold fillings at a service once. Darren is a film director responsible for some of the most heretical movies ever captured on celluloid. The Holy Ghost movies were a tour de force of everything wrong with modern Christianity. He has followed those up with a new series called "Questions with God." This series is Darren and some of his cohorts sitting around the table and asking questions obviously asked to prop up their business model of false signs and lying wonders. He then provides an article on Charisma News to support himself and increase the likelihood of his sales. Let us reason together as we explore his latest (linked above) entitled, "When the Church is incompatible with God."

"In episode 9 of my new series, Questions With God, I ask the question, "Why would God use creative ways to speak to us when we already have the Bible?" I've been steeped in creativity for nearly my entire life. My father is an artist (a potter) and taught art and creativity at the college level for over 40 years; and obviously I'm a writer and filmmaker, and I taught creativity at Judson University for over 10 years myself. I even shot a seven-part special on creativity with my dad in London recently (God & Creativity). I say all that to point out two things: 1. I have a pretty decent understanding of creativity; and 2. God is the very essence of a creative Person.

"Created" is the fifth word in the Bible, and it's the first thing that God decides to tell us about Himself. Think about that. Not that He is love. Not that He is faithful. Not that He is a God of covenant. The first thing He decides to tell us about His nature is that He is creative. As Christians, we would do well to pay attention to this because it implies that God has a high value for the creative. Unfortunately, the church itself often does not. This is not only short sighted but potentially dangerous." -- Darren Wilson

I know the answer! He wouldn't. No do not get me wrong beloved. There are many ways God speaks to us. His creation speaks to us. His Holy Spirit can intercede for us. He can speak to us in prayer and of course the primary way is through His Word. That is not what Darren is trying to set up here though. The statement here is involving "creative ways." For Darren Wilson this means the aforementioned gold fillings for example. Wilson then goes into great length to prove his creativity bonafides, to which I have no issue. After all, few have mangled the Bible in as a creative a fashion as Darren Wilson. To trot out members of the death metal band Korn as evangelists? That's creative. To use Todd White to play the old leg growing con? That's creative. To travel the world to stalk people in public parks who might need innocuous healings instead of simply going to the local emergency room? That's creative. To start a series based programming to excuse your movie based heresies? Well, you get the point. Unfortunately Wilson starts to go off the rails right after this by proclaiming that God is the very essence of a creative person. If you want to make the argument that God is the very essence of every person since He created them, I am fine with that. But only creative people? Does that mean people who are not creative but are saved do not have God as their very essence? What about the unsaved creative people in the world?

Wilson then jumps the shark to try and prove his absurd statement. Created is indeed the fifth word in the Bible. Do you know why? Because He was in the middle of creation. He was not trying to send us a secret sign. He was not revealing a characteristic of Himself. Love, faithful and covenant are relational words Darren. They require something else. You love something. You are faithful to something. You are in covenant with something. Those somethings had to be created. That was why created was the fifth word. The third word was "beginning" so was God revealing His ability to be above all time as we know it? Of course not. This is just how sentence structure works. Wilson then pummels the shark into unconsciousness by claiming this somehow proves or implies that God has a high value for the creative. If God wanted this to be a universal principle, He would have said somewhere, "I value the creative -- I am the Lord Your God." Not disguise it by forcing people to interpret the order of words in the first sentence of Scripture.

We see however what this elaborate set up has been about. Now that he has erroneously established that God values the creative Wilson wields this false fact like a cudgel against his sworn enemy -- the church. Beloved this is the crux of what is going on here. When Darren Wilson speaks about creativity, he means being extra-biblical. He wants to teach that his parents received gold fillings but he knows there is zero support for that in the Bible. That is how we know the gold fillings, if true, were not from God. This is what it means to test everything. What is our measuring stick for all testing? Scripture. Not for Darren Wilson though because Scripture puts him right out of business and exposes him for the snake oil salesman he is. So he needs a foil and the church serves him well in that role. People who demand biblical proof are deemed "religious" and in need of a deeper spiritual revelation. They are labeled dangerous because they refuse to think creatively beyond the safe confines of Scripture. He continues:

"It is easy to bash churches as not valuing creativity or the creatives in their midst, but I think that is often unfair criticism. Honestly, most pastors and leaders I have met don't dislike or mistrust creatives; they simply don't understand them. It's like me trying to understand what makes my accountant tick. No amount of cajoling will ever get me to a place of thinking that numbers and math are fun. But some people actually enjoy that stuff! That being said, a church that denies the creative spirit of God in many ways is rendering itself incompatible with God, at least in one aspect." -- Darren Wilson

Wilson tries to further develop this false teaching by now claiming that if you refuse to think outside the biblical box then you are incompatible with God! Remember that is the title of this article he has written. Now that he has jumped the shark and beaten it into unconsciousness, he seeks to bury it alive. Remember the trail of incoherent thought that has led to what he was seeking to accomplish:

