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#1 9/13/2023 Election 2023 - Pushing back on Dr. Michael Brown's NAR, Dominionist Propaganda (Anthony Wade) It's the NAR silly season again. Time to get into heaven by your voting record...1 1 Comment Count
#2 9/12/2023 Properly Understanding Mark 16:9-20 to Debunk Greg Locke's Demonology (Anthony Wade) An examination of the key verses leveraged by the YouTube deliverance hucksters...1 1 Comment Count
#3 9/6/2023 Benny Hinn - Even If I Lie, You are not Permitted to Judge Me (Anthony Wade) Benny is at it again, with the help from the Charisma News "rehabilitate a false prophet" campaign...1 1 Comment Count
#4 8/29/2023 Angels for Hire Come and Partner with the Creator of the Entire Universe! (Anthony Wade) Exploring a new lunatic from Atlanta Bethel who chats with angels everywhere...1 1 Comment Count
#5 8/28/2023 SBC President has Come to Jesus Moment After Being Caught Lying on Resume (Anthony Wade) Examining restoration of our walk versus trying to get our job back...1 1 Comment Count
#6 8/18/2023 Confusing The Great Commission with NAR Dominionist Talking Points (Anthony Wade) Dominion Theology - Proof-Texting to Reinforce Confirmation Bias...1 1 Comment Count
#7 8/17/2023 Apostate Church Rehabilitating The Image of Greg Locke After Bowing to Benny Hinn (Anthony Wade) The pattern involving the current transformation of Greg Locke is transparent...1 1 Comment Count
#8 8/16/2023 The Truth Regarding The Chosen, NAR, Voddie Baucham, and Idolatry (Anthony Wade) Examining the heresies of the Chosen and the latest kerfuffle between Voddie Baucham and Dallas Jenkins.1 1 Comment Count
#9 8/10/2023 Mario Murillo Cult Members Think 4 Million in Los Angeles Should be Destroyed by God (Anthony Wade) Dominionist Mario Murillo is planning to come to Los Angeles for a tent meeting, which is odd since he hates everyone there apparently...1 1 Comment Count
#10 8/8/2023 NAR Dominionist Grifter Sean Feucht - Rags to Riches by Fleecing the Flock (Anthony Wade) Have you ever seen your wealth grow 31000 percent in one year?1 1 Comment Count
#11 8/7/2023 Sermon Review - Chris Hodges Eviscerates the Word and Truth for NAR Nonsense (Anthony Wade) Sermon Review Time! Marks of a Shifting Culture from NAR Dominionist...1 1 Comment Count
#12 8/4/2023 Grifter Extraordinaire Kris Vallotton Pimps This Year's "School of the Prophets" Scam (Anthony Wade) It's that time of the year again, the Bethel School of the False Prophets is upon us...1 1 Comment Count
#13 8/3/2023 False Worship is False Doctrine - The Case Against Listening to Hillsong (Anthony Wade) We must be just as careful with what we sing to God as we are with what doctrine we listen to...1 1 Comment Count
#14 8/2/2023 The Purpose Driven Clown Show Continues - Exegeting Toy Story and Jurassic Park (Anthony Wade) Straight from the files of you've got to be kidding me...1 1 Comment Count
#15 8/1/2023 Deified John MacArthur's New Movie Nothing More than NAR Dominionist Propaganda (Anthony Wade) Reviewing the latest NAR propaganda from John MacArthur...1 1 Comment Count
#16 7/28/2023 Understanding the False Gospel of the NAR, Dominionist, Apostate Church (Anthony Wade) Considering the confusion over the NAR and dominionism, it is time to examine this false teaching...1 1 Comment Count
#17 7/21/2023 God's Rebuke for False Prophets and Teachers - Discernment 101 (Anthony Wade) A look at two different rebukes from God towards false teachers and prophets.1 1 Comment Count
#18 7/20/2023 Titans of Heresy Have Joined Hands - Benny Hinn and Greg Locke are Now Best Buds (Anthony Wade) The book burner and the guy with the magic suit coat...unite!1 1 Comment Count
#19 7/12/2023 Andy Stanley Declares You do not Need to Believe in the Inerrancy of Scripture to Follow Jesus (Anthony Wade) Andy is back at it again, no claiming you do not need to believe the bible is completely true to follow Jesus...1 1 Comment Count
#20 7/6/2023 Enough with the NAR Dominionist Whitewashing of Slavery (Anthony Wade) Charisma News is pouring it on regarding poor biblical teaching and eviscerating American history. Christians should stand for the truth.1 1 Comment Count
#21 6/30/2023 Jim Baker, No Not That One, Preaches the Most Horrific Healing on Demand Sermon (Anthony Wade) There is a new heretic in town with an old familiar name...1 1 Comment Count
#22 6/2/2023 Odds & Ends - Dave Ramsey Gets Sued and Chick-fil-A Commits Heresy? (Anthony Wade) Two stories to end the week. Dave Ramsey screws his listeners out of millions of dollars and the Chick-fil-A drama...1 1 Comment Count
#23 5/30/2023 The Powerless Church at Pentecost - Biblical VS Apostate Manifestation of the Gifts (Anthony Wade) A biblical look at the abuses of the gifts within Charismania...1 1 Comment Count
#24 5/26/2023 Which to Truly Fear - Jason Voorhees, Freddy Kruger or Shawn Bolz? (Anthony Wade) What happens when a false prophet tries to scare people with horror movies?1 1 Comment Count
#25 5/23/2023 Marcus Rogers - Misunderstanding Tongues and Baptism (Anthony Wade) Taking a first look at Marcus Roger and his unbiblical teachings on tongues and baptism.1 1 Comment Count
#26 5/14/2023 Carl Lentz is Back in the Apostate Church Providing Vision - What Could Go Wrong? (Anthony Wade) The rehabilitation of the image of the husk of Carl Lentz continues...1 1 Comment Count
#27 5/4/2023 Enough Stupidity! Tucker Carlson was NOT a Prophetic Voice! (Anthony Wade) Get ready for another con job from Jonathan Con...1 1 Comment Count
#28 4/27/2023 Charlie Sham (p) - Lying Visions, Worthless Divinations from the Deceit of His Own Mind (Anthony Wade) If your God always seems to support your politics, maybe YOU are playing god...1 1 Comment Count
#29 4/25/2023 Tough-Guy Church on Masks Screams Persecution Now That Bill is Due (Anthony Wade) Actions have consequences. That is not persecution...1 1 Comment Count
#30 4/21/2023 This Week in the Apostate Church - James MacDonald, Ke$ha, & Dominionist Prophecy (Anthony Wade) Reviewing a short collections of stories from this week...1 1 Comment Count

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