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#1 9/19/2022 Maniacal Mario Murillo Advises to Dump Your Christian Friends who Do not Wish to Jump Into His Imaginary River (Anthony Wade) It is time to call the truth for what it is. Mario Murillo is a maniac threatening you with eternal suffering if you do not vote for Republicans...2 2 Comment Count
#2 9/16/2022 Dr. Michael Brown Vs. Dr. Michael Brown - This is What Dominionism Does To You (Anthony Wade) Watch Dr. Brown Try Again to Play Both Sides until he Comes Face to Face with Himself.1 1 Comment Count
#3 9/9/2022 Kris Vallotton - The Spiritual Cartographer and Solutionary Grift in Action (Anthony Wade) Vallotton, the most spiritually vacuous is now grifting "spiritual intelligence"2 2 Comment Count
#4 9/6/2022 Excusia and Athentein - The Desperation of Christo-Feminism (Anthony Wade) Eddie Hyatt is back again to butcher the bible to convince women to be disobedient to scripture...1 1 Comment Count
#5 8/31/2022 Christians Against Debt Forgiveness? Seriously? (Anthony Wade) How can we forget what our entire faith is predicated on?1 1 Comment Count
#6 8/30/2022 Bethel Dominionist Grifter Sean Feucht Claims Anyone Voting Democratic is Satanic (Anthony Wade) After slapping down God TV, Feucht feels emboldened to now consign anyone who does not vote the way he does to hell...1 1 Comment Count
#7 8/29/2022 When the Apostate Church Apologizes to the Apostate Church for Calling it Apostate (Anthony Wade) God TV folded like a cheap accordion so fast my head spun...3 3 Comment Count
#8 8/18/2022 The Art of the Grift - Become a Solutionary for Just Under $1200! (Anthony Wade) Kris Vallotton is the huckster the bible warned us about...1 1 Comment Count
#9 8/17/2022 Dominionist Dr. Michael Brown Continues to Whitewash the NAR (Anthony Wade) Dr. Brown recently sat down with Holly Pivec to try and sound reasonable while dismissing the NAR1 1 Comment Count
#10 8/4/2022 Competing Idiotic Prophecies - The Unbound Church and Dancing with Jesus (Anthony Wade) A look at two prophecies released this week on Charisma News...1 1 Comment Count
#11 8/3/2022 Dr. Michael Brown Advocating to Regain the Apostate Church's False Prophetic Voice (Anthony Wade) Dr. Brown is at it again, thinking if false prophets just repent, then they can go back to being false prophets...1 1 Comment Count
#12 7/27/2022 Delving into the Depths of Deceit Needed to Argue for Women in Authority in Church (Anthony Wade) Once more, examining false arguments for encouraging disobedience.1 1 Comment Count
#13 7/26/2022 NAR Dominionist Calls for the Church to Conquer the Workplace, Seriously (Anthony Wade) Butchering the bible to achieve their NAR dominionist dreams...1 1 Comment Count
#14 7/21/2022 Apparently We Need Authority, Territory and Jurisdiction to Correct Creflo Dollar (Anthony Wade) According to Bert Farias, we cannot correct anyone unless we know them personally and know their heart...1 1 Comment Count
#15 7/12/2022 NAR Dominionist Abuses the Context of Scripture and the Declaration of Independence (Anthony Wade) The only way for dominionist theology to work is to mangle both the bible and American History...1 1 Comment Count
#16 7/5/2022 Dr. Michael Brown Defends Tithing While Creflo Dollar Repents in Favor of Greasy Grace (Anthony Wade) Creflo Dollar has now come out against tithing? A sure sign the apocalypse is upon us...3 3 Comment Count
#17 6/30/2022 Proof-Texting NAR Operative Admits Goal is to Purify Culture. Sound Familiar? (Anthony Wade) Proof texting the bible and Amer4ican history, Mike Shreve lets slip the secret part and says it out loud...1 1 Comment Count
#18 6/28/2022 Christianity and Matters Such as Marxism, Capitalism, and the Poor (Anthony Wade) Examining new article claiming Jesus would promote capitalism...1 1 Comment Count
#19 6/22/2022 More Charismaniacal Sacred Cow Tipping - Gibberish Tongues Edition (Anthony Wade) Debunking recent article claiming anyone can speak in tongues whenever they want...1 1 Comment Count
#20 6/17/2022 This Week In Amusing Charismania - Screenshot Irony & Chuck Pierce Drops Acid (Anthony Wade) Well, I tried to close the week with some humor but...1 1 Comment Count
#21 6/15/2022 The Office of Pastor and Abuse Versus Purpose Driven Hireling Complaints (Anthony Wade) The difference between pastors and hirelings is eternal...1 1 Comment Count
#22 6/13/2022 Mario Murillo - Scattering People Away From Christ Through NAR Dominionism (Anthony Wade) Wild-eyed conspiracy nut and false pastor Mario Murillo is at it again...1 1 Comment Count
#23 6/13/2022 NAR Dominionist - It Is Impossible to be Non-Confrontational with the Lost (Anthony Wade) Continuing to expose the NAR charlatans in the pulpit today...1 1 Comment Count
#24 6/10/2022 Bathed in the Blood of Fourth Graders, Franklin Graham Shills for Gun Lobby (Anthony Wade) Franklin Graham has come out to do the bidding of his political masters once again...1 1 Comment Count
#25 6/7/2022 After Leading the Great Apostasy for Four Decades, Rick Warren Set to Retire (Anthony Wade) After 42 years the man who has damaged Christianity the most is set to retire...1 1 Comment Count
#26 6/4/2022 Dominionism - The Conspiracy of False Prophets & the Whitewashing of Church Sin (Anthony Wade) Shane Idleman continues to beat the Dominionism drum1 1 Comment Count
#27 6/1/2022 Debunking the Failed NAR Pseudo-Academic Arguments for Politics in the Pulpit (Anthony Wade) The Murillos and Lockes of the underbelly can only exist because of distorted arguments in favor of Christ as a politician. Here we debunk them.2 2 Comment Count
#28 5/26/2022 The Blood of 19 Children on the Hands of Gun Denying Apostate Church Leaders (Anthony Wade) It is time for shills such as Sammy Rodriguez and Franklin Graham to shut up and sit down.1 1 Comment Count
#29 5/25/2022 The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly - Dr. Brown on Evangelicals Bringing Reproach to Christ (Anthony Wade) Well at least it's a start to a conversation we should be having as believers...1 1 Comment Count
#30 5/20/2022 Dr. Michael Brown Almost Criticizes Dominionist Lunatic Greg Locke (Anthony Wade) Dr. Brown throws down the gauntlet to Greg Locke...then picks it up, puts it in his pocket and invites him on his radio show.1 1 Comment Count

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