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December 23, 2022

The Devil and Pastor Smith Goes to Washington - Turning Preachers Into Legislators

By Anthony Wade

NAR dominionist history and bible twisting at its finest...


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For I am not ashamed of the gospel, for it is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes, to the Jew first and also to the Greek. - Romans 1:16 (ESV)

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Regarding matters of discernment for NAR dominionism, we must remain vigilant in the face of a terminal metastasizing of this doctrinal cancer within churchdom today. Even local churches that started with the good intentions of recognizing our veterans often slide into political morass when it comes time for Election Day. It is a shame that so many Christians remain gullible to the way they are played by carnal forces in this world. Besides the lies they sell the church about their lives today; they must also convince them that this country was once an evangelical Shangri-La, led by the Founding Fathers who were secretly direct ancestors of TD Jakes and Bill Johnson. Slowly, the fairy tale goes, the evil democrats conspired to ruin this Christian paradise because they are all demonic and now must be purged from the town square. Except they are not of course. They are no more or less evil or righteous than their Republican counterparts. Except every year they are held up as who to blame for everything from our lot in life to societal collapse. The above linked article from Charisma News is from David Lane, who is a politician disguised as a Christian. The title infers that he knows something pastors must do in order for America to even survive! Let us reason once more as this sounds like it will not end well. Due to the unnecessary length of the article, some portions may be skipped.

"First and foremost, we'd have to realize that the war in American politics is not between Democrats and Republicans. It explicitly concerns two distinct religions vying for control of resources and ideological supremacy in the culture and public square." - David Lane

This is quite silly and transparent. Lane needs to paint this disagreement in religious terms because he knows that religion should not be involved at all. The reality of course is there are plenty of Republicans who are openly agnostic or even other religions than Christianity. More obviously, the folks on the other side of the debate rarely drag their religion into their politics except to refute people like David Lane. Those who are Christian on the Democratic side think that treating refugees humanely is biblical. They think the government helping people is also biblical. Those who are not Christian on the democratic side generally do not bring religion to bear on matters in the public square, for right or wrong. The point being is that David Lane is vastly overstating things here to try and gin up the Christian warrior element. Politics only becomes a war when buffoons storm the Capitol to kill cops, defecate in the well of the Senate and then pray to Jesus as if He helped them accomplish these things. The truth is that politics is supposed to be about compromise. For the greater good. The notion of ideological supremacy is strictly from kooks like Lane.

"Before debarking the Mayflower in 1620, the Pilgrims created America's first governing document, the Mayflower Compact. They defined the ultimate goal of their mission as having been "undertaken for the glory of God and advancements of the Christian faith." Christianity was next established in the early 17th century all across the 13 Original States Charters and Constitutions in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Connecticut, New York, South Carolina, Georgia, North Carolina, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey and Maryland. Subsequently, over the following 150 years, biblical Christianity laid down the essential foundation of American culture by means of electing like-minded believers to public office, leading to the creation and passage of righteous and reverent legislation, thereby codifying into law consecrated values and consolidating the moral principles of government." - David Lane

David Lane might be kooky, but he is not completely stupid. He knows full well that the American Revolution had NOTHING to do with religion. He knows that taxation without representation was about economics, not faith. So instead of dealing with those inconsistencies with his argument, he prefers to go back 150 years earlier to the Pilgrims, a decidedly more religious bunch of folks. Now, the Mayflower Compact was not America's first governing document because there would not be an "America" for another 150 years. All of the Founding Fathers had not even been born yet. While we must concede that harsh life in the colonies was certainly more religious than we see today they were hardly to driving political force. His premise of like-minded believers in office is not only flawed but it is absurd. George Washington said as much against religion as he said for it. He did seem to grow fonder of it as his death was approaching but do we forget that he was a Third Degree Master Mason? Go check Masonic faith and compare it to Christianity and then come back and try to argue that Washington was a forerunner of evangelic Christianity. Moral principles of government? We were still neck deep in the slave trade at that point! Leaders used the bible to defend it!

