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May 15, 2018

Jennifer Leclaire and Charisma News -- Making an Epic Mockery of Prophecy

By Anthony Wade

Jennifer Leclaire says God told her to move from "mega" to "epic." What an epic load of heresy.


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There is one body and one Spirit--just as you were called to the one hope that belongs to your call-- Ephesians 4:4 (ESV)

One glance around the charismatic landscape and we can understand why so many people prefer to be cessationist. It is easier to deal with the gifts of the Holy Spirit by claiming they ceased at the end of Apostolic Age. Easier but not correct. It just does not pass the common sense test. We believe that God is omniscient and sees all time. So God knew that the canon of Scripture, which would be used for thousands of years after, would not be decided upon until 300 years after Christ walked the earth. The Apostle Paul, who has no idea his letters would end up being Scripture at the time of the writing, wrote the bulk of them less than 40 years before the passing of John (which ended the Apostolic Age). In these letters Paul goes into minute detail about the order of church service including how the gifts should be expressed and regulated. No more than two-three tongue speakers per service. There must always be an interpreter or be silent. It is borderline silly to believe that God, who is divinely inspiring Paul exactly what to write, would include such detail for what amounts to 40 years. This is especially true in light of the fact the bible would not be agreed upon for another two hundred plus years. That just makes very little sense.

While the cessationists are wrong about the gifts ceasing, they are right about the abuses they decry within Charismania. False signs and lying wonders are everywhere with glory clouds, gem stones, gold dust and angel feathers appearing for no other reason than to make a fool of God. Mandatory healing is abused by charlatans like Todd White who travel to the most obscure corners of the most obscure countries to perform the growing leg trick instead of just walking into his local emergency room. Benny Hinn waving his jacket and a hundred people collapse. In Toronto they barked like dogs claiming the Holy Spirit made them do it. In Brownsville they lost all control of the muscle movement in their bodies and blamed the Holy Spirit. In Lakeland they anointed a man a prophet who punched and kicked people to deliver "healing" and said the Holy Spirit led him to do it. Shawn Bolz doing "words of knowledge" by using his smart phone. As bad as all of these abuses are perhaps there is no greater abused gift than prophecy.

I really do not want us to gloss over this today beloved. Prophecy is man claiming to speak on behalf of God. It is man claiming direct revelation from God to impart to His People what He wants them to know. In the days of the Old Testament, prophecy was easier to deal with. God used prophets because there was no Bible for everyone to rely upon. Yes you had the Torah but there were no printing presses. There was a simple way God gave to His people to evaluate a prophet. If what he says comes to pass then the word is true and from God. If not, stone the false prophet to death! That is how serious we ought to take pretending to speak for God. While the death sentence has changed over the millennia, the standard has not. A true prophet is correct and a false prophet is wrong. Modern day prophecy has been hijacked however and turned into a billion dollar fortune telling industry. Itinerant "prophets" travel the world bringing false messages and prophecies to the body of Christ. They corrupt the body by making prophecy about you instead of about God. Beloved, the Lord has already provided us with His final revealed will. It is called the Bible. He does not stutter. He did not forget to tell you something so he is now sending Jennifer Leclaire to tell you. If you want a prophetic word -- open your Bible. If you want to hear it audibly, read it out loud. Prophecy must always reflect back to the Word of God. Realize that a prophet today is claiming what they are saying is on the same level as Scripture. It is God-breathed. While we no longer stone them to death we are to mark them as false and disregard them after one false prophecy. How many times will we allow someone to tell us thus sayeth the Lord who actually never heard from God? This always has been and should remain very serious business.

So this brings us to the charismatic cesspool known as Charisma News. Charisma is part NAR dominionist propaganda and part breeding ground for false prophecy after false prophecy. Charisma routinely makes an utter mockery of prophecy and thus God. The key verse reminds us that there is only one spirit of God beloved. He does not get confused. He is not schizophrenic. Yet let us consider over just the past two days, all of the "prophecies" offered up by Charisma News as having been divinely imparted.

