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October 3, 2017

Charisma News -- Taking a Knee to Promote Hatred in the Name of Christ

By Anthony Wade

A look at a recent article berating dissent under the ruse of freedom...


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The biography reads that he is a "revivalist and founder of Holy Fire Ministries, and has authored several books with an emphasis on helping to restore the true spirit of Christianity in the Church today." The true spirit of Christianity in the church today. A noble self-statement from Bert Farias, who is a regular contributor to the cesspool of false teaching and prophecy that is Charisma News. He recently decided to wade into the waters on the NFL protest kerfuffle and in doing so revealed several issues wrong with the way political hacks disguised as Christians have been handling this ongoing social dilemma. The article is linked above so let us reason together beloved and see exactly what kind of spirit Mr. Farias represents and is trying to impose upon the church.

"My parents immigrated to America in 1966 when I was just 7 years of age. One of the reasons my father told me he moved here was for my brother and I to have a better opportunity and future. This is just one reason why I love my country. I have always stood for the National Anthem. I love what our flag represents. I honor those who have fought for our nation's freedom. I am a proud American." -- Bert Farias

That pride will become even more evident as we read on but it reveals a major disconnect as a Christian. The Bible makes it very clear that we are but sojourners and pilgrims through this life. Our citizenship and allegiance is in heaven, not to any country on this mortal coil. Now, we certainly should try to be responsible people within the culture that we find ourselves in because we are ambassadors for Christ according to the Bible. That is not what Mr. Farias is stating here. He is an idol worshipper and this country is his idol. Worse than that however is that he only worships HIS view of this country and dismisses any other experience as somehow not being accurate or even worthy of consideration. He presents his familial experience but is completely dismissive of that fact that other people might have different familial experiences and value this country for other reasons. Many come here for the opportunity that Farias reflects here but others value this country for the chance to be free to express themselves. Many come from regimes and countries where that freedom did not exist. He also makes an arrogant conclusion that you can only love this country if you stand for the National Anthem. He also condescendingly concludes that because he chooses to directly correlate the flag and anthem to the military that everyone else must as well. Some are simply not as myopic. The flag represents everything this country stands for.

The real problem however is what exactly does this have to do with the church of Jesus Christ and the answer is absolutely nothing. What spirit is he emphasizing here for the church? Unbridled arrogance? Militaristic dominance? This will be the prevailing problem throughout this article. Remember this is a self-marketed "revivalist" writing for a "Christian" website. It would be bad enough on a secular website but to wrap Jesus Christ up in this is simply irresponsible when we are supposed to act with wisdom towards the lost redeeming the time. If your message is not the Gospel and you proclaim Christ for a living it is a secular spirit you are trying to promote to the church. Farias would continue:

"The protest of some of our NFL athletes has nothing to do with racism. It is not a black-and-white issue. That is only a smokescreen for another part of the leftist agenda. There are many black people across our nation that feel the same way about America that I and so many others do. They are true patriots and love what our nation was founded on and represents.

There are many millions of people who love our nation's history and monuments and are disgusted by the display of hatred for our flag and nation and the protest and removal of our historic structures." -- Bert Farias

Coming from a white man, this statement surpasses the arrogance of the opening. No offense Bert but exactly who are you again to decide what is and what is not about racism? The fact that he claims there are black people who worship this country like he does is akin to people saying they are not racist because "they know a lot of black people." It is a hollow argument that will only divide people further. As will referencing the recent removal of racist monuments. Yes Bert, that is what they were. The majority of the confederate monuments were not erected following the Civil War but by Woodrow Wilson and then some more 70 years after that. The Civil War was a rebellion against this country Bert. The people who were on the side of the South were traitors to this country committing treason over their right to own slaves. I used to teach US History and the attempts by many to change what is widely accepted history is simply disgusting. Can the monuments have a proper place in a historical museum? Sure but not in the public square. We should not be celebrating insurrection. Odd considering you worship the country as much as you clearly do. Now Farias dives off the deep end of the true spirit of rage inside of him:

"To the celebrities and star athletes who are making millions of dollars playing a game, listen to me clearly: You are biting the hand that feeds you. It is without argument that you would not be where you are if you did not live in this nation. This sense of entitlement that makes you think you have to speak out and protest against the nation that gave you the very luxury and privilege you now enjoy is a true depiction of an arrogant and ungrateful spirit, which is a stench in the nostrils of those who've fought for your freedoms. This leads me to a second point. You received the opportunity to make millions of dollars playing a game you love because you live in a great nation. To you NFLer's who continue to show your protest during our National Anthem, were it not for the free market system of the United States of America, you would not be a millionaire and enjoy a life of extravagant living that 99 percent of the world does not enjoy. If it were not for this great nation you would not live in a mansion or drive a Lamborghini. You would not be staying in five-star hotels, flying first class, or partying at expensive nightclubs and eating exquisite meals. It is because of this wonderful nation called America that millions upon millions of people have received more opportunity, more hope, and more prosperity than any other nation in history has been able to give. You have a right to protest but not at your employer's burden and expense. Do it on your time and dime. You are ruining the game of football that many fans enjoy. You have blemished the sport." -- Bert Farias

I am reminded of a sermon given by John Hagee a couple years back in which he literally screamed at anyone who was an atheist refusing to say Merry Christmas to "leave his country." I remember thinking at the time what an odd evangelism plan. Remember, Farias is a self-promoted Christian revivalist trying to restore the true spirit of Christianity to the church. You know; if you love the military. Oh and if you are black but still vote republican, refuse to say anything about racism, and love statues of Confederate generals. If you are in those groups he will revive you! By the way, what is with the bogus talking points about wealth? Most of these athletes worked their entire lives to get to this point Bert but you make it sound like it was given to them. Most only get a ten year window and many leave with permanent injuries, traumatic brain injuries and shorted lifespans. There is no "employer burden". The employers were kneeling right next to the players after the president attacked them. It is also not at their expense. Any other stale false talking points you want to take from Fox News or would you like to get back to the cause of Christ at some point? Ruined the game and blemished it? I am sorry but I thought this was about standing up for the troops? No wait I thought it was about the fact that there was no racism anymore? Now it's about the game itself? Tell you what. Stop watching it Bert. If you are so righteous, stop watching it. We all I know you will sneak back in though because this is not about the game and you know it. It is about your idol and you cannot take when someone besmirches your idol. Farias now resorts to name calling:

"The problem is that these athletes have been caught up in leftist politics who have an agenda to take down our nation in favor of a future globalist government. You are what Karl Marx referred to as "useful idiots". Karl Marx described "useful idiots" as those who carry the Marxist ideals throughout a society or country itself, but this term can apply to anyone who believes in useless political ideals. Many young college students are bought and sold by liberal/socialist ideals--as if no-gun laws will actually stop crime in its tracks, as if heavy government control in our lives is a good thing, and universal healthcare will solve all issues. Wake up. You have been kidnapped by Marxist ideoligists and made into a useful idiot." -- Bert Farias

It seems like the only person caught up in political ideologies is Bert Farias. These are stock talking points for anyone on the right in this country for criticizing those who would dare to disagree with them. If you honestly believe that the football players are espousing Marxist ideology than you are an idiot and not a very useful one at that. Look at the scope of the rant Farias is into here. Does anyone know of any football player who was taking a knee because they favor globalist agendas or anti-gun laws? Then as a Christian to espouse that it is somehow wrong to believe everyone should have healthcare? This is hill Farias wishes to die upon?

