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December 22, 2021

Teamster Angels to Deliver You Trucks Filled with Blessings, Seriously, Stop Laughing

By Anthony Wade

Get ready for the most ridiculous prophecy since the sneaky squid spirit!


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O Jacob, how can you say the Lord does not see your troubles? O Israel, how can you say God ignores your rights? - Isaiah 40:27 (NLT)

Prophecy: Teamster Angels Are Delivering Your Harvest Charisma News

It is embarrassing to even have to point out the utter stupidity and ridiculousness of modern-day prophecy within our apostate church system. Just consider that it is this same prophetic industrial complex that brought us something as moronic as sneaky squid spirits and angels of abundant harvest. Beloved I want us to consider how essentially blasphemous this all is and the damage it wreaks on people every single day. Prophecy is very simple. It is God speaking to man to tell His people something He wants them to know. Prior to having the bible, the people did not have God's word readily at their hands. The relied upon the accuracy of those assigned by God to carry His word forth. This word primarily was one of correction. It was one of dire warning because the people of God were so often outside of His will. They routinely worshipped false gods, a clear violation of God's very first commandment. Was there the possibility of blessing? Or course because that is the nature of the God we serve but only as it was tied to obedience.

What has changed under the new covenant? Not much when it comes to prophecy. Man bringing God's word to His people is still the thrust of prophecy. The difference is that God has already revealed His entire will within scripture. The notion that God included 95% and He is now using charlatans like Jennifer LeClaire or James Goll to bring the missing 5% is asinine on its face. Especially when their words are so absurd. Did God forget to tell us that there might be sneaky squid spirits stalking us? Of course not. Did He forget to tell us that there were magical angels of abundant harvest ready to bring us all sorts of wealth and goodies? And that He for some reason has given control of these angels to someone as wicked as Jennifer LeClaire? Please. So, when someone claiming to be bringing a word directly from God is declaring that there are "teamster angels" ready to pick up where the abundant harvest angels left off, I am compelled to once again sound the warning. I would hope this would be low hanging fruit but realize this silly word was published on Charisma News website. Now to discerning Christians Charisma is known for being a heretical cesspool but there are millions of people who for some reason cannot see it. They end up believing words like this which are designed to enrich the prophet and shipwreck the faith of those who believe it. That is because they now believe that God Himself has promised them this "harvest." When it does not come, many will blame God for something He never said. Maybe you find yourself today discerning enough to see through this scam but remember the countless people who stand before Christ in Matthew 7 declaring "Lord Lord." So, let us reason once more together through the above linked false prophecy.

"Beloved, are you ready for teamster angels to bring you loads of harvest from heaven? If so, you're going to love what the Lord has to say about this today. Holy Spirit has been speaking to me about teamster angels and the release of your harvestand He is saying that the set time is now. Recently, I received a large harvest on a seed of obedience I sowed starting 16 years ago. It wasn't a cash harvest, but it was large and valuable all the same. This harvest was something I didn't expectsomething I won't even be able to access for another 25-30+ years. However, it was a huge encouragement to meand it came on the very day I had been praying for just such a financial blessing. When this happened, the Lord started speaking to me in a prophetic storm. Here are a few of the things He showed me:" - Jamie Rohrbaugh

Am I ready for what? Beloved, if you believe that God told her this then you need to seriously consider where you are being taught. This is the textbook definitions of scratching itching ears. Everyone wants to hear that God has oodles of goodies for us stored up somewhere and we are just so darn special that He has created a new breed of angel to deliver them unto us. Just the greedy nature of this alone should turn off most believers. This is not a cash harvest but it was large and valuable all the same? Rohrbaugh is using the old false prophet's playbook in claiming direct experience of the prophecy, so that people are less inclined to question her. Then she tries to sound all mystical by declaring God spoke to her in the midst of a prophetic storm. Once again, it is embarrassing to have to point out that there is obviously no such thing as a prophetic storm. Nonetheless, let's see what she is claiming God told her:

'1. The Lord is bringing His people a harvest on seeds of obedience they sowed 10, 15 or 20 years ago. The Spirit of God said: "Your service to the Master has not been overlooked. The seeds you have sownseeds of every kind: obedience, honor, love and offerings made unto the Lordhave not fallen on fallow ground. All along as you have obeyed Me; you have wondered when or if you would reap a harvest. Well, My beloved, you shall soon see. There is always seed, time, then harvest in My Kingdom. And although you have been sowing and waiting all these years, I want to assure you that harvest time is innately connected to My pattern of seed, time and harvest. Harvest time cannot be separated from the act of sowing. Examine yourself, for you have been thinking in many cases that harvesting is arbitrary. Without realizing it, you have developed a mindset that a harvest is a surprise, for you have been thinking that I may bless and honor some seedswhile forgetting other seeds. The opposite is true; I assure you. I cannot forget a seed. I cannot forget any act of obedience you have made to Me. Your seeds of obedience, even when you didn't realize that's what they were, are a continual, fragrant incense in My nostrils. I look at your life, and I am proud of you, My child; and I remember every moment of your obedience at all times. Never forget that I am a faithful God, and My faithfulness reaches from everlasting to everlasting on your behalf. I will show up when you least expect it; I am your God of breakthrough! Look for harvests on your seed!"' - Jamie Rohrbaugh