1. May 13, 2018 - Bill Yount and Andy Sanders - Prophetic Word: God Is Releasing Healing Oil and Power to Bear Your Burdens. This dual authored prophecy starts with supernatural Clydesdale horses, angelic Clydesdales is how Yount describes them working in power for you! He sums up this relatively absurd prophecy by saying:

"I hear the Lord saying, "I'm taking over from here. Get on the Clydesdale."

Not to be outdone by angelic horsies, Sanders claims a waking vision of oil being poured out all over the body of Christ and glistening like diamonds. The oil was filled with healing antidotes and nutrients! I kid you not, that is what he claims. But wait! There's more! This oil will also teach us how to walk in "constant breakthroughs", be healed constantly of all disease, and supernaturally shift financial burdens off of the body of Christ! So combined, this prophecy is that angel horses will somehow combine with healing, breakthrough, debt relief oil to provide power and stuff for the body of Christ. Ok.

2. May 13, 2018 - Dr. Hakeem Collins - Prophecy: Issachar Prophets and Intercessors Are Arising. For some reason, Dr. Collins was not given a vision of oil glistening angelic equines. This is odd considering the key verse today says that there is only one Spirit. Instead Dr. Collins got a vision about super prophets called Issachar prophets who are gifted with supernatural intelligence to be able to dispense all of the blessings God has for His people. These super-prophets will be able to teach the body how to build for success, future and how to obtain divine blessings domestically. I think I would rather have the horsey.

3. May 12, 2018 - James Goll: This Is the Season of Suddenlies. Wait a minute. I thought it was a season of power and super horses? Or was it a season of supernatural intelligence? Not according to the spirit James Goll is hearing. James claims he lay down to rest and God gave him a vivid dream where upon awakening, he heard the audible voice of the Lord say, "and suddenly, and suddenly, this is the season of the suddenlies." Now, I have to admit beloved this confused me because just five months earlier fellow Charisma News False Prophet Jennifer Leclaire declared that suddenlies were passe'. Now was a time for "immediatelies." That aside perhaps the most ironic part of this is Goll cites another false prophet in Cindy Jacobs for saying something similar earlier in the year. These are the "confirmation games" the false prophet brigade likes to play. What Goll may not have realized is that same day God told him it was a season of suddenlies, He apparently told Jacobs something different:

4. May 12, 2018. Cindy Jacobs: This Is a Season of Blessing. Now Jacobs does mention suddenlies but the clear message here is that this is a season of Blessing because she feels so many in the body of Christ have been robbed. Well which is it? Is this a season of suddenlies or blessings? How will they effect that supernatural horsy God wants me to ride? What about those Issachar prophets who are really really smart? This is getting very confusing and we know God is not the author of confusion. But wait! There's more!

5. Prophetic Word for May: 'Move, Establish, Advance' "This is a building anointing coming upon My people." -- False Prophet Joe Joe Dawson weighs in with his prophetic word for the entire month! Apparently, God has been hyping May up to Joe Joe for some time now and this month will usher in a new season! Well" that's a tad vague. At least Jacobs and Goll had spirits that defined what was going to be new about the season where Dawson's spirit just wants us to "move, establish and advance." Apparently without new super-horses. How disappointing.

Are we starting to see how unbiblical and quite frankly silly all of this is? This is over a two day period. The five separate false prophets all share the same audience and still the alleged spirit had five different messages. Unless we are to believe that God wants us to know that He is sending Issachar prophets riding angelic horses, in a dual season of both blessing and suddenlies so that we can move, establish and advance. None of it is remotely biblical. It was given to these imposters through dreams, visions, waking visitations and even audibly by God Himself. You would think that if God was so serious about delivering a message He would at least be coherent! I have saved the least coherent however for last. The ultimate ear scratching false prophetess. The master of the sneaky squid spirit herself, Jennifer Leclaire. The queen of bubble gum prophecies, Leclaire used to be an editor at Charisma until she moved on the more lucrative means of fleecing God's flock. Now she operates a school of prophecy and one for seers, which yes are the same thing. She also runs her own prophecy network where she can "cover you" for a tidy annual sum. Jennifer is the walking definition of the theater of the absurd. Last year she proclaimed that a "sneaky squid spirit" was stalking her. A ridiculous claim that for some reason Dr. Michael Brown refused to distance himself from. Earlier this year Leclaire claims she was given the following by God:

"Mega faith and mega grace equal a mega movement." -- False Prophecy

To which I would say, mega heresy and mega greed equal Mega Leclaire. The truth is she wanted to be able to use the mega superlative for all of her ministry hype and to try and elicit "mega donors" for her five million dollar fundraising dream (71K raised to date; mega ouch). Nonetheless, this week it appears that Jennifer has decided to move on from the mega to a better adjective:

Prophecy: Moving From Mega to Epic

I heard the Lord say "epic." "We are moving into a season of epic. We're moving from mega to epic. "My promises are epic. My thoughts toward you are epic. My plans for you are epic. The enemy has come to erode your hope and your dreams and your future, but My restoration is epic. "You've experienced epic loss, epic failure, epic grief and pain, but My Spirit will raise you up and send you forth with an epic agenda for my kingdom. -- Jennifer Leclaire

No Jennifer, you did not hear the Lord say this because the Lord would not say something so ridiculous when facing your false teachings and prophecies. So in a span of several months we have gone from regular adjectives to mega and now epic? When you cannot bleed anymore epic donations will it then be time for a season of the astronomic? Will it be a colossal season? Legendary? Where will the increasing adjectives end? Consider beloved that Jennifer has set up a website to manage the donations she is asking for and she calls it, "megapayback".com. I kid you not. Here is an excerpt from this site:

"Would you ask Holy Spirit if He is leading you to sow a mega faith-stretching seed or to become a partner with us to see our "next" come to pass? Ephesians 6:8 teaches us that what we make happen for someone else, God will make happen for you. God has next level assignments and next level blessings for your life--a "dream wild" mandate. Let's believe together." --

A mega faith stretching seed? Help her see her "next." Next level assignments, next level blessings and a dream wild mandate? How much spiritual gobbledygook can you fit into one plea for money? Do you know how wild Jennifer's dream is? It is a five million dollar dream that she expects you to pay for! Never lose site of the fact that she has shoehorned all of this into prophecy. Her claim is God has said all of this. God gave her the dram wild mandate and told her to get the five million from the sheep. That it was God who has chosen that mega just isn't cutting it anymore and now we have to go nuclear, I mean epic. Jennifer concludes this fleecing:

"Believe me. I am an epic God. I am the author of epic healings, epic miracles, epic signs and epic wonders. Don't limit me with your faith but stretch your mind with My Word. Stretch your faith. Stretch into the epic I have called you to. Step into the epic." I heard the Lord say there will be epic testimonies of restoration in this season and examples of epic vindication in the lives of those who faced injustice and who felt insignificant."

Beloved there is no question that God is epic. No question that His healings, miracles, and true signs and wonders are epic as well. You could also call them enormous, prodigious, and considerable or any number of other superfluous synonyms. You gotta love the NAR word faith teaching buried here. Jennifer Leclaire actually believes we can limit God. That He is somehow not sovereign unless we stretch our faith a certain perceived point. That the epic that awaits us is only attainable through us.

Unfortunately, what this is; is an epic mockery unto the Lord. There was no season of mega now being followed by an epic season, which could lead into a fantabulous season. In just two days Charisma News allows six different prophecies to be spoken by seven different people and none of them are remotely close to each other. Yet the key verses teach us that there is only one spirit so why make Him appear so unstable? Because Jennifer Leclaire is not hearing from God and neither are the rest of the gaggle of Charisma false prophets. They are waterless rain clouds with no fear of the Lord before them. In fact their total disregard for the Lord is not only frightening but it is indeed, epic.

Reverend Anthony Wade -- May 15, 208

Authors Bio:
Credentialed Minister of the Gospel for the Assemblies of God. Owner and founder of 828 ministries. Vice President for Goodwill Industries. Always remember that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him and are called according to His purpose.