'America certainly wasn't perfect then, but with the emphasis on godliness, righteousness became the public manifestation of the nation's religion. A perfect example of this comes in the form of the Northwest Ordinance drafted by Thomas Jefferson in 1787, which prioritized the teaching of religion and morality as the basis for the admission of future states. As it says in Article 3 of the Ordinance: "Religion, morality and knowledge, being necessary to good government and the happiness of mankind, schools and the means of education shall forever be encouraged." This demonstrates how it was understood in the late 18th century where the focus should be in a nation founded for the "glory of God and advancement of the Christian faith."' - David Lane

What Lane does here is despicable and clever. He just asserts that the nation's religion was what we observe today. His example of support however was Thomas Jefferson. Did Thomas Jefferson believe in Christianity? Absolutely not. He rewrote the bible removing all references to the deity of Christ and His miracles! Jefferson did not believe that Jesus Christ is God. Google the Jefferson Bible if you think I am crazy. Lane is practicing a little sleight of hand here with the Northwest Ordinance. This document was not a religious one. The one line he quotes is simply for the encouragement of education. Remember the proponent is Jefferson so he was not proposing actual Christianity but rather this moralistic twist that he had created. By the way, Washington and James Monroe both opposed the ordinance. The last quote here is not from the 18th century. It is actually from the Mayflower Compact, which again has nothing to do with America, it's founding, or governance.

"Given the exemplary model provided by American Christendom throughout the 17th and 18th centuries, the current disconnect between contemporary Christians and civic responsibility is difficult to understand. In a republic, civic engagement determines who reigns supreme in the public square. Speechifying is not a denomination of political currency; mobilizing is.

Contemporary Christendom has squandered the Judeo-Christian heritage and biblically-based culture established by the American founders." - David Lane

Listen beloved. One can believe that America is the best form of government in the history of mankind and still not lie about the dark side that isn't all puppies and rainbows. The 17th and 18th century saw vicious slavery, a civil war over that slavery, sweatshops that worked children 20 hours a day as the Industrial Revolution took the country by storm. It overlooks America as the great imperial giant, taking over countries and pillaging their natural resources. Look, we also helped end two world wars and did countless good in many other areas but to pretend these two centuries were just Leave it to Beaver run on a loop is to be disingenuous. The disconnect Lane decries has nothing to do with civic responsibility. It is that the church has determined that only one political party has righteousness and the other is demonic. Not my words! So, people of like faith who have a good discernment realize they are being lied to by politicians and bullied by churchianity. This isn't the 1770s and it isn't the 18th century. It is 2022 and we have enough to focus on today than to waste time reminiscing about the fake history David Lane wants to sell us. Neither political party belongs to God and Jesus would not vote nor care about voting if He were walking the earth. We know this by His completely apolitical life. This is not a war. No one is looking to reign supreme except the faux warriors like David Lane.

"This brings us to Jonathan Cahn's new book, "The Return of the Gods." Cahn says: "The gods of old now dwell among us. They inhabit our institutions, walk the halls of our governments, cast votes in our legislatures, guide our corporations, gaze out from our skyscrapers, perform on our stages and teach in our universities. They saturate our media, direct our news cycles, inspire our entertainments and give voices to our songs. They incite new movements and ideologies and convert others to their ends. They instruct our children and initiate them into their ways. They incite the multitudes. They drive otherwise rational people into irrationality and some into frenzies, just as they had done in ancient times. They demand our worship, our veneration, our submission, and our sacrifices." The battle waged seems to be in the realm of morality, spirituality, politics and culture. As Cahn notes, it is much deeper than just cultural. In its deepest essence, the conflict is spiritual, representing the unbridgeable divide between the debased profanity of the secular god Baal and the purity and inviolability of Jehovah God." - David Lane

I did not see the grift of selling Jonathan Con's new book coming. What is always so deliciously ironic is when God uses these hucksters to prove His own point. This diatribe Con writes can be easily said of the apostate church today. They inhabit our institutions. They walk the halls of government, cast votes in out legislatures, guide our corporations, gaze out from our skyscrapers, perform on our stages and teach in our universities. They saturate our media, direct our news cycles, inspire our entertainments and give voices to our songs. They incite new movements and ideologies and convert others to their ends. They instruct our children and initiate them into their ways. They incite the multitudes. They drive otherwise rational people into irrationality and some into frenzies, just as they had done in ancient times. They demand our worship, our veneration, our submission, and our sacrifices. That is exactly describing the apostate church system! The truly sad thing is that Con and Lane set up this false narrative without even realizing that they are not on the side of Jehovah God. Not even close. They are idolaters in every sense of the word.

