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May 2, 2017

Kris Vallotton -- Selling Out Christ for a Fistful of Twenties

By Anthony Wade

The latest blog post from Bethel Church says God wants us to be wealthy...I wonder what the Bible says?


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A good name is to be chosen rather than great riches, and favor is better than silver or gold. -- Proverbs 22: 1 (ESV)

The blog post article was emblazoned with a picture of a fist holding a roll of twenty dollar bills. The title of "Eight Signs of a Wealthy Mindset" was designed to grab your attention. Seemingly this could have been from Forbes or Business today but instead it was from the Senior Associate Pastor of the cesspool known as Bethel Church in Redding California. Kris Vallotton is at it again beloved. Poorly taught and led by mega-heretic Bill Johnson, Vallotton has plenty of profane beliefs to choose from when he takes pen to paper. Bethel is ground zero for the New Apostolic Reformation as well as the False Signs and Lying Wonders network of churches. Gem stones, gold dust, angel feathers and the original fake glory clouds are all claimed manifestations from Bethel's wickedly deceptive heart. Vallotton is the co-founder of a school for supernatural ministry, where they teach the gifts of the Holy Spirit, which of course is a biblical impossibility. Bethel is the home of a "dead raising team" that claims 15 resurrections without a shred of proof as well is the horrific "grave sucking" practice. Amidst these various affronts to God however is an underlying false prosperity gospel.

This blog post reaffirms that there is no low that Vallotton and Bethel will not stoop to in order to sell God out for their personal benefit. The picture above is Vallotton showing off his new sports car on Facebook. The man simply has no shame. Let us once again reason together as we walk through what Kris thinks are the eight differences between wealth and poverty thinking.

"Do you know that God wants you to be wealthy? It may be contrary to what we're usually taught in the church, but I believe that wealth is a sign of God's blessing in your life, and it's how we are made to live as children of the living King! Think about it, if your Dad rules the world, then you are royalty on this earth and have access to everything He has access to." -- Kris Vallotton

For years I have spoken against the prosperity gospel and early on when asked if that meant I believed God wanted us to be poor I would always couch my answer. "Well of course not" is usually how my tepid response would start. The more I read the Bible the more I realize that the answer beloved is yes. If the question that is burning in your heart is does God want me to be poor then the answer is a resounding yes. Why? Because that is where your heart is obviously. The problem with the rich young ruler was not that he was rich but that he valued money more than God.

Secondly here, God does not necessarily want you to be wealthy beloved. At least not materialistic and temporal wealth; you know, a fistful of twenties. How do we know this is true? I always say a sure fire way to test if a doctrine is false is to apply it to other countries and see if it still make sense. The Gospel is universal. Our faith is not different based upon culture. So when you see the Christians in Iraq getting beheaded for refusing to denounce Jesus Christ do you honestly think that God wants them to be wealthy? What about the underground church in China or the poverty filled churches of the third world? Yes we are children of the living King and we have an inheritance coming to us that is found eternally, not temporally. The temporal blessings are the fruits of the Spirit and the transcendent peace of Almighty God; not some trinkets and baubles that the devil shows us in this lifetime. Here is the thought that never crosses Kris Vallotton's mind -- wealth can also be a sign of God's judgment in your life. The rich fool built bigger barns but his life was required of him that night. The apostles all died penniless and martyred for the sake of the Gospel. Kenneth Copeland is worth over 600 million dollars but does not preach the true gospel of Jesus Christ. Do you honestly think that is a sign of God's blessing? This is one the inherent problems with chasing the purpose driven mega church mindset. Joel Osteen packs in 50,000 people per weekend not because he tells them what God wants them to hear but because he tells them what they want to hear! Vallotton continues:

"I want to make sure you're understanding that I'm not talking about being rich. Although fruit of a wealth mindset is living in abundance, wealth is much bigger than simply having a lot of money. Wealth is believing in the fullness of God's ability and desire to provide in your life. It's the means--resources, strength and wisdom--to create positive outcomes in the midst of lack. It is light in the darkness, healing in sickness, prosperity in poverty, wholeness in brokenness, favor in obscurity, love for the unlovely, beauty for ashes, and victory among victims. Wealth is a "can do" attitude, a "more than enough" mindset, and a "nothing is impossible" belief system. How do you know the mark of a wealth mindset? It displays itself through radical generosity, extraordinary compassion, sacrificial giving, and profound humility. Wealth is always thankful, never jealous, doesn't brag, celebrates others and looks to the future with hope." -- Kris Vallotton