I cannot forget a seed? Ugh. Notice the tenor of the alleged prophecy. Where Jesus said repent for the kingdom of God is at hand, Jamie Rohrbaugh claims God is saying the He looks at our lives and is proud of us. That He has decades worth of blessings piled up for us for all of our grand obedience and do not miss the "offerings" noted because this is essentially a prophe-lie about money. Unfortunately, that is what the embedded code-speak has become. When today's prophet speaks about seeds, harvests, and breakthrough, they are in fact speaking about money. This all furthers the false notion of a quid-pro-quo god that acts as a blessing dispenser when we insert our coins. Only the false god that Rohrbaugh is selling is apparently forgetful. So 20 years ago I sowed an offering at church and now I can expect the harvest?

2. The warehouses of heaven have been openedand the Lord showed me "load-bearing teamster angels" bringing huge, heavy harvests to His people. The warehouses of heaven have been storing places for your harvest while those blessings grew and grew. The Lord has not been punishing you with His waiting; He has been allowing your harvest to mature. Just the same way an investment in the stock market takes time to mature and bear fruit, your investments in the harvest plans of heaven have taken time to mature and come to fruition. Now, however, the harvest is very heavy. Your harvest is looking like the fruit on a fruit treefruit that has matured and sugared to the perfect consistency and flavor. The fruit is heavy and bowing the branches down. The Lord showed me in the Spirit that the warehouses of heaven must be emptied at this time, for they are made of gold. Gold is an extremely malleable substance that stretches easilybut the warehouses are so filled with heavy fruit for youfruit that has matured and ripenedthat even the gold has reached its breaking point. - Jamie Rohrbaugh

So God is constrained by the systems He designs? He has blessings for us but for some reason they have to mature over a period of ten to twenty years? The storehouses of heaven are now made of gold but that gold is now at a breaking point because of how heavy my mature blessings are? Well hallelujah, send em my way! Of course, couldn't God just strengthen the gold or use a substance that would not bend or break? Why not make the storehouses of diamonds? I mean, this is God we are talking about, right? So, are we following the absurdity of this prophecy? Sometimes in the distant past, we did something obedient, loving, or we gave some cash to our church in an offering. Something that apparently, we expected to be paid back for. God wanted to give us our bounty for this "seed" but it was not ripe yet. So He stored it in warehouses made of Gold until it was so ripe and heavy that the structural integrity of the gold itself was in jeopardy. Because of this He is now ready to deliver to us these ripe, gold-breaking blessings and who better to deliver them than teamsters!

"3. Every angel in heaven has a job. Teamster angels are assigned to carry heavy loads. The word "teamster," 150 years ago, referred to the person who would drive a horse-drawn wagon filled with provision, mail, people or supplies. Now, we have "teamsters" who drive semi-trucks (or 18-wheelers)the modern equivalent of the horse-drawn supply wagon from days gone by. The load-bearing "teamster angels" have been commissioned and released to bring your deliveries and harvests to you. Just like a Clydesdale horse is bigger and stronger than a regular horseand thus built to pull heavy freightteamster angels are made and fashioned with the capacity to carry extremely heavy loads. They have been sent from heaven to deliver the fruit of your labor. Look now for your harvest." - Jamie Rohrbaugh

Who knew that the angels of heaven were unionized? As if this false prophecy were not sugar coated enough, Rohrbaugh now gives the illustration that our blessings can only be delivered in semi-trucks pulled by huge horses. Just imagine the size of the blessings God is going to be delivering to you! Except He will not be doing so because Jamie Rohrbaugh is lying to you. There was no prophetic storm. God did not speak to her and show her this in the spirit realm. That leaves only two choices. One, she is lying. As many false prophets do today, they traffic in lies to make money. When Jennifer LeClaire prophesied about the abundant angels of harvest, it came with an accompanying book. The sneaky squid spirit was free of charge. The second possibility is that Jamie Rohrbaugh entertains demons and cannot tell.