"Rather than between Republican and Democrat, the conflict is between two distinct religions vying for control of the public square. Since they cannot coexist, one will ultimately collapse and go down as a consequence of the rise and elevation of the other. From a superficial point of view certain historical developments may seem irrelevant, such as the removal of prayer to Jehovah God from public education in Engel v. Vitale in 1962, the removal of the Bible in Abington School District v. Schempp in 1963 and the removal of the Ten Commandments from public schools, courthouses and government buildings in Stone v. Graham in 1980. In reality, what they did was spiritually depleting America's house, leaving it to be filled with "more wicked spirits," as Christ forewarned in Luke 11:24-26. The void created by the radical Warren Court's (1953-1964) crusade against Christianity resulted in the current dissolute inculcation of youth in the nation's classrooms, which would have been completely inconceivable a mere 50 years ago. It would seem that America's adolescents are being mustered and equipped through public education for war against God Jehovah and His son Jesus Christ." - David Lane

There is only one side couching this in terms of war. In terms of only one side surviving. Realize spiritually this is clearly the work of the devil. Only he wins in this situation where the lost become the enemy of the church. It is evil to its core. The notion that God was somehow removed from schools or courthouses is asinine. It reveals however, how impotent the false god they serve is. Do you honestly think for a second the creator of the entire universe cannot enter your kids' school? He cannot go into the courthouse? What kind of God do you serve? It is always so disheartening after a school shooting or other tragic event for people to muse, where was God? Are you kidding me? He was in every heroic act. He was in every first responder's courage. He was in every professional helping the survivors survive. Can you imagine if there would be any of us left if not for God? Please. The spiritual depletion is occurring across the churches of America today. That is where the problem is because they are focused on nonsense like this instead of preaching the gospel, which according to our key verses is the ONLY thing that has the power of God unto the salvation of man! The world is not to blame for the current spiritual malaise of our kids. The church is because of the spiritual malaise of the parents!

"Yet, thankfully, three of the 13 freshmen elected to the NC State House on Nov. 8 are pastors. Three pastors in Iowa were elected to the legislature on Election Day as well. If we are to make it through, every church in America should have a pastor, elder, deacon or congregant running for local office in 2023, 2024, 2025, 2026 and thereafter. Thankfully Gideon's and Rahab's are entering the public square. America's spiritual resurrection is just around the corner." - David Lane

Just stop for a moment and contemplate the sheer lunacy of this statement. A man pretending to care about the cause of Jesus Christ thinks the best thing if for all pastors and elders to abandon their role in church to run for secular office. This is the end game for dominionism because it seeks to fortify the world at the expense of the church. Gideons and Rahabs are not entering the public square David. Hucksters and charlatans are. The church and the GOP once thought that Dennis Hastert was the face of dominionist piety until they discovered he liked little boys a little too much. Heck, we cannot even expect purity from our pastors anymore. Top NAR lunatic Greg Locke divorced the wife of his children to marry the church secretary. Disqualified? Nah. Beloved the bible cannot be clearer. There is no end times revival promised but there is a great apostasy scheduled and we are seeing it unravel before our eyes. The worship of this nation is the last idol of the church age. David Lane is practically giddy about 13 pastors being elected into the 120-member house of North Carolina. That is a whopping 11 percent. Meanwhile there are 13 churches that are without a shepherd now. Maybe somehow those 13 people can sway the 120 to pass some groundbreaking legislation that will force North Carolina women to travel to Virginia for an abortion. All you had to trade for that was 13 pastors (so far). If they were true gospel preaching pastors than it cost North Carolina a lot more than thirty pieces of political silver. Just what the devil wants. Pastors off solving the problems of the carnal world while the gospel doesn't get preached.

That's the end game.

Reverend Anthony Wade - December 21, 2022

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Credentialed Minister of the Gospel for the Assemblies of God. Owner and founder of 828 ministries. Vice President for Goodwill Industries. Always remember that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him and are called according to His purpose.