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July 2, 2019

Unrepentant Assemblies of God Seeking to Reignite the False Fire of Brownsville

By Anthony Wade

Not satisfied with the demonic manifestation at the first Brownsville false revival, the Assemblies of God and Dr. Michael Brown are doubling down.


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who gave himself for us to redeem us from all lawlessness and to purify for himself a people for his own possession who are zealous for good works. -- Titus 2:14 (ESV)

And such were some of you. But you were washed, you were sanctified, you were justified in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and by the Spirit of our God. -- 1Corinthians 6:11 (ESV)

But the evil spirit answered them, "Jesus I know, and Paul I recognize, but who are you?" And the man in whom was the evil spirit leaped on them, mastered all of them and overpowered them, so that they fled out of that house naked and wounded. -- Acts 19:15-16 (ESV)

Amidst the chaos of the 1990's false revival at Brownsville, Pastor David Yonggi Cho announced from pulpit that the revival "would last until Jesus comes." How did that prophecy turn out? Within ten years the revival's architect pastor had left, claiming to remain in an "apostolic role" only to open a new church just 50 miles away. His replacement soon left for Texas and attendance plummeted to under 400. Many had simply walked away from church and the faith while many others opted for the less corrupt Baptist Church. The replacement pastor who walked away was on record as saying hundreds of people were leaving over the past few years and that he did not know anyone who was not hurt.

For the uninitiated, the 1990's was a decade of self-indulgence and decadent false signs and lying wonders within Charismania. The Toronto Blessing saw the believers laughing like lunatics, rolling around on the ground and barking like dogs during service, claiming it was a manifestation of the Holy Spirit. The Pensacola Outpouring was also known as the Brownsville Revival and it occurred at the Brownsville Assemblies of God in Pensacola Florida. Falsely prophesied by Cho, who added that the revival would spread across all of America. Instead within five years it dissipated and remains only as a stain on the history of Christianity in this country. Brownsville was marked by an obvious demonic manifestation as affected churchgoers were captured on film jerking spasmodically and marked by uncontrolled body machinations. This was accompanied with incoherent babbling about the power of the Spirit but without any actual characteristics of the Holy Spirit. People like Dr. Michael Brown defend this heresy until this day and insist that Brownsville was legitimate but all one has to do is look at the fruit. The manifestations were clearly unbiblical and demonic. The alleged revival revived nothing for it all went away after five years. If this was a move of God why does the remaining pastor insist everyone was hurt by Brownsville? Why did so many walk away from the church altogether or realize that the extremes of Charismania could not possibly be of God? I understand why Dr. Brown, who was a frequent speaker at Brownsville during this time, would have no choice but to defend it but for the rest of us who discern it should be obvious that there was no outpouring and nothing was revived.

The legacy of Brownsville and Toronto was to develop a base of believers who would literally fall for anything. The reason why so many cannot discern the lunacy of Bethel Church's glory clouds and angel feathers is because of Toronto and Brownsville. The reason why so few can discern IHOP's gold dust, gemstones and contemplative prayer is because of Toronto and Brownsville. Why does Dr. Michael Brown not seem to doubt even the most ludicrous claims in Charismania, such as the Jennifer Leclaire sneaky squid spirit? Because the Brownsville nonsense would have those congregants eating sneaky squids for a lunch break. Why does some one like Leclaire not even blink before publishing that she can release the angels of abundant harvest? Brownsville. It is the unrepented sin from the Assemblies of God that has laid the ground work for their continued falling away from solid orthodoxy. Why is the Assemblies of God giving banquets to honor false prophet and teacher Reinhard Bonnke? Brownsville. Why are they in bed with places like Bethel and IHOP? Brownsville.

