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September 15, 2023

Snowflake NAR Victimizes the Church About MSNBC Mocking Christian Hypocrisy

By Anthony Wade

Blatant example of the NAR victimizing the church to cover up a horrific poll of churched folks...


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Dear friends, I warn you as "temporary residents and foreigners" to keep away from worldly desires that wage war against your very souls. Be careful to live properly among your unbelieving neighbors. Then even if they accuse you of doing wrong, they will see your honorable behavior, and they will give honor to God when he judges the world. - 1Peter 2:11-12 (NLT)

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One of the greatest tools Satan is using in these end days is the have the apostate church teach victimization to those claiming to be followers of Christ. In China you have hold Christian church underground for fear of decades in prison. In the Middle East you have to face beheading for refusal to denounce Christ. We have a word for this - persecution. The apostate church leaders and dominionists are trying to convince mega-church goers on this country that they are under similar attack. That being asked to bake a cake if you are a baker is persecution. That not being allowed to lead kids in post-football game prayers is persecution. That not being allowed to force people who do not share our faith, to behave like they do, is somehow, persecution. It is very intentional to create an aggrieved, victimized church so you can sell them on a political party that can save them from all of that. Saved from being forced to sign marriage licenses if your job is, you know, signing marriage licenses. Saved from the imaginary woke mob led by shadowy catch phrases like "antifa." Saved from people in the media being mean or joking. Or joking being portrayed as being mean. From the crew that whined about snowflakes, I bring you the ultimate snowflake - Charisma News. The above linked article was posted recently after a MSNBC panel on their "Morning Joe" show dared to throw some shade at political Christians. The point missed by James Lasher at Charisma is that the segment was correct. The poll they were reviewing speaks volumes for the state of the apostate church today and we should be more concerned about the lost viewing results of this poll correctly and turning away from the gospel than how that message was delivered. Let us reason once more together beloved and remember the church is supposed to be a shining city on a hill, not the world.

"In a recent MSNBC segment, a panel discussion took a troubling turn as hosts Joe Scarborough and Eugene Robinson mocked Christians who support Donald Trump's 2024 campaign. The segment drew attention to a CBS News/YouGov poll revealing that Trump's supporters have more trust in him than in their own family, conservative media figures and even religious leaders. The discussion quickly devolved into ridicule and religious bigotry, causing outrage among the Christian population that has been the target of such divisive comments. During the broadcast, Scarborough and Robinson seized upon the poll's results to make sweeping and derogatory generalizations about Christian voters, particularly those from Iowa." - James Lasher

Yeah no. It did not devolve into bigotry. I wish people who do not understand English would stop using words they need to learn first. Bigotry is an unreasonable attachment to your beliefs and prejudice against others based on their affiliation. So, Lasher is stating that Joe Scarborough is bigoted against Christians. For the uninformed, Joe Scarborough is a Southern Baptist. He openly talks about it all the time on his show and about Jesus Christ. Let me cut through the James Lasher haze. Scarborough does not like people who lie about Jesus Christ. He does not like people who abuse faith or use it for political ends. Even though I am not a fan, I agree with Mr. Scarborough there. I saw this segment and there were no derogatory generalizations about Christian voters. The NAR wants to victimize you to get you angry enough to vote Republican, period. Oh, by the way, Joe Scarborough is a Republican. He actually is a former Republican Representative from Florida.

The lead James Lasher buried here is the actual results of the poll asking who you trusted to tell you the truth. Of those who plan to vote for Trump, 71% feel that what he tells them is true " higher than the results for friends and family (63%), conservative media figures (56%) or religious leaders (42%). Digest those numbers for a second because they should be staggering to Christians. Let's just focus on the first and last. For Trump, trust for the truth is at 71% but for religious leaders it is at 42%! Are you serious? This is what we should be concerned with in this poll, not how some talking heads made fun of it. How is such a poll viewed by the world should truly bother us. According to God in the key verses we are to remember that we are but temporary residents and foreigners in this world who must live properly among the unbelieving world. This is so they will see our honorable behavior! What do they see from the James Lasher apostate church? Whining and crying, bearing false witness and in the end people who cling to a religion where they believe a lying politician 30 points more than the leaders of their own faith. If you cannot put one and two together and see why that is a huge problem for the cause of Christ and His gospel, you need to find a real church.