Uh-huh. So you are not talking about money but you chose an image of a fistful of twenties? Make no mistake about it beloved. Kris Vallotton is talking about money. He may hide behind some niceties in this paragraph but anyone with an ounce of discernment knows exactly what he is selling. Let us go through this pious sounding laundry list of pseudo-spiritual nonsense he spews about wealth. It does not take wealth to believe in the fullness of God's ability and desire to provide for us. In fact, it is easy to feel that way when you are wealthy. Try it when the foreclosure note comes and they've repossessed your car. We do not need wealth or a wealth mindset to be light in the middle of darkness. We need the Gospel. Nor do we need wealth to bring healing to sickness -- again the Gospel. Prosperity in poverty? Wholeness in brokenness? Favor in obscurity? All of these things listed have absolutely nothing to do with wealth and everything to do with the Gospel. When you have traded the actual gospel in for this cheap knockoff however, this is what you are left with. Just a fistful of twenties and a blog post trying to explain them. The disconnect here is staggering. Beloved, whatever gives you a can do attitude, a more than enough mindset and a nothing is impossible belief system is your God. Who is more than enough? God is! Nothing is impossible with whom? God! Like the rich young ruler before him, Kris Vallotton's god is wealth. We are supposed to have radical generosity, extraordinary compassion, sacrificial giving and profound humility because of Calvary; not because of some silly "wealth mindset." He closes here with more absurdities. Wealth is always thankful? Never jealous? Not boastful? Celebrates others? What planet is Vallotton living on? Wealth produces the opposite in people but that is even beside the point by now. Kris Vallotton has made it abundantly clear that he does not worship God. If you still have any doubt, he now goes into the eight differences between wealth and poverty thinking:

1. Poverty lives for today, wealth leaves a legacy.

This just goes to show how unbelievably shallow Kris is. I know plenty of people who have left wondrous legacies for their family down multiple generations that had no money to speak of. Legacies of love, hard work, and compassion. Money? Money burns up. Wealth fades away. Those are not items of legacy. That precious car Kris loves so much will be a rusted out heap in less than 50 years. The people he led away from Christ? Oh beloved that is a legacy he will answer dearly for. The Bible says to live for today and tomorrow is promised to no one. The rich fool was a fool because he planned so hard for tomorrow but never bothered to check with God.

2. Poverty finds a problem in every opportunity; while wealth finds an opportunity in every problem.

Yes. If only those beleaguered Iraqi Christians could find the opportunity in the offer of betraying Christ to avoid beheading! Can wealth do more in this temporal world? Sure. But why is Kris Vallotton going out of his way to denigrate people who simply do not have the luxuries he has?

3. Poverty feels entitled, while wealth feels empowered.

Really? Poverty feels entitled? Is that what your vast experience working with the poor has taught you Kris? Wealth feels empowered because this world empowers wealth. That is not of God's kingdom however. That is how Satan runs the kingdom of earth. God's kingdom is of the principle that the last shall be first and the poor shall be eternally prosperous.

4. Poverty fears the future, while wealth makes history.

The slander of the poor just will not stop. Does Kris Vallotton even own a Bible? The widow's mite teaches the opposite of this. She gave out of her lack without fear of the future. The wealthy gave out of their abundance but there was no sacrifice. To Kris Vallotton, only the rich can make history. What utter heretical garbage. Jesus Christ had nowhere to lay His head yet I am pretty sure He changed the world. What about the 12 apostles? There was no wealth or wealth mindset. John the Baptist? Did he say that he must increase in order for Christ to increase? No beloved. He must decrease.

5. Poverty blames others for their condition, while wealth takes responsibility for things that aren't their fault.

Wealth takes responsibility for things that aren't their fault? Sure and then we can all go back to gumdrop lane and dance with the unicorns. This is complete fantasy on Vallotton's part and it is transparent. The truth is that Adam blamed Eve, Eve blamed the serpent and man has been passing the buck ever since. Once again though we see this arrogant overreach and lumping of everyone into the same category based solely on money.