"4. It is fitting for God's people to all receive their harvest together. These are big harvests that are interconnected, and they are coming to the people of God all at the same time. Also, once the first one arrives, you will find it connected to more and more. The blessings are connected like train carseach separate and individual but coming at you with speed." - Jamie Rohrbaugh

Tripling down on the grandiosity of the prophecy, now we can not only revel in the size of the blessings but the speed too! Oh, and all of the outstanding blessings are coming at the same time! Your blessing tomorrow will be connected to another and another and another! I can't tell you how many times we saw this in the life of Jeremiah. Oh wait I can, zero. Isaiah? Zero. Ezekiel? You guessed it, zero.

'5. Many of us in the body of Christ have worried and questioned the status of our harvests. We have said, in the words of Isaiah 40:27: "Why do you say, O Jacob, and assert, O Israel: 'My way is hidden from the Lord, and my justice escapes the notice of my God'?" But the Lord says, "I am watching over you like a hawk." He continued by saying: "Not one day of your life is forgotten in My sight. Not one seed you have sown has been passed over. Not one claim you have on Me is void, for I am with you and remember you. I have been with you the whole time. I have made your circumstances work for you behind the scenes even when you didn't know about it. I am watching over you with My keen vision and swift answers. However, you have to understand that the way I define "swift" is different than how you define it. It is time for you to come up to My level of thinking. Realize that I am simultaneously looking at eternity past and eternity futureand the time it takes Me to work behind the scenes in your life, although you get impatient, is less than a blink of an eye. Truly, before you call, I answer. Ask Me to give you My understanding of time. This will lessen your frustration, for I am eager to help you understand both time and timing. And I want you to know that you are not forgotten. Indeed, I hear every prayer and record every act of obedience in My book, and in the books of your life. Do not fear, My beloved; I am watching over you like a hawk. Not one moment have you been overlooked or forgotten about in My sight. I am with you to protect and keep you." - Jamie Rohrbaugh

This is what happens when you use the bible for your own wicked ends instead of trying to understand what God is saying. The key verse today, comes from a section of Isaiah where he is addressing the exiles in Babylon. Captured an enslaved in Babylon for 70 years, many of the remnant questioned if God even saw their sufferings. So, the comparison Jamie Rohrbaugh is making is thinking God has forsaken you in slavery for 70 years to God has forgotten to give you a cookie because you once gave 10% above your tithe. It is an unseemly comparison but even on top of that Rohrbaugh gets it all wrong. Is Isaiah assuring the captives that God is sending a semi-truck pulled by Clydesdales to pay them back for those seventy years? No. Isaiah is rebuking them for their lack of faith in who God is. That is what Jamie is talking about as well. We are supposed to believe that we responded to years of no answer to our obedience/offerings with a lack of faith in God and He thus has responded by a sending us a semi-truck filled with blessings? You cannot make up how bad a train wreck this false prophecy is.

"6. I saw three houses being delivered. I literally saw three houses on trucks, being delivered to the people of God. I asked the Lord what this means, and this is what He told me: "It's a pun; a play on words with double meaning. I am delivering your house. I am delivering the church house, and I am delivering another house." I believe the Lord has more to say about this portion of the word, but it is for each person to privately ask Him about. I do feel that this word is a specific confirmation of a dream Holy Spirit recently gave you in the night seasonafter which you woke up with specific counsel from the Lord in your heart and spirit. Ask Him for more about this, and let Him speak to your spirit. Beloved, your years of waiting for your harvest are over. At any time, you could have derailed your harvest by disobedience in even one instant, but you did not. You have been faithful, and, though you have suffered long, at this time you will experience what the Lord predicted for us in Psalm 126: When the Lord restored the captives of Zion, we were like those who dream. Then our mouth was filled with laughter, and our tongue with singing. Then they said among the nations, "The Lord has done great things for them." The Lord has done great things for us; we are glad. Restore our captives, O Lord, as the streams in the Negev. Those who sow in tears shall reap in joy. He who goes forth and weeps, bearing precious seed to sow, shall come home again with rejoicing, bringing his grain sheaves with him.

The set time has come. Hallelujah!" - Jamie Rohrbaugh

Thankfully we come to the end. In closing, Rohrbaugh claims that the blessing owed to you by God could have been derailed with disobedience? So, everyone who this prophecy was meant for has been obedient to God for decades? Does anyone buy that? Were we never unloving? Did we always treat others as we want to be treated? Have we not missed one offering plate? C'mon. we have to discern better than this. Jamie Rohrbaugh just vomited the inner desires of her wicked heart and claimed it came from God. We worship God because of who He is, not because of what we can get. We worship Him for what He has already done on Calvary. Not because we hope to receive a tractor-trailer filled heavy blessings; oh and three houses. This tripe is an embarrassment to Christianity and should be deemed offensive. Jamie Rohrbaugh should be marked and avoided.

Reverend Anthony Wade - December 22, 2021

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Credentialed Minister of the Gospel for the Assemblies of God. Owner and founder of 828 ministries. Vice President for Goodwill Industries. Always remember that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him and are called according to His purpose.