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September 28, 2018

The NAR in All of Us -- Patriotic Idol Worship, Polarization and Christo-Political Agnosticism

By Anthony Wade

Trying one more time to explain how the NAR has infiltrated the church when it comes to worshiping this country...


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I will never forget the sense of disappointment I had when I first realized I had been falsely taught within the walls of the church I was saved in. The issue at hand was being slain in the spirit. I had experienced this phenomenon myself at a Friday prayer service after losing someone close to me. God ministered greatly to me that night as wounds were healed and I was comforted. As I continued to grow in my pursuit of ministerial credentials my bible reading left me no choice but to accept that the entire concept of being slain in the spirit was simply not supported. This is the danger beloved in the NAR teachings of experiential Christianity. Bill Johnson and Mike Bickle for example would tell me that my experience means God exceeded scripture to show himself to me. My experience would in fact trump scripture. Except I knew I was not that special -- only God is. So I had to conclude that in that prayer service I was overwhelmed emotionally, not spiritually. Do I think God used it to minister to me? Absolutely. Do I think I was slain in the spirit absolutely not because the bible is my final arbiter of truth.

These are not easy things. Everyone claims to want to be more discerning until what is being discerned brushes up against a long held belief. I tried recently to speak to a held belief that is straight up NAR teaching that has infected the church today. The result was expected. Some pleasant exchanges in disagreement and some people who just lost their minds. It was like speaking to a Joseph Prince adherent about why Prince is false. Or speaking to Joel Osteen fans about why he is a wolf. One carnal argument and defense after another. So I want to try again beloved to show you what the bible says even though someone accused me of doing the work of the devil. With each passing hyperbolic post it only further proved my point. When we are blinded by our deeply rooted beliefs we become myopic. We only see what we want -- everything else be damned and there is no subject that makes Christians lose it quicker than politics. So let us reason again to try and understand what God is saying in these end times.

The New Apostolic Reformation (NAR) has a core teaching called the seven mountains mandate where they believe the church must conquer seven cultural mountains in order to facilitate the second coming of Christ. This is pure heresy in that it directly infers Christ cannot come back without our help. It takes our eyes off of Jesus and places them onto this world. It strives to save this world. The NAR likes Sodom for the same reasons Lot did. We have all seen the America worshipping that goes on in church today despite the bible teaching us that we are actually not citizens here on earth anymore. Our citizenship is in heaven. The bible says we are in fact pilgrims and sojourners passing through this world. When the bible says the church should be a shining city on a hill it is teaching that we ought to be different from the world and stand out! I remember one mega church pastor say that he celebrates Halloween in his church because he doesn't want to be the weird church at the end of the block that has no relevance to the neighborhood it is in. That is so backwards. We are supposed to be a peculiar people. We have no relevance to a decaying and dying world. Yet the cold hard truth is that the vast majority of churches worship this country and they do so unapologetically.

The topic at hand this week is the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh. The NAR sees Mr. Kavanaugh as the possible deciding vote to overturn Roe, another idol they furiously chase after. If you do not believe me, just look at the homepage for Charisma News, ground zero for the NAR, and you will see false teacher after false teacher defending him. One claims that the same spirit that came against Moses and Jesus is now coming at Brett Kavanaugh. Another blames the "strongman Moloch." Paula White, one of the most dishonest charlatans out there today smeared the accusers by claiming they just wanted to smear him. Jennifer "sneaky squid" Leclaire claims God showed her a 30 foot demonic spirit that is wrestling against Kavanaugh. She further claims God told her that the Catholic Kavanaugh "lives pure and fears Him." I am not passing judgment on the carnal issues beloved just the spiritual ones. If you find yourself aligned with Paula White, Cindy Jacobs and Jennifer Leclaire that should really make you uncomfortable. That is the point of the warning about how the NAR has been engrained in all of us who have experienced churchianity. If we see a politician being advised spiritually by Paula White we wink and nod and look the other way as long as he promises to overturn the Johnson Amendment (which Christians should not be celebrating). Yet no one wants to see this if they are embodying it. I understand it is hard to realize that maybe you have accepted poor teachings into the core of your faith. By the way, this does not mean you cannot believe Kavanaugh. It does not mean that you can't like our president. It just means your faith comes before any of this. It means the Gospel comes before any of this. Well what does that mean preacher?

