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#1 11/28/2023 Fake Biden Prophecy and the False Theology of the NAR Speaker of the House (Anthony Wade) From the files of the ridiculously false prophets comes Charlie Shamp...1 1 Comment Count
#2 11/25/2023 2Timothy 3:2-5 - God is Speaking About the Church, not the World (Anthony Wade) It is time to consider these verses have been speaking about the church all along...1 1 Comment Count
#3 11/23/2023 The NAR Tries to Rebrand Thanksgiving - Democrats Not Welcome (Anthony Wade) Happy Thanksgiving too all. What says Thanksgiving more than the NAR telling us we only get to heaven if we vote for Donald Trump...1 1 Comment Count
#4 11/21/2023 Steven Strang Smears Former IHOP Leaders and Calls Bickle Victims Liars (Anthony Wade) Strang is again using his Charisma platform for disgusting evil...1 1 Comment Count
#5 11/17/2023 The Mike Bickle Cover-Up Is Well Under Way (Anthony Wade) The cover up has begun, do not be fooled beloved...1 1 Comment Count
#6 11/16/2023 NAR Gatekeeper, Dr. Michael Brown, Continues to Mock the Existence of the NAR (Anthony Wade) Dr. Brown is at it again, defending the brand by claiming the NAR does not exist...1 1 Comment Count
#7 11/11/2023 This week in the Bickle Scandal and Dr. Brown - Stating Facts is not "Sinful" (Anthony Wade) Just another update on Dr. Brown soft peddling the Bickle saga...
#8 11/10/2023 The Wrath of Jonathan Con - Snowflake Cries that Rolling Stone Correctly Quoted Him (Anthony Wade) The Messianic Snowflake is back to whine about secular media correctly quoting him...1 1 Comment Count
#9 11/8/2023 Performative Christianity and Marilyn Hickey's $1000 Prayer Shawls (Anthony Wade) Looking at more from the "look at me" Charismania...1 1 Comment Count
#10 11/7/2023 Bethel Faux Worship Song "Champion" Makes YOU the Champion (Anthony Wade) Just another Bethel self worship platform pretending to praise God...1 1 Comment Count
#11 11/3/2023 Steven Strang Asks if Mike Bickle is Predator or Prey - I Know the Answer! (Anthony Wade) The purpose driven charismatic industrial complex is rallying around Mike Bickle...1 1 Comment Count
#12 11/2/2023 Deconstructing Dr. Michael Brown's Confusion About the Predator, Mike Bickle (Anthony Wade) Dr. Brown keeps trying to protect the brand, not the victims...1 1 Comment Count
#13 11/1/2023 Analysis of the IHOP Leadership Statement About the Predator Mike Bickle (Anthony Wade) Taking a deeper look at the IHOP leadership statement1 1 Comment Count
#14 10/31/2023 Halloween 2023 - Stop Running from the Creature from the Black Lagoon Spirit (Anthony Wade) Vampire spirits, werewolf spirits and shapeshifter spirits...oh my!1 1 Comment Count
#15 10/27/2023 False Teacher Kimberly Daniels Teaching "Religious Spirit" Theology on Steroids (Anthony Wade) US Representative Kimberly Daniels is also a horrific false teacher selling the old "religious spirit nonsense...1 1 Comment Count
#16 10/25/2023 The Binary Choice Deception - Cessationism Vs. Charismania, Both are Equally Wrong (Anthony Wade) It is time to push back against the notion that we always must choose between two bad choices...1 1 Comment Count
#17 10/24/2023 American Gospel 3 and the Inherent Disingenuousness of Dr. Michael Brown (Anthony Wade) Sorting through the withdrawal from American Gospel 3 by Dr. Michael Brown...1 1 Comment Count
#18 10/21/2023 Greg Locke's Book Burning and Child Abuse Event and How is Alex Pagani an Apostle (Anthony Wade) This week in Charismatic craziness brings us two sordid tales...1 1 Comment Count
#19 10/16/2023 False Prophet Lovy Elias - Figure Out Your Purpose or People End Up In Hell (Anthony Wade) Sifting through the wreckage of an exceptionally false teaching...1 1 Comment Count
#20 10/14/2023 Kris Vallotton, the Pied Piper Prosperity Pimp from Bethel Is At It Again (Anthony Wade) Kris Vallotton is back with another "God wants you wealthy" pitch...1 1 Comment Count
#21 10/8/2023 NAR Performative Outrage at Duck Dynasty - Mickey Mouse is a Heathen Sinner Edition (Anthony Wade) There was a shift in the heavenlies this week when a reality TV star dared to take her family to Disney...1 1 Comment Count
#22 10/3/2023 NAR Schemes and Dreams - A Peek Behind the Dominionist Curtain (Anthony Wade) A glimpse into the workings of the NAR apostate church...1 1 Comment Count
#23 10/2/2023 Pimping Prosperity Under the Guise of Wanting to "Bless People" (Anthony Wade) Another piece claiming prosperity is sound doctrine, to bless others of course, nod nod wink wink...1 1 Comment Count
#24 9/29/2023 The Truth Behind the NAR Lies About Torben Sondergaard's Deportation (Anthony Wade) The truth behind the NAR deception of Torben Sondergaard...1 1 Comment Count
#25 9/28/2023 I'll Have a Grande Pasion Java, oh That's a False Prophet not a Starbucks Coffee? (Anthony Wade) From the files of Charismatic absurdity - when Demon Slayers turn on each other!1 1 Comment Count
#26 9/15/2023 Snowflake NAR Victimizes the Church About MSNBC Mocking Christian Hypocrisy (Anthony Wade) Blatant example of the NAR victimizing the church to cover up a horrific poll of churched folks...1 1 Comment Count
#27 9/14/2023 The Charismatic Oprah of Angels - Personal Angel Slaves for Everyone! (Anthony Wade) Blake Healy from Atlanta Bethel School for Supernatural Silliness is back...1 1 Comment Count
#28 9/13/2023 Election 2023 - Pushing back on Dr. Michael Brown's NAR, Dominionist Propaganda (Anthony Wade) It's the NAR silly season again. Time to get into heaven by your voting record...1 1 Comment Count
#29 9/12/2023 Properly Understanding Mark 16:9-20 to Debunk Greg Locke's Demonology (Anthony Wade) An examination of the key verses leveraged by the YouTube deliverance hucksters...1 1 Comment Count
#30 9/6/2023 Benny Hinn - Even If I Lie, You are not Permitted to Judge Me (Anthony Wade) Benny is at it again, with the help from the Charisma News "rehabilitate a false prophet" campaign...1 1 Comment Count

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