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March 21, 2019

Kris Vallotton -- Just a Lunatic Promoting Spiritual Child Abuse

By Anthony Wade

Kris Vallotton gives 5 unbiblical ways to drag your children into his demonic version of the supernatural.


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Children, obey your parents in the Lord, for this is right. "Honor your father and mother" (this is the first commandment with a promise), "that it may go well with you and that you may live long in the land." Fathers, do not provoke your children to anger, but bring them up in the discipline and instruction of the Lord. -- Ephesians 6:1-4 (ESV)

God has roles we are supposed to fulfill. The Apostle Paul writes a great deal about these roles. Husbands are to love their wives and Christ loves the church. As the church submits to Christ so should wives submit to their husbands. He did not leave children out either as we see in the key verses. Honor your father and mother. Parents do not provoke your children but bring them up in the discipline and instruction of the Lord. That means we are charged with raising our children by teaching them the word of God and applying the discipline God outlines when needed. Today's generation of youth have been raised as buddies of their parents and the results are evident. The church has not helped as youth are removed from the sanctuary where they might hear the Gospel and are instead given pizza parties and anything but discipline and instruction. Even younger children are not helped by a diet of veggie tale Christianity along with treatment as if they were adults. Eight year old children should not be getting baptized beloved. Yes they can say they love Jesus and maybe recite what prayer their Sunday School teacher taught them but they cannot conceptualize sin so how can they repent? Then fast forward to their teen years and their parents are confused when they are immersed in the world. As bad as this is how much worse is it if your parents are caught up in the apostate church? While I was not seeking this answer, Kris Vallotton of Bethel Church provided it this week with the above linked article that should scare us as Christians and parents. Let us reason together once more through his depraved mind and see what the devil has in plans for your children if you stay in apostasy.

"How many times have you seen a child move in the supernatural in church? I'm shocked to see that in most modern congregations, children are relegated to a lower seat of authority than adults. Jesus Himself said, "Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these," (Matthew 19:14). Did you get that? It's time that the Body of Christ begins to walk in the profound truth that the Kingdom belongs to children, too! What if prophetic words, supernatural healings, and anointed worship included our littlest family members?" -- Kris Vallotton

Dear Lord. Kris Vallotton believes children should not have a lower seat of authority than their parents! His delusion is so thick he cannot see that while children will of course share in the kingdom, we are still on earth. He also clearly has no clue about scripture as the Matthew verse does not encourage you to treat children as you would adults. The kingdom belongs to those who have the faith of little children. Charismatic churches are chaotic enough with the adults let alone to allow the children to run roughshod. I have seen the mockery some churches have made of the organized church service by pretending children have the same authority as adults. Beloved it is also spiritually cruel to the children who love to please, play make believe and who could not possibly understand what is going on. It is nothing short of spiritual child abuse. Think how hard it is for the flesh to not give into the accolades an adult pastor receives and you think a child can handle it? Do we understand spiritual warfare at all? Do we understand the demonic and what we open our child up to? We are to provide them discipline and instruction; not our heretical beliefs and access to supernatural evil.

"Picture a world where kids are empowered in the supernatural, taught to hear from God, and have a real, living and breathing relationship with Him. Imagine how the Kingdom could advance if children were equipped with tools to overcome the schemes of the enemy. The same Spirit of power that lives in you and me resides in the little ones we're entrusted with! It's our great responsibility as adults to empower children into the breakthrough they are carrying both in their own lives and for the Church! So, how do we do that? Here are five things I believe we need to do, in order to empower our children and grandchildren into a supernatural lifestyle:" -- Kris Vallotton

Beloved, what we see here are the horribly heretical beliefs of the NAR false signs and lying wonders wanting to infect our children. When you see "taught to hear from God" you must realize that is code-speak in these circles. Through practices of eastern mysticism and centered prayer Vallotton believes that if we silence our brains long enough God will speak to our hearts. This is how modern false prophets operate as well. They do not realize that our hearts are wickedly deceitful above anything ever made. Without scripture as the guide that voice you are hearing is not God and you want to teach this to children? You want adults to believe prophetic words uttered by five year olds? Does the bible teach us to seek out the children in our church for the prayer of healing or the elders? This is dangerous for the church and especially for the children. They cannot conceptualize the enemy! Nor can they understand sin and repentance which means they are not operating with the indwelt Holy Spirit active in their lives. Our great responsibility is to discipline and instruct them -- period.

