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August 4, 2022

Competing Idiotic Prophecies - The Unbound Church and Dancing with Jesus

By Anthony Wade

A look at two prophecies released this week on Charisma News...


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You are my friends if you do what I command. I no longer call you servants, because a servant does not know his master's business. Instead, I have called you friends, for everything that I learned from my Father I have made known to you. - John 15:14-15 (ESV)

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Just scrolling through a day's worth of typical Charismaniacal stories will generate multiple absurd prophecies from the False Prophecy Industrial Complex. They vary in what passes for substance and sheer lunacy. One year, false prophet David Taylor said God told him the Denver Broncos were going to beat the Seattle Seahawks in the Super Bowl. A perceived sharp move because Denver had Peyton Manning and were initially favored by around seven points, plus it was a fifty-fifty proposition. Easy to look good until the Seahawks defeated Denver 43-8, oops. Other prophetic encounters are often described in such carnality that it is too obvious that the person is either lying or being actively deceived by demons. Kim Walker-Smith always gives a testimony of a waking visitation from Jesus who whisks her away to the throne room where she meets the Father face to face, which is biblically impossible, lest she die. She describes herself acting like a giddy schoolgirl around our Lord and Savior and even dances for the father. Ugh. I came across two different false prophecies today, both linked above. Let us reason once more together"

"It's a new day. Lines are being drawn. Goliath stands before us. David's army is ready to confront the evils of our day. Saul's army is just trying to comply. Which army will you be a part of? Both are Christian, but one is victorious and advancing, and the other is powerless. One can shout but has no clout, while the other has a shout and has power to destroy the enemy. It's the day of the Lord's army. The prophetic army. God is raising up new ways to ministry that are not bound down by religion and church protocols." - Keith Ferrante

Ahh, nothing like starting a false prophetic word by displaying how little grasp you have of scripture. You are not David. Do you know who is? Jesus Christ! David is what is known as a type of Christ. As shepherd, warrior and king. Heck, Ferrante cannot even get the story straight. David did not march upon Goliath with an army. He faced him with a smooth stone and a faith in who God was. There is no prophetic army. We see early on Ferrante's true goal is to not be bound by "religion or church protocols." Except who made our church protocols? God did! They are spelled out in the bible for a reason! This is the same unbiblical teaching that Bethel traffics in. The reason why Bethel and Ferrante advocate for this teaching is that it provides a counterattack when someone points out that they are false. Those with discernment must have a "religious spirit."

"He is helping the prophetic people of God to break free of old models that are not relevant. The prophets and the prophetic people of God are the ones that are responsible to continue to step into the new day. They are forerunners who help show the rest of the body of Christ what is available." - Keith Ferrante

Said no bible verse anywhere. Prophecy is a gift given to the church for its edification. Not so wannabe prophets can show the church "what is available." What is amazing and frightening is that this man who fancies himself a prophet feels that the bible is somehow not relevant anymore. The "old models" of church protocols are found in the bible!

"They are like Joshua and Caleb who went into the promised land and can see the new land to be taken. They see the enemy as grasshoppers and themselves as giants. This is the army of the Lord. When you have the Spirit of the Lord in you and not the religious or political spirit, you have a powerful overcoming Spirit that says we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us. There are new modes of battle strategy that are emerging that are here to help the people of God become relevant again. How long will we try to hype up the current traditional expression of church that is upon us? You need to find the new wineskin and pour some new wine into it. We are people of wisdom, so we take the old wine, and the new, and don't lose either. But so many of us are loyal to the old traditional system of church that meets on Sunday, and we are trying to put all our eggs in that basket. There are so many people that will never go to that form of gathering. So, we must create new ways of impacting. Online, in businesses, in homes, on the streets. This is nothing new, but I feel such a fire in me to see us step into this. I am seeing such fruit in the people of God that are embracing the new that God is doing. Will you be a part of the new? Or will you just keep protecting the old regime that is fear and loyalty based." - Keith Ferrante

While he may feel it fits his narrative, scripture does not say that Joshua and Caleb saw themselves as giants and the enemy as grasshoppers. This is a not so subtle twisting. The other spies saw themselves as grasshoppers because there were giants in the land. This may seem like a fair assumption, but it really undermines God because Caleb and Joshua are not celebrated because they saw themselves as giants. They are celebrated because they relied in faith upon what God had told them. That was the key issue. Intended or otherwise, Ferrante robbed God of His glory by making mere mortal men the hero of the story. The verse about doing all things is actually about being content regardless of what our conditions are like in this world. The arrogance is simply staggering. As if God needed Keith Ferrante's help to make His people relevant. He also has no clue what church is supposed to be for. He has clearly been trained in Warrenology that flips the church upside down and markets it to the lost instead of providing growth for the sheep. So, it is not about "doing a new thing." It is about respecting the thing that God outlined for you. As for fear, we are to work out our salvation with fear and trembling. Ferrante concludes:

"Listen to my powerful and provoking new podcast to hear and see what this new breed of prophets and the prophetic army looks like, and to join the Emerging Prophets Certification program that is just starting. It will train you to be a part of this new army. Please visit" - Keith Ferrante

Ahh, and so we come to the grift. This has never been about doing a new thing as much as it is a way to get paid doing an old thing - fleecing the flock. Did you notice that he essentially invited everyone to be a prophet even though the bible is clear that not all can prophesy? At a price tag just under five thousand dollars he will train your cat to be a prophet! That's right beloved. A visit to his website reveals a $5,000 cost for the Prophet Certification. That's not an old thing Keith. You are just another in a long line of hucksters, which the bible forewarned us about. You are now marked as such.

The second story is from Jared Laskey, who quotes a prophetess I had not yet heard of, named Ashley Gronholm. Laskey states that the Lord is using her in healing, miracles, signs and wonders. She shared with Jared how God gave her profound prophetic insight of what is coming to the world, despite the darkness we read about in the headlines every day. Gronholm said:

"One time I had a dream and I saw Jesus. I heard His voice and He said, 'Come!' I've learned that hearing the voice of God is like tuning a radio. The more time you spend in the Word, the more time you spend in prayer, you are tuning in like a radio to hear God's voice. God gives discernment and wisdom for our situations in life. And He loves to show His friends what is to come. During a deep time of prayer and worship with the Holy Spirit." - Ashley Gronholm

You can see the sloppy agape training she has received. This "buddy Christ" heresy is rampant at churches within the NAR such as Bethel. It stems from not understanding John 15:15, which is Jesus saying that He now calls his disciples friends. What they always ignore is the previous verse where he clearly states that if we are His friend then we will do as He commands. People like Ashley Gronholm use our carnal definition of friendship and apply it to God. In doing so, she trivializes and humanizes it and God. Let me be clear beloved. If your relationship with God is not one of Lord and servant, then you are not in relationship with God. He is not our buddy. He is our Master, which is why we ought to want to do as He commands. The more we read His word the better we understand Him and what He wants. By doing so, we grow in Christ and closer to God but that does not mean it is like tuning a radio. Gronholm uses language like this so that she can justify the voices in her head and wickedly deceitful heart as "hearing from God."

"This last year in January, the Lord gave me the most spectacular vision I've ever had in life. He showed me dancing in a golden ballroom with Him, with a beautiful jeweled gown. When He would spin me around in the room the flame would come from the hem of my dress. It was all the glory of Jesus and we were just having the most incredible time together. In another moment, Jesus and I were on a chariot of fire and we were circling the globe. We were circling the globe and I began to see pockets of fire all over the world. It wasn't destruction. I heard Him say, 'That's My glory coming over Africa, over India, over Pakistan, over the United States.' God's glory was about to fall. Then I saw many angels shooting arrows of fire down into the earth igniting revivals. The revivals were a response to prayer. Then I saw golden bridges connecting nations and continents. We were riding over those bridges on a white horse." - Ashley Gronholm

I give her credit for at least saying this was just a vision unlike others such as Walker-Smith who swear they receive waking visitations. The problem of course is the lunacy of this vision. Jesus is not your dancing partner. He is not your date to the Grand Ball. He is not going to travel with you around the world in a chariot of fire. We once again see the humanizing of God when Gronholm admits that her and the creator of the entire universe were just having the most incredible time! Hashtag - Jesus is my BFF! The sloppy agape crowd is going to be very disappointed when they find out what end time fire really means. Just read the bible! This nonsense is not coming to pass! This world will pass away, and the nations will be judged! You will not be riding over golden bridges on white horses with the Son of God! When the bible speaks about scratching itching ears this is what it is referring to! Dancing with Jesus in bejeweled gowns and angels shooting fire arrows of revival. Time is running out for this world and this kind of idiotic distraction will only consign more people to hell.

"Gronholm has now been able to minister to over 118 nations through media, spreading revival fire and the glory of the Lord. And she has launched a free ministry training center you can hear about. Listen to my conversation with Ashley on Adventures in the Spirit with Jared Laskey and receive activation in hearing God and prophesying." - Jared Laskey

No Jared. She has spread her false prophecies and teachings to 118 nations and you have helped her. I would be very worried about that if I were you. There is no such thing as "activation" for prophets or prophesying. There is only the word of God and those who violate it like Ashley Gronholm. Maybe she has the best of intentions but we do not have the time to parse that out. She needs to marked and avoided as well.

Reverend Anthony Wade - August 4, 2022

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Credentialed Minister of the Gospel for the Assemblies of God. Owner and founder of 828 ministries. Vice President for Goodwill Industries. Always remember that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him and are called according to His purpose.