Excellent question because we often do not get practically what is being said spiritually. It means our allegiance to each other is based on the bible and not negotiable to the carnality of this world. Just because I did not lock step to slander Kavanaugh's accusers and instead offered the notion that as Christians we ought to be in pursuit of the truth I was summarily dismissed by many. By default I was questioned about supporting Hillary Clinton, someone who was never even discussed. I was labeled not on the side of Christianity because Kavanaugh might decide Roe! I was even accused of working for the devil and was "everything wrong with Christianity." Let me deal with each of these separately.

Hillary Clinton. I understand where this accusation comes from. This country is beyond divided. It is hyper-polarized. So when someone hears me say that maybe we should listen to the accusers the immediate assumption is I must be on the "other team." Suddenly it becomes question about the 2016 election where we had the choice as always between the lesser of two evils. It just seems a foreign concept that someone could believe that women who say they were raped or almost raped should be heard AND be conservative at the same time. Now maybe the four accusers are all lying but if my daughter was the one accusing I would want her to be heard at a minimum. Somehow the spirit indwelt within me makes me uncomfortable when trying to dismiss someone who claims they were gang raped. It makes me ask myself if the Supreme Court is worth my identity as a Christian and the only answer I come up with is no. Now, you may come up with yes but that does not make us polarized unless you do the splitting. Jesus did not say they will know us by our politics but by our love for each other. I am saying that if you are willing to accuse your brother of working for the devil because he disagrees with you politically, then you are only proving the overall point about the NAR inside of us all. It is a cancer that needs to be excised.

Kavanaugh might decide Roe! Who cares? I know, I know, it's the third rail of Christo-politics but what weak, incapable God do you serve? The God I serve allows all through His permissive will. He does not need my help nor asks for my help with the matters of this world OTHER than bringing the Gospel to the lost. Think about the politics of His day! The Roman Empire owned, controlled and abused the nation of Israel. His disciples desperately wanted Him to deliver them from this but He came to deliver them from sin! That is the higher calling beloved! The NAR teachings instill that deliverance from Roe is paramount but the Gospel message remains a deliverance from sin. We have our eyes on the wrong prize. Do you think the Supreme Court is beyond the scope of God's reach? Why do we seem to think He needs our help then? Because that is exactly what the NAR seven mountains mandate taught us.

Working for the devil -- I must admit, this seemed the most extreme and vile accusation. I have operated a discernment ministry for over ten years. I have written over 1000 long devotionals on a plethora of subjects. When it comes to politics I try to stay away for these exact reasons but every now and again I am compelled. When I see Christians ruining their witness for purely carnal reasons, I tend to step in. I lost ten friends on Facebook during the 2016 campaign when all I asked was for Christians tell the truth because our witness for Christ needed to come first. The NAR inside of us all would not tolerate that message. The truly telling thing is the hypocrisy. If you honestly feel that these four accusers are all false because Kavanaugh might vote to overturn Roe ask yourself how you would evaluate them if this was an Obama appointee with a liberal record as a judge. You know full well you would be demanding FBI investigations or withdrawal of the candidates and you know it. That is how you know it is all political. That is how you know that you are serving the world and not the cause of Christ. God does not need us to lie for Him. He does not need us to slant our testimony. Read Job 13 -- does not His majesty terrify you? Apparently not when there is a Supreme Court vacancy at stake.

The point of this is not me. I have been called worse because the nature of this ministry is to challenge long held but heretical teachings. The point is not carnal -- it is eternal. The bible says that narrow is the path to eternal life and few are those who find it. When it is all said and done the NAR will be directly responsible for millions of people believing they are saved when they are not. Millions who will say Lord Lord, didn't we fight for conservative values? My job is to sound the alarm. The primary way the NAR will continue to corrupt good churches is through the idolization of this country which brings the polarization of the world into the church. Turning brother on brother in the pursuit of temporal matters while the true Gospel suffers. I understand that this country is polarized because that is exactly what the devil wants. Chaos. People at each other's throats. The true body of Christ however is not supposed be polarized at all. We are unified by doctrine and refuse to jeopardize that no matter what MSBNC or Fox has to say.

