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April 26, 2021

April Means Sugar-Coated Candy Unicorns for Everyone!

By Anthony Wade

The latest ridiculous prophesy from Charisma News...


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"I did not send the prophets, yet they ran; I did not speak to them, yet they prophesied. But if they had stood in my council, then they would have proclaimed my words to my people, and they would have turned them from their evil way, and from the evil of their deeds. - Jeremiah 23:21-22 (ESV)

Prophecy: You Are Embarking Upon a New Season of Blessing and Favor -- Charisma News

What is past is prologue. The events of the bible are written down so we might learn. That we might discern. That we would grow into the measure of the fullness of Christ. In the days of Jeremiah, as in the days today, there were rampant false prophets filling the land. Sometimes we write so often about them today that people can become complacent regarding a subject the Lord seems to take very seriously. We fail to see the damage wrought by lying on behalf of the Lord. The bible refers to their victims as having their faith shipwrecked. Have you met people who will never return to the organized church because of being lied to? Have you met people who still blame God? Even if they do not openly admit it, do their lives state otherwise? Have you met people who have been robbed by charlatans and hucksters who came in the name of the Lord? I have seen them all and more times than I prefer to recall. One time, I watched a good brother go up for healing on his degenerative hip when an itinerant "prophet" visited a local church. After dancing on the altar to prove he was healed I saw him limping around a few weeks later and asked what happened to his healing. Turns out he was never healed. If his faith was not strong in Christ it could have easily been shipwrecked that night.

What is past is prologue. God did not send these false prophets, yet they ran. They ran to tell people just what their itching ears wanted to hear. That their lives would soon overflow with earthly and carnal blessings. That life would be nothing but abundance, plenty and of course unicorns! Can't have a good false prophecy without unicorns! God did not speak to them, yet they prophesied anyway. That means they are lying about hearing from God. It does not matter if they are even aware of it themselves because they should be. If they had actually stood in the council of God, their message would have been one of the proclamation of the word of God. Their proclamation of the word of God would have assisted in turning people from their evil ways and their evil deeds. These are serious matters to God and should be to us as well. Prophesy is what sayeth the Lord. It was never meant to be this modern-day clairvoyance and prognostication of everything positive in your life. The link above is to an alleged prophetic word. It is so candy coated and sugar filled that I am surprised it did not come with a diabetic warning. It appears however on Charisma News, which we might know to be as false a Christian website as there is, but so many rely upon for what they believe is Christian truth. Let us reason together once more through this false prophecy and remember that Ben Lim is a senior pastor somewhere!

"April is an unusual time and season of miracles. It is a time of crossing over and of passing over. Every angel and spirit of death will pass by. It will not touch you! Every hellacious attack of the enemy will not only pass you by, but you will pass over into the land of promise, the land of milk and honey. Glory is your portion. Miracles are your portion. The plunder of your enemies is your portion. And the month of April is a prophetic invitation and opening for these exact occurrences to be expedited and to take place in your life." - Ben Lim

Not sure why Lim is releasing this word about April on the 26th day of the month but that allows us to look at this month so far. Has this been a season of miracles for you? Was it last year in April as COVID took a hold of all of our lives? It is true that this is the season where Passover falls even if it did start in March this year. Lim takes the foundational event of the Passover and kidnaps it for your benefit. Now we are to believe that the sacred Passover actually means all attacks of the enemy will pass us by and thus we ourselves will pass over into our own land of milk and honey! How utterly absurd and biblically insulting. If you ever wanted to see a microcosm of a false prophecy it is these words from Lim:

Glory is your portion. Miracles are your portion. The plunder of your enemies is your portion.

Really. The last time I checked, the Lord is our portion. It is because of this that we do not seek the earthly plunder of our enemies. It is because the Lord is our portion that we do not lose faith in the absence of the miraculous. The only glory we seek is that of the Lord.

'"This month shall be the beginning of months to you. It shall be the first month of the year to you. ..." (see Ex. 12:2-11). April is a month of new beginnings. New doors are opening up for you. New doors of favor are flinging wide for you. New hope and life are coming over you. You are embarking upon a new season of blessing and favor. "Behold, I am doing a new thing; now it springs forth, do you not perceive it? I will make a way in the wilderness and rivers in the desert" (Isa. 43:19, ESV). April consists of two Hebrew months: Nisan and Iyar. Nisan is the first month of spring where flowers begin to bud, bloom and blossom; it is when promises begin to be fulfilled and the joyful hope of harvest fills the hearts of God's people. There is great joy as the people of God exit Egypt and begin to worship Him amidst supernatural provision. New things are being built and God is reconstructing His temple of glory and holiness within you. God will fill His house anew with a new glory. God is doing a new thing and you shall spring ahead and forward like never before. Nothing shall stop the promotion and the elevation of the Lord.' - Ben Lim

