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September 17, 2020

Debunking NAR Dominionist Christo-Political Propaganda

By Anthony Wade

Charisma News is starting to put out the election propaganda already...


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He has told you, O man, what is good; and what does the Lord require of you but to do justice, and to love kindness, and to walk humbly with your God? - Micah 6:8 (ESV)

As we head deeper into the election season to political forces that manipulate the church will again step up their efforts to ensure that the church votes their way. It is important that we are not duped into thinking that a carnal vote is a Christian enterprise. When Jesus walked the earth He was entirely apolitical much to the disappointment of His disciples. They wanted Him to deliver Israel from the oppression of Rome. The Pharisaical forces of today sell the notion that the church needs to be delivered from the radical, socialist commies on the left. Jesus however came to earth to deliver us all from the oppression of sin, a far greater cause. It always amazes me how much time, angst and effort churchgoers spend in worry over this world, which is passing away and always at the expense of the cause of the Gospel. Jesus will not be asking you about your voting record. Think how utterly moronic that thought is. We get to heaven and Jesus says, "well, I would like to let you in but"c'mon, Clinton in 96?" If only the church would care as much about the Gospel as they do about worshipping this country. Then again, we know that NAR dominionism will be final idol of the church age. The link above is from Charisma News this week and while they try so hard to sound righteous, they lie and misrepresent the truth throughout. Let us reason once more beloved.

"In a little over two months, voters could decide whether we throw away America. iVoterGuide President Debbie Wuthnow asks, "Will America continue standing on the principles of freedom outlined by our Founding Fathers, or will we instead throw it all away and replace it with something else?" "Our vote this November is more critical than ever," Wuthnow says. "That's because the forces opposing America have been unleashed. The choice is ours." It boils down to three choices:

1. Keep religious freedom or let government dictate church practices.

The first target of the "cancel culture" is religious freedom. Faith is dangerous to the radical agenda, and so it must be eliminated. Leaders like California's Gov. Gavin Newsom banned indoor worship for territory covering 80% of that state's residents. Legal defense organizations are inundated with cases where churches and individual Christians have been severely restricted across the nation. Governments have allowed churches and religious figures to be torn down or threatened. The Choice Is Clear." - Charisma News

This hyperbole is always indicative of the script of the NAR. In 2012 the world was ending unless the church voted for the Mormon candidate, embarrassing the cause of Christ yet again. In 2016 the apocalypse was promised unless the church came out to vote for the least Christian candidate in the history of this country. Not only did they oblige but they turned him into the second coming of Elijah. Donald Trump is now deified by the NAR dominionist crowd and there are multiple books out already demanding the Christian vote for him again or else Mom, kitty cats and apple pie will be eviscerated by the evil forces that represent anyone who disagrees. One of the truly sad effects of this idol worship is the need to lie, which is not lost on the unsaved. The representation of the Governor of California here is simply inaccurate. The state prohibited ANY gatherings, of which churches were certainly part of it. Instead of obeying Romans 13, the church revolted against the government, misread the constitution and petulantly stamped their feet until they simply decided to ignore the orders.

It is pitiful hat we have to keep reiterating this but this issue is about public health, which is entirely the purview of the Governor of the state. We have 200,000 dead Americans. They had families. They had friends. They had futures. They mattered to God. It is only because the purpose driven church has so warped the minds of churched people that the notion of not having our little hour and half on Sunday is suddenly akin to the persecution of the underground church in China. The NAR has instilled a victim mentality and an aggrieved spirit in churchianity. We are the snowflakes who cry whenever we do not get our way. The church is not a building. While public worship is desired it is not required. I learned so much more and was closer to God when I was in a good small weekly bible study. Since COVID I have had virtual prayer meetings and fellowships. You have to be blind or willfully ignorant to not see the plethora of church stories around the country of people getting sick and dying because they went to church. A pastor in Maine was told by the CDC that his church might be the site for a super spreader event and he holds service anyway declaring it all a hoax. A pastor in Virginia did the same and was dead within a month. Lawsuits filed by NAR legal entities, Christians up in arms, and all for what? An hour and a half on Sundays. As if that little sliver was the church. Therein lies the problem. The purpose driven church has convinced churched folks that the hour and a half IS church. So they spend the rest of the week as carnal creatures and then come back for their spiritual fill up on Sundays. Some pastors have been honest enough to openly worry that if they stay at home much longer people will forget about church. When you make their entire Christiana identity an hour and a half on Sundays, this is what you get beloved.

"2. Will America vote for candidates who see faith as "nonessential," or will we vote for candidates who will renew America's historic affinity for faith in God? Keep American heritage or tear down and rewrite American history as evil. In June, protests over racial tension turned a corner far beyond race. Peaceful protesters were replaced by radicals taking over blocks of cities, and tearing down statues and monuments of heroes--from Founding Fathers to first responders--even abolitionists like former African American slave and statesman, Frederick Douglass. Leaders of these movements proclaim themselves to be "trained Marxists" and are honored by many candidates for office this election. Radicals claim that America is, at its core, an evil nation, and always has been--that America is not a great nation with flaws, but instead that America is built on a foundation of evil, ignoring the good. The American flag is a target of derision for famous athletes and others. The Choice Is Clear." - Charisma News