1. Teach them to value dreams. I'm not talking about dreams of the heart here, although that's also very important. What I mean is that children are very in-tune with the supernatural realm, and I know that most of them start off life as night dreamers. Ask your children questions about their dreams and help them remember and unravel what God was speaking to them at night. Better yet, teach them how to interpret their own dreams and you'll be preparing them for a lifetime of hearing God in this unique way. If you don't know to interpret dreams, get equipped and impart your knowledge to your children.

It is interesting that Vallotton seems to understand that not all dreams are from God but he fails to teach that regularly. All dreams are deemed God speaking to us. All have interpretive value to Vallotton. The reality is that some dreams are the result of bad pizza the night before. If you teach your six year old that their dreams are God talking to them what do you tell them when they have a nightmare? Teach a child how to interpret their own dreams? That level of subjectivity is bad enough when adults do it let alone unleashing it with the imagination of a child. What planet is Vallotton living on? You are going to explain imagery, allegory and substitutionary meaning to a seven year old? All this will be preparing them for is a lifetime of believing their wicked heart is God speaking to them. Teach them instead that God speaks to us through His Word. Teach them that the Word can always be believed.

"2. Expect them to hear from God. If we want our kids to experience the reality of a relationship with Jesus for themselves, teaching them to recognize the voice of God is a great start! Begin with small questions like, "If Jesus walked in the room right now, what would He say to that person?" By asking questions like this, you will teach them to not only hear from God but also feel what God feels for His beloved kids. Let's teach our children and grandchildren to encourage one another! Then, in time, ask them, "And what else would He say?" so that you can impart a hunger for more of God and model how to press in deeper." -- Kris Vallotton

Yes, our eight year olds really need to press in deeper. How else can they get that shift in the atmosphere? Ugh. Once again if you want to teach them to read the bible and instruct them on listening for what God is saying through His written word that would be great. Teaching them these esoteric practices of the flesh is inherently dangerous. Realize this is all selective hearing. If God walked into Kris Vallotton's room and told him to stop being a false teacher he would assume it was a clever disguise of the devil. When the enemy disguises himself as an angel of light and whispers in Kris Vallotton's ear that confirms his warped theology it is automatically considered confirmation. Let your children be children beloved. Bring them up in the admonition of the Lord and the instruction of His Word but leave this subjective garbage out of it.

"3. Include them in ministry. I love watching families minister together! We have a saying around here at Bethel that there's no such thing as a junior Holy Spirit. What we mean by that is children carry the power of Holy Spirit just as much as an adult would! Kids minister in our Healing Rooms every Saturday-- praying over people who travel here from all over the world to be touched by the healing power of God! Teach your kids how to pray for the sick and prophesy. I know you'll be amazed at the way the Lord uses them." -- Kris Vallotton

That is right Kris. There is no such thing as a junior holy spirit but there also are no scriptures supporting the notion that the adult Holy Spirit is indwelt and active in the lives of four year olds! What the bible does teach us is:

For in one Spirit we were all baptized into one body--Jews or Greeks, slaves or free--and all were made to drink of one Spirit. -- 1Corinthians 12:13 (ESV)

In him you also, when you heard the word of truth, the gospel of your salvation, and believed in him, were sealed with the promised Holy Spirit, who is the guarantee of our inheritance until we acquire possession of it, to the praise of his glory. -- Ephesians 1:13-14 (ESV)

We receive the Holy Spirit at the moment of conversion. That is when we are sealed by Him. Salvation is not a birthright beloved. You as parent cannot guarantee the salvation of your children. This is a treacherous teaching from Vallotton. How did these children receive the Holy Spirit in his paradigm? Because their parents are in his church. Wow. The reason the bible says to discipline and instruct them in the Lord is so that when older they can return to these teachings and experience their own conversion. What Vallotton is teaching Bethel kids to do is "play saved." What he is advocating for here is pure evil. To teach little kids to assume whatever pops into their imagination is God speaking and then have them speak it prophetically over random people. Lord have mercy.

