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#1 1/14/2021 NAR Pastor Refuses to See the Judgment in 2020 Election (Anthony Wade) Shane Idleman is back again to muse about the election and get everything wrong as usual...1 1 Comment Count
#2 1/12/2021 When an NAR Dominionist Tries to Convince You He is not a Christian Nationalist (Anthony Wade) If you have to explain how much you are not a dominionist, chance are...1 1 Comment Count
#3 1/7/2021 Jeremiah Johnson Apology Reveals Why He is a False Prophet (Anthony Wade) Jeremiah Johnson has apologized but not for the right offense...5 5 Comment Count
#4 1/4/2021 Deconstructing the Heresy of Dominion Theology (Anthony Wade) Latest Charismaniacal attempt to make Dominionism sound biblical...5 5 Comment Count
#5 12/29/2020 A Charismatic Two-For of Insanity with Jennifer "Sneaky Squid" LeClaire (Anthony Wade) LeClaire is at again...fleecing the flock as only she can1 1 Comment Count
#6 12/15/2020 Dr. Michael Brown - Furthering the Church's Victim Mentality (Anthony Wade) Enough of the false narrative that big tech has conspired against conservatives...1 1 Comment Count
#7 11/23/2020 When False Prophets Teach About False Prophets - Kris Vallotton Edition (Anthony Wade) The delicious irony when someone as false as Kris Vallotton wants to teach us what makes a prophet false...1 1 Comment Count
#8 11/20/2020 Inherent Dishonesty Blinds Apostate Church Leaders from Seeing Trump as Judgment (Anthony Wade) It is time to speak out against the false prophets of the church who are working to overturn a fair and legal election.3 3 Comment Count
#9 11/13/2020 Get Ready to Unlock Wealth from the Courts of Heaven! Or Not. (Anthony Wade) Sneaky Squid Jennifer LeClaire is back interviewing some fake apostle about unlocking cash from the courts of heaven...ugh1 1 Comment Count
#10 11/1/2020 NAR On Display - Perry Stone Ministries Prays to the American Flag (Anthony Wade) Looking at a very disturbing prayer service centered around idol worship...1 1 Comment Count
#11 10/27/2020 James MacDonald - When a Wolf Tries to Come Back Into the Sheepfold (Anthony Wade) James MacDonald is back, unrepentant and ready to devour the sheep once again...1 1 Comment Count
#12 10/26/2020 False Charismatic Teachings on Healing - Don't Pray! (Anthony Wade) If any teaching starts with suggesting we should not pray...examine carefully...1 1 Comment Count
#13 10/20/2020 The Definitive Examination of Morality, Voting and Sin (Anthony Wade) Is voting a moral exercise? A sinful one? Does judgment hang in the balance?3 3 Comment Count
#14 10/17/2020 Preach the Gospel? Not During an Election Year! (Anthony Wade) The NAR's Shane Idleman is back again to tell pastors everywhere to preach Trump and not Christ...5 5 Comment Count
#15 10/14/2020 Part Two - NAR Pushing Pastors to Preach Politics and Why They are Wrong (Anthony Wade) Examining part two of an NAR series demanding Christians vote for their perceived lesser evil.3 3 Comment Count
#16 10/7/2020 NAR Pushing Pastors to Preach Politics and Why They're Wrong - Part One (Anthony Wade) Debunking latest NAR attempt to persuade pastors to preach politics.1 1 Comment Count
#17 10/1/2020 Christian Voting Guide - 2020 Edition (Anthony Wade) A non-dominionist look at the bible in light of the upcoming election.3 3 Comment Count
#18 9/25/2020 Disgusting Accusations, Conspiracy Theories, and Lies - The NAR COVID Position (Anthony Wade) Shane Idleman is at it again, mixing in unsubstantiated accusations and conspiracy in support of his NAR god.10 10 Comment Count
#19 9/22/2020 The Utter Stupidity of the NAR Dominionist Position on Masks (Anthony Wade) The "church" once again doing the bidding of their political masters to lie about wearing masks...3 3 Comment Count
#20 9/17/2020 Debunking NAR Dominionist Christo-Political Propaganda (Anthony Wade) Charisma News is starting to put out the election propaganda already...1 1 Comment Count
#21 9/14/2020 Deconstructing the Defenses for Bethel Church (Anthony Wade) Kris Vallotton offers up his defense of the cesspool known as Bethel Church...1 1 Comment Count
#22 9/11/2020 John MacArthur, Michael Brown and Andy Stanley - Guess Who Is Right? (Anthony Wade) Dr. Brown examines the different responses to COVID by MacArthur and Stanley. while he sides with both, only one was right...1 1 Comment Count
#23 9/3/2020 Maine NAR Pastor Marches His Sheep Right Into the COVID Woodchipper (Anthony Wade) Christian hirelings making Christianity stupid again...1 1 Comment Count
#24 8/31/2020 John MacArthur Misuses CDC Data to Spit on the Graves of the COVID Dead (Anthony Wade) John MacArthur has declared there is no pandemic. You've got to be kidding me...1 1 Comment Count
#25 8/27/2020 Delicious Irony - A Warning Against Wolves in Squid's Clothing (Anthony Wade) Jennifer Leclaire has warnings for false prophets...stop laughing...seriously, bwahaha1 1 Comment Count
#26 8/26/2020 Understanding False Calls for False Unity (Anthony Wade) Anna Aquino at Charisma News provides the usual blueprint for false unity...1 1 Comment Count
#27 8/21/2020 NAR Pastoral Mask-Shaming - False Faith Devoid of Wisdom (Anthony Wade) John Burton is back. Wrecking people's faith for his politics...3 3 Comment Count
#28 8/14/2020 John MacArthur's Own Words Condemn Him (Anthony Wade) Enough defending the indefensible. No matter how you feel about Johnny Mac, he is simply wrong here.3 3 Comment Count
#29 8/13/2020 The NAR & COVID - Using the Supernatural to Shipwreck Faith (Anthony Wade) NAR dominionist John Burton is at it again. Declaring wisdom and faith are in opposition.1 1 Comment Count
#30 8/12/2020 Charisma News - Propping Up Political Lies About Hydroxychloroquine (Anthony Wade) Charisma News is now offering their alleged Christian platform to the political group known as Frontline Doctors...5 5 Comment Count

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