The key verses today walk us through the design of God regarding what role the Holy Spirit plays in the life of the believer. Titus teaches us that we are to be purified, redeemed from lawlessness. Corinthians reminds us that we are sanctified and justified through the name of Jesus and by the spirit of God. What happens however when you pursue the gift instead of the giver? What happens when you pursue the power without the source? We can ask the Seven Sons of Sceva from the third set of key verses. These were sons of priests who traveled around casting out demons by the name of Jesus whom Paul preaches. Why did they phrase it that way? Because they didn't actually know Jesus. After doing this for a while, eventually the demons answered -- Jesus and Paul I know -- but who exactly are you? Who do you think YOU are? Now I do not know how bad the beating was they received but it apparently knocked their clothes off! This is the danger of playing spiritual games without knowing the Master. This is the sin of all false revivals, including Pensacola and including the Assemblies of God. This is the ongoing sin within Charismania. They are like the seven sons of Sceva before them, casting out demons and making a big show of everything Jesus without actually knowing Him. Sometimes the demons answer beloved. They answered in Toronto and told them to roll around on the floor and bark like a dog -- so they did it without questioning. They just blamed it on a "move of the Spirit and if you did not accept this garbage you were deemed a legalist or someone who needed a deeper revelation of the spirit -- the same nonsense we hear today from people like Todd White and Bill Johnson. The demons also answered on Father's Day 1995 in Pensacola Florida. They answered and told them to go into full body spasms while sputtering fragments of spirituality. They again blamed the Holy Spirit. They actually sent a demon named Todd Bentley down to Lakeland Florida for yet another faux revival. He was packing 15,000 people a night into tent meetings. The demons answered again and told Bentley to kick and punch people and claim it was to impart healing from the Holy Spirit. So, the people obeyed and the corrupted Charismaniacal leadership actually travelled to Lakeland to anoint Bentley a prophet and have the likes of Bill Johnson pray over him. The next day Bentley would fall from grace due to cheating on his wife with his secretary. Johnson would personally oversee his "restoration" which included divorcing his wife and marrying his secretary. Soon Bentley would be declared restored by Johnson; after all, can't lose a good moneymaker.

So what is the point of this dark trip down memory lane? It appears the Assemblies has no intention of ever repenting of this original sin and instead is doubling down on it. That's right, in 2019 it is time to light the fire once again! Online advertising swears that God is moving again in Pensacola as a new Charismaniacal conference is scheduled for early September. Not content with the Kundalini demonic spirit from the first Brownsville revival, they are calling for outpouring of judgment upon this Assemblies of God church and those who refuse to learn from history. The planned lineup would even make the seven sons of Sceva blush and scream heretic! Let us start with John Kilpatrick and John Arnott. Kilpatrick was the pastor of Brownsville that coordinated the false revival back in 1995. John Arnott was the pastor in Toronto who was behind the infamously heretical Toronto blessing. The irreparable damage caused by these two charlatans cannot even be measured. You have the immediate wave of damage and that is to the local churches in question. As previously mentioned, the replacement pastor at Brownsville claimed that not one person escaped Brownsville unharmed. Many never came back to church. Others left bleeding yet still believing in the Charismaniacal nonsense they were taught -- further damaging future generations. The second wave of damage is to larger institutions of Christianity such as the Assemblies of God who embraced such demonic activity and has since used it to excuse so much worse doctrine. Just visit Charisma News today and see what is passed off as Christianity today. Mind you, it was J Lee Grady for Charisma News who published the story of the damage done by Brownsville, so many years ago. How ironic that Brownsville has lowered the bar for what is accepted into mainstream Christianity and now Charisma News is the leading cesspool of aberrant theology as a result. The final wave of damage is to the cause of Jesus Christ. You simply cannot make animal noises and claim it is from God without the world thinking you are crazy. You cannot spasmodically testify to being overwhelmed by the Holy Spirit without the world think you are mentally unstable. You cannot kick people in face and punch stage three pancreatic cancer sufferers in the stomach without the world seeing you for what you are -- crazy and dangerous. Why in the world after all these things would anyone want to hear about Jesus from you?

