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October 8, 2023

NAR Performative Outrage at Duck Dynasty - Mickey Mouse is a Heathen Sinner Edition

By Anthony Wade

There was a shift in the heavenlies this week when a reality TV star dared to take her family to Disney...


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And as he reclined at table in his house, many tax collectors and sinners were reclining with Jesus and his disciples, for there were many who followed him. And the scribes of the Pharisees, when they saw that he was eating with sinners and tax collectors, said to his disciples, "Why does he eat with tax collectors and sinners?" And when Jesus heard it, he said to them, "Those who are well have no need of a physician, but those who are sick. I came not to call the righteous, but sinners." - Mark 2:15-17 (ESV)

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To be honest I have never watched "Duck Dynasty" nor found them compelling or even Christian, per se. They are part of the NAR dominionist movement to conquer the cultural hill of entertainment and as such they are always lacking in being accurate doctrinally. That is because their primary goal is entertaining and political, not to promote the actual gospel of Jesus Christ. Because the apostate church is more about performance than reality, they turn a blind eye to the fact that the cast of Duck Dynasty is actually worth over 100 million dollars. With this as the backdrop it appears there is a controversy brewing in Duckland. The above linked article from Charisma briefly gets into it and so should we. So, let us reason once more together.

'"Ducky Dynasty's" Sadie Robertson Huff, daughter of Korie and Willie Robertson, has been called out by her fans as "woke" and saying she is "no longer a Christian" because she chose to take her family on a recent trip to Disney World in Florida.' - Charisma News

You have to marvel at the arrogance of people who are probably not saved declaring other people are no longer saved. Without getting into the once saved always saved debates, there are apparently plenty of churched people who think you can lose your salvation if you take your family to Disney World. This is the end result of absurd theology being perpetrated against people who have been duped into believing they are saved. This is also the end result of mixing the carnal politics of this world with the holiness of God and His church. I want you to imagine if you will that on the Day of Judgment, people will stand before Jesus Christ and He will say, "I'd like to let you in but, c'mon, you took your family to Disney Land." Or that Jesus will declare you to be too "woke" or some other nonsensical political pejorative. Or that Jesus will be waiting to review your voting pattern and say, "I'd like to let you in but, Clinton in 96? C'mon!" This may seem funny, but this teaching makes a mockery of God and sin. The NAR, dominionist, apostate church has convinced millions of people when they stand before Christ He is going to want to discuss what they did about OTHER people's sin. Beloved, He is not. We will have enough trouble answering for our own.

The bigger question here is - why do we care! Why do we care where a reality TV persona chooses to take her family and why do we equate eternal life with it? We do so because we continue to be taught so poorly. I saw a tweet recently from Dr. Michael Brown asking a hypothetical question of imagine what would happen if Jesus asked us on the Day of Judgment what we did with our diet! Are you kidding me! Hey, I'd like to let you in, but do you know how many Mallomars you had in your lifetime? Are we now proffering a works-based salvation? The bible is a two-edged sword because it cuts against us, to our core. The apostate church however has taught churched folk to wield it as a blunt instrument to smack unbelievers upside the head with.

"Many have unfollowed Robertson Huff on social media because of the trip. And while she agrees that Disney is "corrupt" and does stand for things she disagrees with, she is urging Christians to stop engaging in "cancel culture" as many leftists and non-Christians have over the past few years." - Charisma News

Please. All apostate churched people do is engage in cancel culture! If they do not like a book - ban it! If history makes them uncomfortable - change it! It is a shame that this Huff person has no ethical spine. She is trying to appease the very people who are treating her so poorly. So, she still wants to claim the moral superiority of declaring Disney "corrupt" but wants to pretend she has no responsibility to actually do anything about it. So basically, she wants to lecture others, but do as I say, not what I do. To then hide behind political buzz words like leftists and cancel culture is simply cowardly.

"On her "Whoa That's Good Podcast," Robertson Huff and her mother Korie warned that "cancel culture" is often "far too extreme." "Christians are called to be 'in this world and not of the world,'" Robertson Huff says. She invoked Mark 2:13-16, telling believers not to pass "harmful judgment" on others and saying that Jesus ate with tax collectors and sinners but was still sinless. "We're not saying this is an excuse to go sin," Robertson Huff says. "Jesus did not become less holy when He sat at a table with sinners. He was always holy. But He was still in the presence [of] sinners."

The one consistent thing when dealing with people who are playing Christianity is they never know how to use the bible. That is because there is no indwelt spirit to lead them into all truth. The key verses today are from the section of Mark she references but it is extremely disingenuous to use these to defend going to Disney. Jesus ate amongst the sinners as the key verses teach is in order to call sinners. So, to try and leverage these verses is just wrong. Unless she went to Disney to witness and try to save the Mousketeers. So, save your faux piety please. It is ok to say that you went on vacation.

"He's sitting with such unholy people in an unholy place, and they're like, 'You can't be holy if you're there. How could you be with them? How could you recline at the table with them and say that you're God?' But, the thing that Jesus preached and lived is He is holy, and He is always holy, no matter where He is." Sadie says she "can't obtain holiness without the holiness of God being in my heart. I am not holy because of where I am. I am holy because of who Christ is in me." And, she contends that going to Disney World "doesn't make her less holy." The controversy comes on the heels of last week's release of the Robertson's new film, "The Blind."

Robertson Huff says she and her daughter wouldn't go to see some of the latest films that Disney has produced that have promoted homosexuality and other ungodly ideals and that she would never support them." - Charisma News

Hate to point out the obvious here but going to Disney World is supporting the work Disney does, one way or the other. The larger point she is missing in her attempts to prop up the strawman argument of holiness is that this doesn't have to do with anything holy. This entire discussion is entirely carnal. The political right has created the "woke boogeyman" and they used Disney as a target. The church plays right along. It doesn't matter though because these hypocrites only apply their level of moral outrage to things on the political left. For example, the churched mob was positively giddy about the great success of the movie, The Sound of Freedom recently. The problem is the movie promoted a hero who was Mormon and recently has been exposed for decades of sexual harassment in some pretty vile ways. The film itself only produced riches for a production company which is owned by two other Mormons. So why wasn't this film canceled by the church? Why is this foolishness embraced but the Mouse gotta go? Look, taking your kids to Disney is not a sin. Just like watching Duck Dynasty and thinking they represent Christ is not a sin either. It's just inaccurate. Stop applying the bible to people who think the things of God are foolishness. Apply it to your own life and represent the actual gospel of Jesus Christ to the lost. I am not a fan of Disney, but the selective outrage is performative and only serves the political masters who purchased the soul of the apostate church long ago.

Reverend Anthony Wade - October 6, 2023

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