1. Because the fifth word in the Bible is "created" God first reveals creativity about His character.

2. This must mean He values creativity highly in everything, including His church.

3. Any church that denies these completely fabricated points is now deemed incompatible with God.

Of course the initial premise is patently stupid and not how one does biblical interpretation. I might add here that Wilson is confusing our carnal definition of creativity, such as being a film director, with the literal act of creation. They are not actually the same thing. Now with his ridiculous foundation spelled out, Wilson moves in for the kill:

"My dad once pointed out that if the church is not pursuing creativity, it is doomed to religion. It is therefore no surprise that the most religious, unbending Christians (and leaders) are typically the least creative. Creative people see the possibilities in things, value risk and are always trying to find new ways of doing things. Religion strives hard to limit things, hates risk and prefers to do things the way they've always been done." -- Darren Wilson

There it is beloved. The "religion is a dirty word" card. By unbending he means Christians who refuse to compromise the Bible on the altar of Darren Wilson's "creativity." Religion does not strive to limit things Darren -- it simply refuses to let you hijack how God has instructed us to behave. The key verse is an excellent example. It comes from an entire chapter where Paul outlines the orderly fashion of church service. At one point God declares that He is a God of order, not creativity. In fact, there is zero mention of creativity at all! God does not ask us to take risks for Him. He is fully aware of how wickedly deceitful our hearts are. He has given us very specific instructions for a reason. In the key verse God reminds us if everyone just started speaking in tongues then unbelievers will think we are crazy. There are reasons why God prescribes things to be a certain way beloved. Realize too that this is just another example of usurping the role of God for ourselves. The true power of Almighty God is not found in our creativity but in His Gospel. No one is set free by our unique way of "doing church" or "doing life." In fact, most of the creative schemes of man will only serve to distract the unsaved from the one thing that could save them and that is the Gospel. Wilson concludes:

"I think the application of the creative to the church/worship experience is a much bigger discussion than we can possibly touch on here, but I do want to encourage everyone reading this to examine their own faith walk and, in whatever measure you feel comfortable, begin to step out and stretch your spiritual journey with creativity in mind. Do you always read the Bible a certain way? Do you feel like God only speaks to you in a specific way? Do you only listen to a certain style of worship music? Have you ever thought about approaching your spiritual disciplines in a more unique, novel way? God is not only creative, He may very well be creativity itself. His spirit is a profoundly creative thing, and He longs to meet you in whatever way you approach Him. In fact, I'm becoming more convinced that He takes delight in delighting us, and when He meets us in creative ways, it is always a wondrous, joyous thing. One of the most profound moments of my spiritual life was caught on film and is included in one of the episodes of Adventures With God, and it all centered around God using two dogs in the most astounding, creative way. Neither story made any of my films (thankfully, that's what TV shows are for), but sometimes the biggest events in our spiritual lives aren't meant to be lived out on giant screens and in technicolor. Instead, they're best suited for quiet moments of realization, when the understanding of His sovereignty hits you like a slow train, and all you can do is smile, laugh and remind Him (and yourself) once again how amazing He truly is." -- Darren Wilson

Like any good shill, Wilson always beings it back to the product he is hawking. Never lose sight that whenever he takes pen to paper these days Darren Wilson is desperately trying to sell you something. Season one of "Questions with God" will only set you back 30 bucks. That is a small price to pay for the vast creative experience of Darren Wilson. To be so creative as to develop a television series just to prop up all of the other lies you have already told about God? That's Da-Vinci-esque in its creativity. To center one of those episodes entirely on a made up reason why God used the word "created" fifth in the Bible? Even Leonardo would bow down to that level of creativity.

Beloved, Darren Wilson started by asking why God would use other creative means to speak to us when we already have the Bible and the answer is He wouldn't. Yes His creation speaks to us and certainly if He wanted to He could speak audibly to us. He speaks to us in prayer as well. These are all means however that compliment the Bible. They go along with the Bible. They agree with the Bible. The creative means Wilson is referring to is in lieu of scripture. The last time I wrote about Wilson and these similar themes I received an email where I was reprimanded to"take God out of the box I placed Him in." That box however is the safe confines of scripture and He placed Himself in it. It protects us from our own lying hearts and fleshly desires. It projects us from wolves like Darren Wilson peddling a false gospel to make merchandise of the sheep. Jumping the shark, beating it unconscious and burying it alive in the name of carnal creativity disguised as doctrine.

Reverend Anthony Wade -- August 27, 2017

Authors Bio:
Credentialed Minister of the Gospel for the Assemblies of God. Owner and founder of 828 ministries. Vice President for Goodwill Industries. Always remember that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him and are called according to His purpose.