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June 15, 2020

Dr. Michael Brown -- When NAR Politics and Racism Collide

By Anthony Wade

In response to the latest offering from Brown, who pays lip service to the racism he swears he is against.


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So Peter opened his mouth and said: "Truly I understand that God shows no partiality, but in every nation anyone who fears him and does what is right is acceptable to him. -- Acts 10:34-35 (ESV)

It appears as if Dr. Michael Brown is trying the "but look, I have black friends" defense when discussing his problem of being pro-Trump yet claiming the mantle of Christianity. It must be an uncomfortable position to be in because I seriously doubt that Brown is racist yet the NAR dominionist platform demands a denouncement of cultural movements such as Black Lives Matter (BLM). So Brown walks this tightrope trying to sound so vehemently opposed to racism yet refusing to side with the oppressed and he knows what the bible says about helping the oppressed. He knows what the bible says about how God views all men equally. The key verses clearly state that in any nation, which means any race, anyone who fears Him and does what is right is acceptable to Him. God shows no partiality beloved. Let us reason together once more through the above linked article from Dr. Brown and watch the gymnastics he must resort to in order to sound like he cares about this problem without doing anything about it.

"One of the great benefits of hosting a daily talk radio show for the last 12 years is that you learn a lot from your callers, gaining new and different perspectives. That's why I regularly solicit input from my social media audiences as well. This way, we can learn from each other instead of passing like ships in the night. In that spirit, on June 10, I posted this on the AskDrBrown Facebook page: "To my black brothers and sisters in Jesus, please share your thoughts with your white brothers and sisters here, as part of the same family and one together in Jesus. "If you've been following my articles and broadcasts, you know I take strong exception to the BLM [Black Lives Matter] movement because of its radical social agenda, and I refuse to bow my knee to mobocracy. At the same time, I absolutely want to show my solidarity to my black friends in times of pain and frustration, and I want to be an ally to combat racism wherever we find it. But I have friends of mine who are pastors and are finding this a very difficult line to walk, since their rejection of the BLM movement and the mob mentality is being perceived as lack of solidarity in standing against injustice." -- Dr. Michael Brown

So the first obvious problem is that the pool of people he is surveying are obviously pro-Brown to begin with. The second is the framing Brown chooses is to play to their collective sense of what is right as a Christian. So, he surveys a biased group of people and then makes them further biased in their answers by correctly stating the unity we should have with fellow brothers and sisters. The problem of course is that racism and BLM exist from a point where this unity has already been broken. This is how Brown always operates to make himself look even handed and the generate the answers he desires. This is so he can deny the reality around him and still grasp on to his dominionism while pretending to be above the fray. It is transparent in its clumsiness.

How clumsy? No sooner is the word Kumbaya out of his mouth then he is denouncing BLM. His duplicity is evident in his claiming that he wants to stand in solidarity with his "black friends", just not those who he has deemed too radical. The stated goals for BLM include such radical notions as not wanting to be murdered by police (police brutality), racial injustice, criminal justice reform, healthcare, education, voting rights, and government corruption. Now within some of these larger issues there may be smaller issues that some might object to. To dismiss them entirely out of hand however because you have deemed them too radical is absurd and indicative of where your heart truly is. You see the problem Brown must deal with is he cannot face his masters while supporting BLM, which is decidedly on the left of the political spectrum. As a NAR dominionist, Brown must oppose BLM just because of what side of politics they're on. So thus they must be smeared as a "mobocracy" to avoid the more difficult work of actually discussing with black people what they feel needs to change. The reason why his pastor friends are finding the line difficult to walk is that it is hypocritical. You cannot say that you stand against racism and refuse to listen to the number one organization fighting racism from the other side. To belittle them all to a mob mentality is asinine and again transparent. Were there elements at the protests heard around the world that were out of control mobs? Sure, but I never saw one report that they were BLM organized or funded. They were usually far right or far left groups there strictly to advance their agenda of radicalism. Black lives matter stand against injustice against black people. If there are parts of their agenda you disagree with, that is what constructive conversations are for. to find common ground. If your opening gambit however is to dismiss them altogether, while swearing your not a racist and asking your "black friends" to prop you up is not very convincing.

'"So, what would you say to your white friends who stand with you against racism and injustice but will not bow down to the BLM movement?

"Thanks for your input and your solidarity as we stand united in Jesus."