"4. Expose them to miracles. Sometimes we protect our kids from the challenges of life because we want to shelter them from pain. I know it's the heart of any parent to want to shield our children from the woes of the world. However, if we protect our children from pain, then they won't realize when a miracle happens. We can't expect them to understand the reality of the mountain that had to move for the miracle to occur if they don't know that a mountain was there in the first place. In our family, we teach our children that not only is God faithful to us adults, but He is also faithful to them exactly where they are in life. When God breaks through in a miracle for our family, it's for all of us to celebrate and be thankful for." -- Kris Vallotton

Yes, the average child has so many mountains to move. You lose your favorite binky. Someone pushed you in the sandbox. You wonder why your parents keep making you watch that horrible purple dinosaur. Seriously, some kids may face a terrible illness or unexpected death in the family but even then they do not reason as an adult. All of the teachings here require elevating children to the same level of authority as adults and therein lies the problem and the danger. They do not belong there. They cannot thrive there. Kris Vallotton already handles the gifts of the spirit like a five year old. The last thing he should be doing is teaching them to other five year olds.

"5. Invite angels into their lives. I often pray for the angelic to be active in my children and grandchildren's lives while also teaching them to ask angels into their own lives. In Matthew 18:10 it says, "See that you do not despise one of these little ones, for I say to you that their angels in heaven continually see the face of My Father who is in heaven." I'd like to propose that God has assigned angelic protection over children! Why is this important? Whether we like it or not, our children will probably be exposed to spiritual warfare in some way or another as they grow up. We should equip them with what they need to understand and overcome their battles." -- Kris Vallotton

This is more of the poor theology the NAR believes regarding angels. For someone so concerned about spiritual warfare he doesn't see at all worried that opening up children to the angelic realm -- which includes fallen angels such as demons. Kris can believe that angelic protection is assigned but he does not know that. Since we know Satan's emissaries disguise themselves as angels of light, and Vallotton cannot discern, how terrifying it is to think he wants to teach this to children.

"We need to learn to know our children by the spirit, and not just by the flesh! In 2 Corinthians 5:16 it says, "From now on, therefore, we regard no one according to the flesh. Even though we once regarded Christ according to the flesh, we regard him thus no longer." The truth is that your child is not simply your child, but someone profound with a great destiny that God has entrusted to be raised in your home. They should be able to use the gift of distinguishing of spirits (1 Corinthians 12:10) to identify who to trust, who the noble people are around them, and how to distinguish the angelic (not just negative spirits). It is a great honor to raise up God's powerful little people into the destinies He has over their lives. I want to encourage you today to start looking at your kids with a supernatural lens--in the light of their spirits, not just their flesh. Ask the Lord to show you how He sees your children and the power He's placed inside of them. Write it down and encourage them into it! Do you include your children in ministry? How do you teach them about the supernatural? Tell me about it in the comments!" -- Kris Vallotton

The cited verse is in regard to being ambassadors for Christ once saved. Thus we no longer regard anyone according to our flesh. Beloved, your child is simply your child. They are not profound nor are they promised a great destiny. Could they grow up to have a profound life? Sure but more often than not we are called to be salt and light right where we are. The purpose driven theology has poisoned the body of Christ to believe that everyone is going to be the next great and hallowed Christian celebrity. Try being a profound husband. Be a profound wife. Be a profound parent because what God has entrusted for you to do is discipline and instruct your children. Here is the deep theology we need to realize. They are not saved through osmosis. They do not have the indwelt Holy Spirit in them and for heaven's sake do not think they are going to start discerning spirits. This is utter lunacy. Do not allow your child to start determining who they can trust! That is YOUR job as a parent as well as keeping them away from lunatics like Kris Vallotton.

Reverend Anthony Wade -- March 21, 2019

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