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December 15, 2020

Dr. Michael Brown - Furthering the Church's Victim Mentality

By Anthony Wade

Enough of the false narrative that big tech has conspired against conservatives...


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"One who is faithful in a very little is also faithful in much, and one who is dishonest in a very little is also dishonest in much. - Luke 16:10 (ESV)

Why the Kingdom Must Rise Up Against Social Media Giants' Domination -- Charisma News

The Gulag was the government agency in charge of the network of Soviet forced labor camps that reached their height of depravity during the reign of Joseph Stalin. It is estimated that as many as 1.7 million people died while enslaved in this system. Stalin used the system to crack down on perceived political enemies during his campaign of terror. Prisoners worked themselves to death while barely being fed, as little as 140 grams of bread per day. Women received no special treatment, were constant victims of rape and if they became pregnant, they would have to spilt their ration of food with the child. In short, the Gulag system was one of the darkest, vilest, most evil times during the long evil history of man. Yet to Michael Brown, it is somehow comparable to what Christians must endure in this country from the tech giants. I kid you not. Let us reason once more through the above linked article.

"It is true that Google is not imprisoning dissenters in a vast network of prison camps, similar to what Alexander Solzhenitsyn described in The Gulag Archipelago. But there is a good reason that retired New York University professor Michael Rectenwald titled his 2019 book Google Archipelago: The Digital Gulag and the Simulation of Freedom. The reach and power of the social media giants is frightening. It is with little exaggeration that the owners of Google (which includes YouTube) and Facebook and Twitter are called "the masters of the universe." Their domination must be challenged--while it can be." - Dr. Michael Brown

Yes, there is a reason why Rectenwald used such ridiculous language - that is his modus operandi. He is an outspoken right-wing operative criticizing any semblance of the social justice movement or woke culture. He even created a "non-PC" Twitter handle to throw bombs at his perceived enemies so starting your article by quoting him? Yeah, not going to help your cause Dr. Brown. What this is however is the ongoing effort to make the church feel victimized. Now do not get me wrong. In Communist China the church is victimized, and you could go to jail for a very long time for simply holding a Christian church service. In the Islamic Middle East the church is most definitely victimized as one could face beheading for refusing to renounce Jesus Christ as God. The United States however does no such victimizing. It is not persecution to be refused to set up a nativity set in the town square or to have your Wal-Mart greeter say Happy Holidays instead of Merry Christmas. It is certainly not comparable to being sent to a Soviet prison camp. We must discern beloved this obvious scheme of the enemy. To convince the church to hate the very people they are supposed to love and bring the Gospel to.

"The recent elections have provided stark and shocking proof of the power of these internet giants, dwarfing any concerns about voter fraud. The influence that Big Tech had over the elections was far greater, illustrated in the censoring of the Hunter Biden story, with the help of the mainstream media. According to one survey, had more Americans known about the alleged scandal, some would not have voted for Joe Biden. That alone would have tipped the scales in Trump's favor. Added to this (again, with the enthusiastic help of the mainstream media) was the failure to report on Trump's many positive accomplishments. According to this same survey, had more voters been aware of the good Trump had done, some would have changed their vote.

What Big Tech has done, though, is absolutely brazen. "You will report our version of the news," they are basically saying, "or you will not report at all." And for the most part, when we search for news online, we don't even realize we are being manipulated. Google will show us what it wants us to know, not just the most relevant information. We are being programmed and indoctrinated, and we haven't a clue that it's happening. Is not this like the reach of the Gulag? Is not this more similar to totalitarianism than to our supposedly free and open country? Just think. Big Tech (specifically Twitter) shut down the account of The New York Post, one of the nation's leading and oldest newspapers. That's right. They shut down the newspaper's account for daring to report on the Hunter Biden laptop. How can this be?" - Dr. Michael Brown

