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August 29, 2023

Angels for Hire Come and Partner with the Creator of the Entire Universe!

By Anthony Wade

Exploring a new lunatic from Atlanta Bethel who chats with angels everywhere...


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And no wonder, for even Satan disguises himself as an angel of light. So it is no surprise if his servants, also, disguise themselves as servants of righteousness. Their end will correspond to their deeds. - 2Corinthians 11:14-15 (ESV)

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Modern American Christendom is littered with false prophets and teachers in these end days. The enemy is stepping up his efforts to see as many people as possible on the broad path that leads to destruction. To that end, he finds an endless source of grifters seeking to make a dime by merchandising the gospel and the sheep of the Lord. Many carve out a specific niche, like the previously chronicled Sean Feucht who increased him ministry cash intake by 31,000% in one year. We find grifters playing up the fake healing angle since the days of TBN crusades. Grifters like Mario Murillo or Greg Locke cash in on the political side of the NAR dominionism. YouTube is becoming overrun by the fake deliverance posse and the demonology grift. The link above is to a grift that often might accompany a false prophet or teacher but rarely is used as a standalone con. This is the grift of angels. I remember a few years back, Jennifer LeClaire came out with a book about the angels of abundant harvest. Never heard of them? That's because they do not exist. That did not stop Jennifer from pretending that they did and selling the notion that she could control when to release them. She made her suckers wait until the book was released of course, nod nod wink wink. The above link is to someone I have not heard much about, Blake Healy and his claims of angel interaction are pathetically ridiculous and still somehow deceiving many. Let us reason once more together.

"Have you ever wondered about the presence of angels in your life? By an extraordinary gift God has given him, Blake Healy hasn't had that problem since he was a child. From a very young age, Healy has been able to see both angels and demons. The director of the Bethel Atlanta School of Supernatural Ministry, he's been labeled a seer in the Spirit. Healy has always realized the extraordinary gift God has given him and the opportunity to interact with them. As a youngster, he hardly ever seized the chance to do so." - Charisma News

Let's start with the obvious. The involvement of Bethel reveals all we need to know about the falseness of what we are about to hear. There is nothing true coming out of Bethel, let alone their affiliates. I would say Healey has been taught wrong, but his claim is that he has seen angels and demons regularly since childhood. The key verses remind us that the devil himself disguises himself as an angel of light, so it is of little surprise that his demons do as well. So, we have two choices. The first is that this is all part of an elaborate grift or the second is that Healy is so compromised himself that he cannot properly discern between the emissaries of God and the devil. Throughout this article, Charisma tries to make Healy sound as reasonable as possible describing something so unreasonable. This is beyond extra-biblical. The seer in the bible was basically a prophet who was shown visions by God instead of verbal instruction. The problem is that the final revealed will of God is already recorded in scripture. God did not forget to tell us something that He is using Blake Healy from Atlanta to now share. Even the seers of old do not record this nonchalant way of always seeing angels or demons. That is what Bethel specializes in - the normalization of the supernatural. They take a biblical fragment and blow it up while simultaneously acting like it is no big deal. They run a school of the supernatural in California and apparently in Atlanta as well. They act like they can teach the gifts of the spirit and that anyone can prophesy. Unbiblical nonsense!

'But as his role in the kingdom has flourished over the years, Healy says his interaction with angels has increased so that he can better serve those around him as one of God's messengers.

Because of his gift, Healy has been asked by many curious believers if we, as human beings, have the power to command angels. His answer is simple. "If there's a specific message for a ministry that I serve now, a church that I'm ministering at, if there is a direction for the church, that's where I'll run into that kind of conversation a little bit more," Healy tells Charisma News' John Matarazzo in a recent interview. "It's interesting because the conversation of commanding angels comes up pretty frequently now. "I've heard strong arguments on both sides that, one, you should absolutely not command angels," Healy says. "But others say that you absolutely should have the ability to command angels. My rule of thumb is one of the most beautiful facets of the gospel, and that is that Jesus is our only intermediary between us and the Father. So again, what is beautiful about the gospel is that we have actually been invited into a relationship with God without intermediary."' - Charisma News