The egotistic purpose driven church simply cannot get over itself. The church Jesus Christ designed was supposed to act and walk in humility, redeeming the time towards those on the outside of salvation looking in. As the key verse states we are supposed to do justice, love kindness and walk humbly with God. That says LOVE kindness. I've known loan sharks in my life more forgiving than the NAR church. This apostate church system has no grace to extend to those who the bible describes as seeing the things of God as utter foolishness. Why wouldn't such people view the church as nonessential? Why are we reacting so poorly? As for the rest of this political rant, why is it appearing in a Christian article? Is it now Christian to support statues of Jefferson Davis? Do you have to believe in Robert E. Lee in the town square right next to the manger scene? Do you honestly think Jesus Christ cares about this nonsense? What Gospel are you reading? Or do you think Christ cares that you are calling what is evil good? Of course this country is evil, human beings run it! This is a very common mistake. Before we were saved we all though we were pretty good. Maybe some flaws but overall not too shabby. Then we got saved and realized that next to Christ we were far more than flawed. We were sinners through and through. Maybe we should start looking at our favorite idol, this country, through the lens God looks through. Maybe what we did to the Native Americans or the slaves were more than flaws. Maybe allowing the impoverishing of a nation to benefit the few is more than a flaw. Maybe those flaws are really sins. In church we call sins mistakes and when it comes to our idol, we call them flaws. Either way they require repentance because either way they are evil.

"3. Will America vote for weak candidates sympathetic with the radical agenda, seeking to totally change our society and system of government, or will we vote for candidates who will counter these mistaken views, correct the errors and uphold America's basic principles? Keep the rule of law or defund the police. As Democratic-run cities across the country vote to defund their police departments, "progressive" politicians make very weak disagreements in order to appease their base. Violent crime is skyrocketing in areas where police have been put at a disadvantage. And in many cities, police are retiring early due to lack of support by elected officials. "Christian voters realize that citizens must always be aware of the potential for abuse by government, including law enforcement," says Wuthnow. "But we are also aware that 'no authority exists except from God' (Rom. 13:1) and that the police are 'a minister of God to you for good'" (v.4). The Choice Is Clear.- Charisma News

'Will America vote for politicians who accept social chaos and disorder, or will America vote for politicians who will restore and maintain social order, knowing that where there is no social order, there is anarchy and, eventually tyranny? It is imperative that Christian and conservative voters this coming November understand what kind of a future the political candidates favor:

--Big-government tyranny or freedom?

--Religious freedom or state-mandated thought control?

--The rule of law or mob rule leading to tyranny?

If Christian voters understand where candidates stand on the issues, they will:

Vote biblically and responsibly.

Turn out to vote in greater numbers.

Information can lead to better leaders!

"America's basic principles are on the ballot this November," says Wuthnow. "The choice is ours." A critical question iVoterGuide helps voters answer is, "What have those who have been entrusted with power as an elected official done with that authority in the time they have possessed it?"' - Charisma News

This final point is bare naked politics. It literally is the platform for Donald Trump. It is what he is running on and just like when he says it, it is nothing but a lie. I do not wish to get dragged down the political rabbit hole however. I just want to make two observations for our consideration.

1. Will America vote for politicians who will restore and maintain social order, knowing that where there is no social order, there is anarchy and, eventually tyranny?

This sentence is written as if the person it supports is the challenger, not the incumbent. I want you to seriously think logically just for a moment. If one has to restore social order than it is disorder right now. The conditions that Donald Trump rails against so fiercely, he created. Everyone knows he accomplished this be pitting people against each other. You are either blue or red. Liberal or conservative. Pro-mask or anti-mask. It is ridiculous. I actually saw him make the case yesterday that if we didn't count the states with democratic governors than our COVID deaths number would be lower. The saddest thing is that he pits Christians against the unsaved. This is what makes it all a plot from hell. Only the devil could figure out how to make Christians despise the very people they are supposed to love and deliver the Gospel to.

2. "Christian voters realize that citizens must always be aware of the potential for abuse by government, including law enforcement," says Wuthnow. "But we are also aware that 'no authority exists except from God' (Rom. 13:1) and that the police are 'a minister of God to you for good'" (v.4). The Choice Is Clear.

Yes it is clear that you are a raging hypocrite. The gall it takes to use Romans 13 after ignoring it at every turn in this crisis is just staggering. It just highlights how the NAR abuses scripture. The word of God means what God intended it to mean. Not what we can leverage it for at any given second. For months now the NAR has cried that Romans 13 does not apply to their refusal to obey their local governments regarding masks and public gatherings. Then they close their voting argument by reaffirming Romans 13 to brush away concerns about police brutality? It doesn't work that way. Bottom line here is there are political forces at work as always during election season. They target the church to do their bidding. The very best argument anyone can make is the lesser of two evils argument and then you must ask yourself if God will be impressed with your defense of evil, no matter how lesser you feel it may be.

There are however two sides beloved. There are those that have come into the glorious light of Jesus Christ and those that need the Gospel. Those lines are drawn by repentance from sin, not according to carnal governmental platforms. Vote this November or do not. It does not matter. God will still be on the throne come November 4, 2020. Vote Republican or vote Democratic, it matters not for the cause of the kingdom. Stop worshipping carnal politics. Stop letting people use you. Just stop.

Reverend Anthony Wade - September 17, 2020

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Credentialed Minister of the Gospel for the Assemblies of God. Owner and founder of 828 ministries. Vice President for Goodwill Industries. Always remember that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him and are called according to His purpose.