'"We've been hearing, Gene, for so long that Iowa voters are deeply religious. 'Oh, they're truly Christian evangelicals. Oh, if you go to Iowa, then you love Jesus so much!'" Scarborough sneered, dismissing the religious convictions of a substantial portion of the state. Robinson joined in, framing Trump supporters' trust in him as a condemning verdict on their spiritual futures, stating that "a whole lot of people in Iowa are going to hell!" The comments, tinged with sarcasm and disdain, not only belittled Christians but also propagated a divisive narrative that does a disservice to open discourse. "It's just what those numbers suggest is that a whole lot of people in Iowa are going to hell! Right? They are not going to be redeemed!" Robinson exclaims. The derogatory tone of the conversation was met with immediate backlash. Co-host Mika Brzezinski's audible dissent signaled that even within the network, there were reservations about the direction the conversation had taken. It's disheartening to witness a mainstream media outlet stoop to such a level, using biased rhetoric to attack a specific religious group.

Instead of engaging in constructive dialogue, the "Morning Joe" panel chose to cherry-pick data from the poll to fuel their mockery of Christians for political purposes. Rather than addressing the actual reasons for the trust that Trump voters place in him"such as their perception of him as a defender of their interests and the belief that the country was better off under his leadership"the panel chose to vilify a significant segment of the population. This incident underscores the importance of responsible journalism"and the unfortunate lack of it"that respects differing perspectives and engages in thoughtful analysis.' - James Lasher

Let's get some things straight James. This segment was not "tinged" with sarcasm. The entire exchange was sarcastic! You know why? Because of the blatant hypocrisy shown by people bragging about their piety but who clearly do not trust their faith leaders to tell them the truth! Robinson and Scarborough were not declaring people were going to hell - they were using the rhetoric of the apostate church against itself! The dominionist church points it accusatory bony finger at the world and screams sinner and then when asked if what they are being taught is true, they basically say, ehh - not really! They also did not "cherry pick" data. They were specifically reporting on this one section of the poll because it revealed the ridiculous hypocrisy of many Christian voters. It is not their job to point out the absurd rationale why so-called Christians think any politician is so much more trustworthy than those that are charged with shepherding their faith. Responsible journalism does not mean journalism that agrees with you James. The poll was real, and the results reported were real. Their analysis was spot on although snarky. There was nothing "wrong" from a journalism standpoint. Responsible journalism deals with the truth and since this poll represented what believers said, both sides were presented!

"Satan is a skilled manipulator who uses various channels, including mainstream media, to advance his own agenda. Similar to how Satan is known for twisting truths, many believe that mainstream media can sometimes promote narratives that are in no way genuinely accurate. This intentional deception highlights the need for discernment and careful consideration, urging individuals to approach media content with wisdom and thoughtfulness to navigate the complexities of information sharing in line with the apostle Paul's warning in 1 Corinthians 11. While MSNBC might attempt to downplay the incident by suggesting it was "joking," the damage has already been done. By choosing to mock Christians and misrepresent their values, the network has demonstrated a troubling bias that does not reflect the principles of balanced reporting and fair representation. It serves as a stark reminder that respectful and truthful discourse is crucial, especially in a media landscape that holds immense influence over public perceptions." - James Lasher

Satan is the father of lies but Lasher is the liar here. There was no twisting of the truth, just the uncomfortable truth that Christian Trump voters believe their own faith leaders at a 42% clip but their favorite politician at 72%. Those are cult like numbers. What James Lasher is hinting at here is for believers to only follow false conservative news. We should be able to DISCERN. The apostate dominionist church, however, wants tight control over information and disinformation. That is the real scheme here in the Lasher article. There was a horrific poll that reveals great hypocrisy on the part of the apostate church. Because they could not answer the results of this poll, they have to lie about how it was correctly covered. There is no acceptable reason why people claiming the mantle of Jesus Christ to say they believe any man over those charged with leading their flock. The only logical reason is their pastor is false and they have been coerced into believing their politics over the word of God. MSNBC was not misrepresenting their values or mocking their faith. They were mocking their hypocrisy. It was a fair representation. The only reasonable critique would be that the sarcasm was laid on pretty thick but Morning Joe is political opinion show, not a news reporting show and James Lasher knows that. Do not lose sight of the lead here beloved. This poll reveals that people who claim to be the church do not actually believe their pastors tell them the truth. If you find yourself in a similar position it is time to find another pastor and a different church.

Reverend Anthony Wade - September 15, 2023

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