More of the Bethel grift. Beloved, allow me to explain the relationship we have been invited into. Jesus is our Savior, because we needed saving from our wretched sinful selves. Jesus is our Lord because we are the created and He is the Creator. That is it. The invitation is to believe He is the Son of God who died on the cross in our place for the forgiveness of our sins. Bethel sells this cozy relationship type that confuses people into thinking Jesus is their boyfriend, wing man, confidant or partner. If that is your relationship, then it is not the real Jesus. Remember the bible says we can follow a false Christ and Bethel specializes in that as well. They have recreated Jesus in their own image. They created a subservient Jesus who just loves them to pieces and is constantly ceding His authority, glory and wisdom to them. Part of that now appears to be angels. These beings which are biblical, answer to God! It is sadly comical that he muses how the conversation about commanding angels is coming up more. Why wouldn't it! He is selling that!

'As a seer, Healy says he believes angels "respect the reality" that they don't exist as an intermediary between human beings and God, but that they exist as servants of God who are partnering with God for His purposes. "I do hesitate to do anything that would put an angel between me and the Lord to feel like I have to do a certain thing," he adds. "But one thing I do see constantly is when people are doing the things that God has designed them to do, angels are constantly partnering with them. "It can be things of traditional ministry like leading worship or preaching or praying for talks or things of that nature," Healy says. "But it's also in all the other godly things that we are called to in our life that we don't always think of angels in this way. Many of us are called to be in the world and to bring God's kingdom to those that we think of as non-ministry areas. Even though the whole world belongs to God and doing anything good in the world is an expression of God's kingdom. So, I see angels partnering with that."' - Charisma News

Dear Lord, Bethel's theology is so pervasively bad they cannot see their own stupidity. Angels do not "partner with God." Just like we do not partner with God. Healy tries to sound so sane talking about his insanity. He is so special that he would not dare to do anything that would put an angel between him and God? Are you serious? How serious is your theological dementia if you believe this craziness. He then furthers the Bethel "bring heaven to earth" talking point/heresy, Healy now pretends that angels are partnering with us to bring God's kingdom to "non ministry areas," also known as the NAR seven mountains mandate. He of course sees angels partnering with this. How absurdly convenient that his "gift" of seeing angels always seems to confirm his heresy. Mercifully, this madness concludes:

"In essence, if you, as a believer, are partnering with God to do what He has called you to do, then having angels at your side to help you with your kingdom tasks is one of the benefits that come along with the partnership. "If I'm partnering with the purposes of God in my life, He is undoubtedly prepared and has sent angels to partner with those purposes," Healy says. "So, rather than being concerned about 'Should I tell an angel to do that?' I think it's more of an aspect of, 'Should I be doing that? Should I be stepping out in authority in this particular area?'" Healy says we must continue to look for opportunities to partner with angels, and with their help, God will send those opportunities to bring us heavenly help to do His will." - Charisma News

Except you are not partnering with God. You should be obedient to God. Jesus once lamented why bother calling Him Lord if you are not going to do as He says. This extended theology of Bethel is the age-old sin of Lucifer. If you think you are so special as to partner with the Creator of the entire universe, then it is no wonder you think you can also command angels! The purpose driven heresy also makes an appearance here. The purposes in our lives are to be obedient to God, stay humble, and take care of the neediest in society. Your purpose is not to serve in the Parking Lot Ministry at the local mega-church. The real damage is that when you so casually turn angelic beings into our lackeys who are always hanging around looking for work, then you diminish the supernatural. You humanize what God intends for supernatural. I once had an experience where myself and two other brothers from my old church thought we may have been ministered to by angels one night when closing the church building. It remains a distinct possibility and the uniqueness of that night remains palpable. Do you know why? Because it is the only time since I was saved that I had such an experience. It is not cheapened by this "it happens all the time" nonsense.

Blake Healy does not see angels at all. How can we be so sure? Because he is in charge of a bogus supernatural school under the administration of Bethel Church. There is no way God would be "partnering" with a rabid heretic to convince you to also partner with Him. He is the Creator. We are the created. That is the relationship beloved. If He is not Lord than you are not His. Do not fall for angel grifts and cons. Mark and avoid.

Reverend Anthony Wade - August 29, 2023

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Credentialed Minister of the Gospel for the Assemblies of God. Owner and founder of 828 ministries. Vice President for Goodwill Industries. Always remember that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him and are called according to His purpose.