As of this writing, we received almost 800 comments, so I could barely begin to share some of the excellent feedback. And comments like this one (which merited deletion) were extremely rare: "I would say you are a racist and good riddance. You are no longer a valid participant in my life. It's quite apparent you are ignorant beyond belief and it is not my job to educate you. FYI you saying you stand with me and not back BLM says you don't really stand for me at all. #canceled" So much for reaching out!' -- Dr. Michael Brown

Using Jesus to cover up racism is very unseemly. When we stand before Christ we will not be able to lie so easily. The truly sad thing is like I said, I doubt in his heart that Brown is racist. He just has aligned himself politically with those who stand against progress on racial issues. His politics have become his idol and it is showing here. Just look at the comment he admits gleefully to deleting! Brown does sound ignorant on these matters! It is not the job of the masses to educate someone who is so learned to begin with! Granted the respondent could have been politer and not called Brown a racist but his summary is absolutely correct. Do not tell me you stand with me while you are dismissing the number one organization supporting my rights.

'But overwhelmingly, the comments were very useful, leading to helpful, interracial discussion. Many expressed appreciation that I took the time to hear the hearts of those who are hurting. When white Christians deny the ongoing issues of racism in America, that only adds to the pain. Others were glad that my colleagues and I had not bowed down to radical political ideologies. At the same time, they urged, "Let your statement that black lives matter be louder than your opposition to the Black Lives Matter movement." Still others pointed to our unity in Jesus and our need to work together for the betterment of our country, urging us to Christian deeds of compassion. Samuel said, "Simply speak out against injustice. Preachers who preach the bible properly and understand social issues should already be doing this."' -- Dr. Michael Brown

Brown just cannot help himself. God always reveals the heart and the truth. Suddenly, this exercise is clearly about Dr. Brown. The respondents expressed appreciation that you would take the time to actually listen to them? Seriously? People who follow you on Twitter, who agree with your politics, and call in regularly to your radio show were appreciative that you bothered to listen to them -- well as long as they were not being to radical of course. Those "merited deletion." What adds more to the collective pain of racism in America is when white people go out of their way to swear allegiance and fidelity while refusing to actually listen to the other side. The notion that Dr. Michael Brown, Trump apologist extraordinaire, would label someone else as having a radical political ideology is positively hysterical. You cannot claim to be speaking against injustice if you refuse to hear those that are speaking the loudest. Again, Brown's scheme here is crystallizing. In order to maintain his position as NAR gatekeeper he is forced to denounce BLM. In order to do this and still sound vaguely Christian, he solicited favorable opinions of his strategy to dismiss BLM out of hand as being extremist or mobocracy.

'Shaniqua noted that, "We should always handle sin issues with Jesus as the cure, because he is the only cure." And Derrick offered this plea: "Stop worrying about BLM group. Most of us don't support the liberal component. ... but right now ... right now ... the MAJOR issue is racial injustice & police brutality ... stop looking around and focus on the main issue please. Black folk are TIRED ... of trying to explain the frustration of seeing OVER 400 years of abuse ... please brothers & sisters in Christ ... listen and don't be easily offended as scripture says ... and help people that are around you. Speak up when off color remarks are made. We will get through this with Jesus help ... the time now ... calls for listening, mourning & understanding of the black experience in America ... not focusing on groups who don't hold biblical views anyway."' -- Dr. Michael Brown

While Jesus is always the cure, we are not dealing with a religious group but rather a secular one. This is ploy number one from Christians who do not want to face their own hatred. Just deflect back to Jesus and throw your hands up in the air. The problem with that is you can realize Jesus is the only way to change a heart and still believe you can enact positive change in society that doesn't see black people being murdered by those sworn to protect them. The more egregious response is the second one listed here. I am sure Dr. Brown was salivating over it because they dismissed BLM as quickly as he did by labeling them "liberal" and a group that does not focus on biblical views. Is that what it has come to in the apostate church in America? Brown's radio program does not hold to biblical values either. He routinely defends the most horrific false teachers on the planet. Note however that Derrick's opinion is nearly an identical match as Dr. Brown. To close, Brown cherry picks another respondent that suits his narrative. The respondent, Terrence, is all over the map but here are some highlights:

"This just give us a glimpse of the some of the feedback, which, I encourage you to read for yourself. But I'll end with a lengthy comment from Terrence, who captured a lot of the key ideas. He wrote: "#1. When 99% of the black people I know say BLM, we're NOT talking about some organization formed a few years ago in response to one killing; which seems to be the consensus thought of many white people. "Talk to 100 black people and realize that BLM is the idea that law enforcement cannot unjustly murder a black person and get away with it. It's the STATEMENT that we feel needs to be told to every law enforcement officer that applies the law and their authority unfairly to black people. THEY need to hear it even if you don't." So, when some of us hear the words "Black Lives Matter," we immediately think of the radical leftist organization. According to Terrence, that is not the case with the vast majority of American blacks.