We have to stop worshipping this country. Jesus is the only thing exceptional. Recently, there was a pastor who used sermon time to destroy all of his Nike property because they dared to give Colin Kaepernick a job. John Hagee once famously preached that if you were an atheist you should "get outta my country." That is a strange evangelism plan. We have nothing in common with this world beloved. Nothing. They think what we believe is absolute foolishness. According to the bible, the only way they can get saved is through the drawing from the Holy Spirit through the preached Word of God. Not through our political desires.

If you have read all of this and are still myopically focused on the chance of overturning Roe then consider that is the NAR inside you. It is not congenital -- you weren't born with it. Someone taught it to you. No, this does not mean you are actively part of the NAR but to deny you have been influenced is to be blind to the truth and that is not a position any Christian should be in. Before you think I am overstating realize a poll came out yesterday that found 48% of white evangelicals said even if all the accusations were true, they would still support Bret Kavanaugh for the Supreme Court. Think about that for a second and you know that number is actually higher because of all the people who simply wouldn't admit it. That means in excess of 50% of people who claim Jesus Christ as their Savior do not mind being seen supporting a rapist as long as he votes the way they want him to. That beloved is Christo-political agnosticism.

An agnostic is someone who believes in a higher power but thinks they cannot be figured so why bother. They want their cake and eat it too so to speak. They realize there must be a God but do not want to deal with what He says or wants. The majority of this country are agnostic because it is the easier route than atheism, which at least requires a rigorous and scientific defense. A Christo-political agnostic wants all the benefits of being seen as a believer but when it comes to politics they do not bother to adhere to His Word. For everything else the Christian believes in the black and white surety of scripture. Verity is what we lean on, rely on, and insist on. Then comes along a politician that promises us everything we want to hear about this carnal world and we no longer care about being a people set apart. To make matters worse, we play them up as if they must be God's choice! Don't believe me? Look at the 2012 election. God gave us a choice between an extreme liberal Christian and a member of a satanic cult. That is what Mormonism is beloved. A few months before the election the Billy Graham webpage actually removed Mormonism from its list of cults! All of the NAR leadership that is now seeing 30 foot demons battling Brett Kavanaugh were saying we had to vote Romney as a Christian. A man who believes God came from another planet, Jesus and the devil were brothers, and we can become gods ourselves. The evangelicals listened to the NAR and voted 78% for Romney. They followed that up with an 81% voting edge for President Trump, quite possibly the most morally repugnant candidate ever in American politics. The sneaky squid spirit crazies at Charisma insisted Trump was the second coming of King Cyrus with an Elijah anointing.

Listen; if you want to vote for Trump or support Kavanaugh; that is your right as an American. This is not about changing your vote or your mind -- just your rhetoric. Making the Roe argument is fine because we believe in the sanctity of life but everyone on President Trump's list were pro-life. Neil Gorsuch went to the very same prep school that Brett Kavanaugh did and we did not hear a peep about him during his confirmation. Why? Because no one was accusing him of attempted rape. So please, keep your false visions of 30 foot demons and your nonsense about Molech strongmen to yourself. You are only embarrassing yourself and ruining the witness for Christ. He does not need us to lie for Him, slant our testimony, or turn a blind eye to the obvious and pretend it is not there. He did not charge us with conquering carnal mountains with worldly arguments, lofty speech and Christo-political agnosticism. I have seen much rambling incoherent talk about spiritual warfare this week. Leclaire claimed Kavanaugh was represented by a horse with the letter K shaved into its hair. If you really want to understand spiritual warfare understand that the devil has managed to convince over 50% of Christians that rape doesn't matter. That is the NAR inside of us all if we are not careful.

Reverend Anthony Wade -- September 28, 2018

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Credentialed Minister of the Gospel for the Assemblies of God. Owner and founder of 828 ministries. Vice President for Goodwill Industries. Always remember that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him and are called according to His purpose.