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828 Ministries is only as good as the readers,
writers, editors, link submitters and volunteers who all contribute to making it
what it is-- a community.

Diary Submissions:

Sometimes called "blogs", diaries come in two flavors: a Personal
Diary and a Public Diary.  What's the difference?  An entry which is a
Public Diary entry appears to the public, usually from the home page and from
the "inside" pages categorized by tags. A Personal
Diary entry only shows up on your personal "authors page" which
you are free to share with whomever you wish. All of the criteria for Article
Submissions (below) would be good to apply to Public Diaries. You can sign up
for submitting your Personal or Public Diaries below....

Article Submissions:

We love to see well written, creative, insightful, humorous,
information, commentary, and reporting on 828 Ministries. We welcome
your submission.

We accept original and previously published work you've done. Publishing it on your site or blog is fine and we
don't count that as affecting exclusivity. We do insist that you never publish
anything which you don't have written permission to publish. By publishing you
agree that you have secured any permissions necessary for publication and will
take responsibility for any costs incurred if 828 Ministries is sued because you
copied copyrighted material without permission.

We are selective at 828 Ministries and do not publish all the articles that are
submitted. You should read a number of the articles published on 828 Ministries and
familiarize yourself with our website so you get a feel for what we publish.

Once you sign on as a member and submit your article, it will be placed in a
queue and evaluated by an editor, then, either published or rejected. You will
receive an automated letter either way. Sometimes you will receive a rejection
with comments on how to make the article more likely to be published, with
further editing.

We may decide to publish your article to our front page, or it may
be published on one or several inside directory pages. That's why it is
important to include a number of tags. Articles scroll more
slowly off the tag (directory) pages.

If you consistently submit articles of high quality and consistency, we may
elevate you from a member submitter to a trusted author submitter. We're looking
for just about perfect records, without problematic submissions that have to be

If your submission is accepted, we will publish it on our webpages and it may be
sent in our newsletter. We will respect whatever byline you choose to write
under, short of misrepresenting yourself as another person. We allow you to
retain reprint rights, but we retain the right to publish your articles in
collections in books or other websites.


If you find great articles, we'd really appreciate it if you add a link on
828 Ministries to that article. We make it easy. You cut and paste the URL address in
one field, the title in another, and description in a third field. You can add
your comments to the comment field and can even come up with a title in the
title field. Finally, you categorize the article link with tags (More is better.)
It usually takes under a minute to do a link. We do
NOT send notification of acceptance of links. You'll see them on the site if we
use them. Send in enough approved links, with minimal rejected links and you may
become eligible to be invited to become an editor.

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