Yeah. no. Without apologies to Terrence, BLM is more than police brutality issues. It is insulting what Brown tries to do here, via this fan of his. So according to Terrence, it is only white people that think of the "far left" organization when we hear BLM but blacks? They don't? They only think about unjust murder? Really. They do not think about how in African American voting districts last week in Georgia the average wait time to vote was six hours while there was no wait in predominantly white neighborhoods? They don't care about the funding of law enforcement? They do not care about their kids getting a fair shot at education? Please. stop embarrassing yourself Dr. Brown. Terrence would continue:

"#2. We've heard the analogies. Cancer awareness supporters don't need to hear 'all diseases matter' and save the whales groups don't need to hear 'all sea life matters' ..." "We know it was 100% legal from 1619-1964 to legal discriminate against people of color in every way possible. That was accepted in society. Though some laws have changed NOT ALL HEARTS HAVE. The spirit of racism is still in every industry in this country and lawsuits and statistics and social media prove it. So don't rebut with 'all lives matter' when we're focusing on the lives effected by the residuals of 350 yrs of legalized systemic racism." Again, when some of us hear the words "black lives matter," we say, "But don't all lives matter? And what about blacks killing blacks? Or what about black babies being aborted? What about those lives?" The analogies Terrence offers are useful, with the bottom line being this: for centuries, black Americans felt that their lives did not matter to white Americans. We must shout out, "Yes, your lives do matter to us! Black lives do matter."

And rather than dispute some of the specifics of this comment, take in the overall point that is being made.

No Dr. Brown, the truth is within the smaller points being made because I hear them all the time from people on social media. I have heard the ridiculous argument about black on black crime being made by people who never mentioned it before. Suddenly white people everywhere are so concerned about black on black violence or the crime rate in Chicago? No, they just want to change the subject. I actually had someone recently state that it was a fact that police shot more white people than black people last year. They literally felt like they had made a salient point that about 100 more white people were in fact killed than black people in 2019. Neve mind that there are 240 million white people (72%) in the population and only 40 million black Americans (13%). Shouting out that their lives matter is simply not enough. Systemic change must happen. Terrance concludes:

"#3. If you eat bad & don't work out for 20 yrs then decide to get in shape it won't happen overnight. It'll take time. America has eaten bad for 350 yrs then decided to get some areas healthy. Race is one area. We see signs of things getting better but there's still work to do. STOP acting like racism magically went away with the civil rights movement. Doesn't help." So, even if many laws have changed and steps have been taken to bring about positive change, hearts do not change overnight -- or even over the course of decades. Changing hearts is what matters the most.

Finally, Terrence wrote, "As Christians, start programs for these kids in disadvantaged neighborhoods many of whom have parents who have been generationally victims of the biased systems in this country. BE CHRISTIANS. See the need, meet the need in minority areas. REMEMBER white men who weren't racist STILL got economic advantages for generations when black men couldn't so that privilege existed and their families generationally benefited even if they weren't racist themselves. Now use your heart, time, funds to help those who were victims (instead of beneficiaries)...

Terrence's point is not to lay a guilt trip on someone who has not been guilty of sin. Instead, he is saying, "Hey, if your life has been blessed and prosperous, and if you have good Christian foundations, reach out to others in need and be a blessing to them."

That sounds like the gospel to me." -- Dr. Michael Brown

No. It sounds like minimizing the problem to me. Look, of course it would be great for Christians as well as others to just be a blessing. It is however purposefully vague. Just change hearts! It may take another 350 years but as long as you are saying the right things you can pretend you are not part of the problem. God don't like ugly. All who fear Him and do what is right are acceptable to God. Only the depraved heart of man can hate as we have seen in this world. Christians need to leave the politics of this world behind and only be caught fearing the Lord and doing what is right.

Reverend Anthony Wade -- June 15, 2020

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Credentialed Minister of the Gospel for the Assemblies of God. Owner and founder of 828 ministries. Vice President for Goodwill Industries. Always remember that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him and are called according to His purpose.