Next up on the heretic express you have Heidi Baker and Rodney Howard Browne. I put these two together because they are nuts. They should be low hanging fruit for anyone with an ounce of discernment. Browne is a veteran of both the Toronto Blessing and the Lakeland Revival. Perhaps his infamous reputation was built upon the notion that he was a 'Holy Ghost bartender." He would put forth the idea that he was drunk in the spirit and his followers followed suit. Everyone laughing uncontrollably, mangling their words like a drunk and claiming to be so but by the power of God. Right. Heidi Baker apparently went to Browne's bar once too often. She often pretends she is drunk in the spirit and lies flat on her face to preach. She is renowned for shouting out fragments of nonsensical words and claiming it is from the Holy Ghost. Among such utterances are shaba, shaka-baba, and whoa! If you are looking to set your false revival ablaze with apostasy then these are the arsonists you are looking for.

While that would be enough for your average demonic outpouring, Brownsville is always special so they were not done yet! They also have Lou Engle and Todd White. Mr. White is a proven huckster who faked the old leg growing trick at a Korn concert in the heretical move -- Holy Ghost. He travels the world to heal people of various vague ailments while refusing to go to an emergency room to ply his trade. You see, when you are trafficking in false healing you need people who are susceptible to the power of suggestion and not someone who desperately need to be healed. White also just opened his own supernatural school where he charges obscene amounts of money to train you to be as false as he is. A recent video clip has him praising Kenneth Copeland while exclaiming -- I don't care what you think! Todd White is as false as the day is long. He once claimed that the cross does not reveal his sin but rather his value. Ugh. Lou Engle is just a tried and true false prophet who has survived in this gimmick for decades and has allegedly earned 20 million dollars from fleecing the flock. Engle was responsible for the decades long repeating conference known as The Call and recently he switched this to The Send. Knowing how to leverage the Charismaniacal past, he also was involved in the recent Azusa Street conference.

While there are other speakers, the only other one I want to highlight is Dr. Michael Brown. Brown himself is usually spot on regarding speaking about doctrine. For example, he wrote an entire book against the errors of hyper grace. His problem is he is equally poor when it comes to exposing who is actually teaching the false doctrines. For example, he considers Joseph Prince, the king of hyper grace, to be a good brother in the Lord. He has also called Benny Hinn a brother a Christ. He has defended Jennifer Leclaire and absolutely gushes over defending Bill Johnson. He is more dangerous than many false teachers because he is a gatekeeper for all of them. He uses his decades of solid ministry and credibility to pass himself off as an expert and he lures people in unexpectantly. He also uses his radio platform to berate anyone in discernment in favor of some of the most voracious wolves on the planet. Let us also not lose sight of the fact that he was a speaker at the original Brownsville heresy-fest and vigorously defends it to this day. This does not even broach upon his recent full-blown conversion into an NAR dominionist.

The got questions website sums up the Holy Spirit being like fire as bringing three things -- God's presence, God's passion and God's purity. The Charismaniacal movement can be best summed up as having the passion of the seven sons of Sceva, seeking God's presence but never bothering themselves with God's purity. If they were serious about the purifying nature of fire they would stop asking for revival and start repenting. They would not invite people who think they are holy ghost bartenders and those who think shaka baba is speaking in tongues. They would not invite people responsible for previous false revivals which have damaged so many believers and the overall cause of Christ. They would not invite hucksters and thieves who only exist to make merchandise off the sheep of the Lord. They would not invite gatekeepers of the ongoing apostasy. The false prophets from the first Brownsville claimed God told them that revival would last until Jesus returned and within five years it was almost a ghost town and no, not a holy ghost town. Other false prophets prophesied during the first false revival that it would spread across this country and maybe they were closer on that prophecy. That is because the falseness of Brownsville did spread. It spread first to Lakeland and then across this country. For a generation of Charismaniacs, this is what church is to them. A place of demonic confusion where the people who roll around on the ground and make uncontrolled and undiscernible noises are deemed the super spirituals. A place where the gifts of the spirit can be taught but sound doctrine is anathema. A place filled with people chasing the fire of God unaware that the way they are descending into abject apostasy -- the fire will soon find them.

Reverend Anthony Wade -- July 1, 2019

Authors Bio:
Credentialed Minister of the Gospel for the Assemblies of God. Owner and founder of 828 ministries. Vice President for Goodwill Industries. Always remember that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him and are called according to His purpose.