Let's clear the air right now. The Hunter Biden laptop story was FICTION. What is worse is that it was purposeful misinformation designed to affect a presidential election. The purveyors of this filth knew very well it was a false story but they do not care because the grift is not in convincing people it is true but it is just to poison the well. To get enough people wondering if it might be true. To bleed off votes where you can. Except never lose sight of the fact that it is nonsense. You expect us to believe that Hunter Biden owned a laptop where he kept all of his incriminating evidence about various misdeeds including misdeeds of his father. Then this laptop goes down so he brings it to a repair shop and leaves it? Then he magically forgets about it? Then it somehow lands in the grubby paws of Rudy Giuliani? Why not just have Bigfoot deliver it to Rudy? That would have been just as plausible. As for the NY Post, which Brown extolls here, they were the only rag not concerned about their reputation when they ran this story. No other reputable organization would have. The Post, regardless of its age, is now owned by the Rupert Murdoch family. Yes the same one that owns Fox News. Getting the picture?

This is an important point to not miss. When the Post ran the story it is true that Twitter temporarily shut down the Twitter account of the Post. It is not because they dared to report something but rather because they were lying. Twitter correctly saw the disinformation and refused to allow it on their platform. Brown and his political forces however want to turn this into an issue of censoring the right wing when all it really was about is not allowing blatant falsehoods to be promoted through their business. Brown does not even realize that he proves this point by citing a survey where people admit they might not have voted for Joe Biden had they know about this false story. That is entirely the point! What is more pathetic however is that Brown actually thinks that this one false flag story alone could have wiped out the seven million vote advantage Biden won by. No Doc, it would not have.

"But it gets worse. Big Tech (again, Twitter) has taken on the president of the United States, censoring (or, at least filtering or commenting on) his own tweets. Let that sink in for a minute.

If Big Tech is not afraid to take on the most powerful man on the planet--and one of the most fearless and even vindictive as well--what makes you think it will not try to take us on as well, not to mention shut us down? And now YouTube has announced that it will remove all videos that dispute the results of the elections, even while legal challenges are still being processed in the courts. In the same way, YouTube has removed videos with different takes on COVID-19, even if those videos come from experts in their field. "Thou shalt not dissent!" is the word for the hour." - Dr. Michael Brown

No Dr. Brown - thou shall not lie! When 95% of the scientific world says that masks prevent the spread of COVID or that hydroxychloroquine is not beneficial as a treatment the fact that you can find the fringe 5% to say otherwise does not change reality. When the entire world knows that Joe Biden won the election you do not get to lie and pretend that it is somehow still dubious. The legal challenges are now an embarrassment as he has lost nearly every challenge and has not gained one single vote. He is being ruled against not only by GOP judges but by judges he appointed himself! As for the Twitter and the president, why is Brown surprised that big tech would take on the most prolific liar in presidential history? Once again, examine the scheme of the enemy here. The world believes in shades of grey, where truth becomes a malleable property. Christians however believe in absolute truth. We are not victims here unless we assert belief in a sliding scale of truth.

"The purge is on, full steam ahead. To this moment, every post that my team puts on Facebook that has anything to do with the elections, however remotely, appears with a link to the election results, courtesy of Big Tech. To this moment, virtually every video we post on YouTube, regardless of content, gets flagged immediately, forcing us to request a manual review. And even though the vast majority of the videos are approved for monetization, why are they flagged in the first place? Based on what? Other colleagues of mine have not fared so well, having their entire library of videos removed from Vimeo (they dared question the "gays are born that way and cannot change" narrative). Others have had their Facebook pages shut down for posting verses from the Bible that spoke against homosexual practice or, within the last two weeks, for exposing Facebook's anti-conservative methodology. Gulag-like, indeed." - Dr. Michael Brown

Hahaha, take a moment to digest the hilarity of his first comment here. Brown is actually complaining that when he posts something about the election Facebook attaches a link to the actual results of the election! Why would the truth bother Dr. Brown? Because most of what he posts and writes these days are centered within this disinformation cartel. Sure he couches everything to try and sound reasonable but at the end of the day Brown has a political agenda. His insistence here to push the Gulag narrative reveals that. This has nothing to do with an anti- conservative bias. It is about creating a snowflake brand of Christianity, constantly feeling victimized for not being allowed to lie.