"That is what this young generation is being fed. They can be considered useful idiots because other countries around the world have proven these leftist ideas terribly wrong, yet they still blindly follow their leaders who peddle this propaganda. Useful idiots believe they are fighting for "good" causes, but do not have the ability to think for themselves. It is actually another form of slavery. If they would actually sit and think things through for a few minutes, they would realize how nonsensical and idiotic these ideas really are." -- Bert Farias

The amount of conceit it takes to make statements like this is staggering to me. So people who stand up for what they deem to be good causes must not be able to think for themselves and are actually slaves? Are you serious? The reality is that the originator of these protests, who has since been blackballed out of employment, knelt down to provide silent protest to what he felt was racial injustice at the hands of police across this country. Now I understand and respect your right to have the opinion that there is no systemic racism. The problem is that the Bert Farias' of the world do not respect anyone else's rights but their own. I genuinely worry for people who are so blinded by their sense that they are right that every alternative must be "nonsensical" or "idiotic."

"One black veteran called these athlete protesters traitors as he observed that the players from the Baltimore Ravens and Jacksonville Jaguar players stood for the British national anthem in London but won't stand for ours. He stated that it was the same principle as going over to your neighbor's house and criticizing your house and your parents and their values to your neighbors' face. Traitors! Finally, if you don't honor and respect this nation, go relocate to another nation. As a matter of fact, go to some poverty-stricken nation like Ethiopia where many people's goal is to just eat a morsel of bread or a small scoop of rice every day and see how you fare over there. You are a useful idiot to the leftist agenda that has been shoved down your throat. You have swallowed a big fat lie." -- Bert Farias

Traitors? So in the same article you decry the removal of statues memorializing actual traitors to this country while accusing people who peacefully protest of the same thing. All in the name of Christianity I might add. All in the name of an obvious rage that needs to checked before he ever writes again. To many people honoring this nation is to follow in the footsteps of great historical leaders who refused to accept the status quo. Respecting this nation begins with respecting the very freedoms Bert Farias thinks should never be used. If you think that kneeling down during the national anthem is a sign of disrespect then that is on you. If you claim to love liberty but hate when people exercise it in a manner you do not like; it is not liberty you love but something far more insidious. Freedom is not free. It costs something. It cost the soldier something. It cost the civil servant something. It cost the average American something. That something is our tolerance for views that may not align with our worldview. It is a cost however that Bert Farias is simply unwilling to pay.

"Finally, there are millions of fans who will not support millionaire ingrates who hate America and dishonor our Armed Forces and Veterans. Who wins a football game has zero effect on our lives, but who fights and defends our freedoms has great impact on our lives. We stand with heroes, not a bunch of rich, entitled, arrogant, anti-American degenerates." -- Bert Farias

Said the man who created a biography for himself that says he is a Christian revivalist trying to restore the true spirit of Christianity to the church. This has not been even remotely Christian and sadly, it has been even less American. It has been an utter train wreck of carnal politics wrapped in a thinly disguised veil of piety. There is no question that as a country we have never been more divided but this article is the reason why. Because anyone who dares to disagree with the fascist, idol worshipping stance of Mr. Bert Farias is deemed less than. He is deemed a useful idiot. He is deemed an ingrate. He is deemed an anti-American degenerate. He is deemed arrogant and entitled for kneeling. He is accused of biting the hand that feeds him. He is a slave. He is a traitor. He should go live in Ethiopia and live on bread morsels. That is not the true spirit of Christianity beloved. That is the true spirit of hatred. It is the true spirit of Satan.

This is neither an endorsement nor condemnation of the protests that the NFL players undertook over past few weeks. I can understand the valid points on both sides. I believe that this country allows both sides to have their points of view. That is what freedom looks like. It looks like one football player refusing to kneel placing his hand on the shoulder of his kneeling teammate. Showing solidarity for both his opinion and the humanity contained in the opposing opinion. That is what freedom looks like. I truly feel badly for Bert Farias. He is so enamored with this country and worshipping it that he has lost sight of His Savior. His anger is profoundly tangible as he has called people he has never even met nor talked with some very ugly and divisive words in this article. He has impugned their motives, challenged their intellect, and stripped them of their patriotism all for the horrific crime of having a different opinion. Yet he claims to be defending liberty. That word you are using sir? I am not entirely sure you understand what it means.

Reverend Anthony Wade -- October 3, 2017

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