Exodus 12 outlines facts for the nation of Israel, not the church. Either way, look at what goodies and unicorns are waiting for us just behind the doors that need to be flung open! New doors of favor! New hope and life! New seasons of blessing and favor! He then co-opts the new thing God did in the days of Isaiah. Now I understand why people would want to hear this word. Who does not want new life, favor and blessing? Remember however that this is presented as a word for everyone! According to Ben Lim, this is a new season for everyone! Everyone gets the favor and blessing! He is not a preacher. He is Oprah - you get a blessing and you get a blessing and so on. Is there no one who will be in a month of testing? A month of pain? A month of loss? While I agree that nothing will stop the promotion and elevation of the Lord this word is the promotion and elevation of man. This is a carnal word, for a carnal church. Now, I expect nothing less from Lim, who boasts in his biography as being ordained by Benny the Huckster Hinn.

"God is raining His mercies of miracles upon His people. The dead will be raised and the keys to death and Hades will be handed over to you in Jesus' name. "I am the Living One; I was dead, and now look, I am alive for ever and ever! And I hold the keys of death and Hades" (Rev. 1:18).

and quickly exiled out of Egypt, so will this happen with you. Even as the strictly guarded tomb was blasted wide open and the stone rolled away, so shall this take place with you. All bouts of shame, sin, slander and attack will be rolled far away from you, without effort, and you shall rise forth with the power of the purity of the Passover Lamb. God is about to set you apart from Egypt, the days of yesterday and the old year and life of sin and death. He will distinguish you, and the favor of being God's chosen children will be evident and will be well known and heard all across the lands. God is setting you apart for more. Passover and the Feast of Unleavened Bread just concluded. This is a portrait of a time of soul searching, a time of cleaning out--of your heart and home--all of the old and dead leaven of the last season. Leaven can stand for the teachings of the world and for the sinful residues of Egypt." - Ben Lim

The false prophet mishmashes and cobbles biblical concepts together without regard for what the truly mean or represent. We have seen this already as Lim has spoken largely in terms of Passover but completely misapplying it to believers today. Now he takes the keys to death and hades out of the hands of Jesus and givers them to you! These keys are referenced in Revelation and are critical in our faith as they represent the power of Christ over death and the grave. They are the reason we can have enteral life. We however, did not defeat the grave. He is the resurrection and the life. All we have is through Him and because of Him. Similar to many false teachings today, Lim is trying to have us usurp God. It is the same sin as Lucifer and Eve. Wanting to be God. All of this pursuit of favor overlooks how much favor God has already showed us. Why is Calvary not enough? Why is the forgiveness of our sins not enough? When did the Gospel become insufficient? He has already distinguished us! He has already favored us! He has already blessed us! The apostate church is constantly seeking a blessing from God. The body of Christ is constantly thanking God for the blessings they have already received.

"April is the time for spring cleaning. God is sweeping His house clean and a move of the Holy Spirit is about to take place in your life. God is preparing you for Pentecost power and for the harvest of nations. God will set you apart as you cleanse yourself of the world's leaven, and as you partake of the Passover Lamb. God is about to sweep clean the residue of all the filth identified with you and your reputation and marred onto your inheritance. April is a time where new things are birthed and where commerce and economy boost and boom again. Get ready for your baskets to overflow with harvest. God will renew your strength as you spring forward in the power of Christ's perfect resurrection." - Ben Lim

So after prophesying all the earthly residue our wickedly deceitful hearts could imagine you claim God is going to sweep that all away and then fill my baskets to overflow again? That does not even make logical sense let alone biblical sense. Beloved do not be fooled by such carnality. This entire "prophecy" played to the flesh with a sprinkle of confused righteousness at the end. Every scripture reference was abused, misapplied and poorly understood. It is however your typical apostate church prophesy. It had all of the call signs and bells and whistle. Except shifting, there was no shifting in the atmosphere. Perhaps Mr. Lim needs to update his Charismaniacal thesaurus. Either way, stay far away from greedy profit-lies. Be thankful for all God has already done and remember that Christ is the blessing, not the blessing dispenser.

Reverend Anthony Wade - April 26, 2021

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Credentialed Minister of the Gospel for the Assemblies of God. Owner and founder of 828 ministries. Vice President for Goodwill Industries. Always remember that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him and are called according to His purpose.