"What, then, is the solution? First, Congress needs to continue to hold the feet of Big Tech leaders to the fire, exposing unequal practices that violate their terms as platforms (rather than publishers). And where there are monopolies that need to be broken up, so be it. (I'm not a legal expert; others will have to parse these details.) Second, we need to continue to develop viable, alternative platforms and search engines. This is happening already, but it will take some time to catch up to the massive numbers of Big Tech. Third, rather than simply fleeing the platforms that are seeking to shut us down, we need to flood those platforms with good, godly, truthful content.

Get the word out. Push the envelope. Challenge the system. I have often pointed to the words of the courageous German Christian leader Basilea Schlink, penned in the aftermath of the destruction of World War II. She wrote, "We are personally to blame. We all have to admit that if we, the entire Christian community, had stood up as one man and if, after the burning of the synagogues (on Krystallnacht, Nov. 9, 1938), we had gone out on the streets and voiced our disapproval, rung the church bells, and somehow boycotted the actions of the S.S., the Devil's vassals would probably not have been at such liberty to pursue their evil schemes" (see her book Israel, My Chosen People)." - Dr. Michael Brown

So let's deal with Brown's solutions. First of all, Congress has tried to hold the feet of big tech to the fire, repeatedly. The most recent attempt was about a month ago and it was embarrassing for the country to watch Congresspeople, who know nothing about tech, lecture people who created the entire tech infrastructure in this country. Befuddled they were at why conservatives were being fact checked 2 to 1 to liberals. The answer is not in some secret plan from big tech. the answer is in not lying at a 2 to 1 clip. Secondly, Brown suggests developing alternate platforms but he must not realize that this is being down already. Desperately looking for a safe space to lie, conservatives left Facebook in droves after the election to something known as Parler. There they were allowed to continue to post lie after lie about the election and any other shady topic that resides in their deceitful hearts. The third suggestion flies on the face of the actual problem. If they flooded the platforms with truth then they would not get fact checked.

'This is a message to take to heart, a message to move us to action. Let us, then, do the equivalent of going out on the streets and voicing our disapproval and ringing the church bells. (And again, I recognize that Big Tech is not imprisoning us or, in this example, behaving like violent Nazis. It is our response I am focusing on.) Let us post gospel truth on every social media outlet we have. Let us stand up for righteousness and get our message out. And let us oppose censorship when it raises its ugly head. We can have different takes on COVID. We can have different views on election fraud. We can love or hate Trump or Biden. That is not the issue. The issue is one of freedom. Google and its cohorts will only become more Gulag-like if we let them.

We cannot, and we must not. Let us shout together, "Freedom!"' - Dr. Michael Brown

No Dr. Brown, I will not let you continue to get away with the swerve you enjoy so much. This article directly compares big tech trying to reign in disinformation with what Stalin did with the Gulag or the Nazis did prior to WWII. That is what you have focused on. That is the victimization you are peddling. It is the same you always peddle. Let's be very clear here doctor. You cannot have multiple opinions about matters of fact. If your view is that wearing masks is a conspiracy designed by Dr Fauci and Bill Gates to secretly undermine freedom, then you are wrong. Period. You are not merely expressing a different opinion. If you think that it is good to go for herd immunity absent a vaccine then you are wrong, period. Your absurdity does not deserve the same platform as the truth. Likewise, if you believe there was widespread election fraud that changed the results of this past election you are wrong, period. You do not get to peddle your lies about watermarked ballots, reverse landslides, or irrelevant and phony affidavits. You are right, loving or hating your preferred candidate is not the issue. LYING about them is. Jesus taught about this in the key verse. Beloved, the things Brown is being disingenuous about are so trivial compared to the Gospel. If we are to be so dishonest with so little, why would the world not view us as dishonest with matters of so much more import?

Reverend Anthony Wade - December 15, 2020

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Credentialed Minister of the Gospel for the Assemblies of God. Owner and founder of 828 ministries. Vice President for Goodwill Industries. Always remember that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him and are called according to His purpose.