6. Poverty asks, "What are you going to do for me?" Wealth asks, "Who is worthy of my investment?"

This is really starting to smell political. All of those entitlement seeking poor folks asking what will you do for me! Perhaps more disturbing is the unbelievably unchristian question he believes wealth asks. Who is worthy of my investment? Is this what Kris Vallotton has learned from the sacrifice of Calvary? Who is worthy of my investment? Thank goodness God did not ask this question! As Christians everyone is worthy of our investment! All of heaven rejoices when one sinner repents! Jesus will leave the 99 to pursue to one lost sheep! Who is worthy of my investment? What an arrogant question.

7. Poverty hangs around with other disgruntled people who validate their accusations. Wealthy people surround themselves with other powerful influencers.

Yes. You remember the great parable of the enablers and powerful influencers? No? That must be because you actually read your Bible. The truly sad thing beloved is Kris Vallotton only sees people's value and ability as related to money and wealth. If you have money then you can influence people. If you are poor you must be seeking out people to enable your poverty. This blame the victim scapegoating is very common in the political arena.

8. Poverty votes for candidates that increase their entitlements. Wealth elects officials who will sacrifice today's comfort for tomorrow's children.

So we come to it! It is bad enough that Kris Vallotton penned this exceptionally carnal article where he demonized poor people and glorified the wealthy. On top of that he drags politics into it and in doing so makes it abundantly clear that his master is political in nature. Yes, poor people vote for people who will increase their entitlements. In NYC the maximum monetary award for public assistance is under 90 bucks every two weeks. A single individual's monthly food stamp budget is less than $200. Yeah they just have a poverty mindset Kris! They shouldn't be voting for the candidate who at least is going to try and bring them out of abject poverty. This has now crossed over into the realm of sickening. If you honestly think that wealthy people elect officials who want to sacrifice today's comforts for tomorrow's children then you are delusional. They are all evil beloved. The Bible tells us so in Romans 3. All have turned from God! Stop trying to make the rich out to be benevolent, sacrificial, and compassionate while the poor are all dogs who only want to roll around in their poverty. It would be bad enough making these arguments in the Op-Ed section of a newspaper let alone coming from someone claiming to be a pastor. Thank God Vallotton wraps this tripe up:

"Today I want to encourage you to take an honest look at this list and see where you land. I know that God wants to encounter you in the way you think about his abundant provision in your life! Invite Him in to speak to you about the ways He wants to pour out His resources in your life. As it says in Romans 12:2, "Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God's will is--his good, pleasing and perfect will." I believe God wants to transform the way you think about this topic! Do you struggle with a poverty mentality? How do you overcome it? I'd love to hear in the comments!" -- Kris Vallotton

Is God my cosmic loan shark now? This is just obscene and the final obscenity is the complete butchering of Romans 12: 2. Read the context Kris! Are you serious! This section of Scripture is about our humble service to the body of Christ -- not a Tony Robbins how to get rich seminar! This entire article from Vallotton proudly displayed and embraced the pattern of this world! Value determined by wealth. The poor get what they deserve. The rich are somehow better. Vallotton even wrapped it up with a political rationale bow in case there were any doubters. This article displays brilliantly a mind that has not been renewed. Not one iota. The Bible does not speak of having a poverty mentality. Only such rubbish can be dreamt up in the wicked hearts of man. It does speak about having a wealth mindset however and how difficult it will be for such a man to even enter the kingdom of heaven. It speaks about how Kris Vallotton and all of us cannot serve two masters. Judas sold out our Lord and Savior for thirty pieces of silver; Kris Vallotton for a fistful of twenties.

Our key verse teaches us very plainly that the choice is between a good name or great riches. It is clear Kris Vallotton has chosen poorly. Pray that he has a Saul of Tarsus moment and repents while there is still time. He will not be taking his fancy sports car with him when he faces Christ. He will however take every word written here and will answer for all of them.

Reverend Anthony Wade -- May 2, 2017

Authors Bio:
Credentialed Minister of the Gospel for the Assemblies of God. Owner and founder of 828 ministries. Vice President for Goodwill Industries. Always remember that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him and are called according to His purpose.