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June 26, 2018

Latest Leclaire Lunacies -- Slaying Merman + Anointing Seers = Mocking Christ

By Anthony Wade

The latest insanities from the Calamari Queen; damaging the cause of Christ.


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Whoever is not with me is against me, and whoever does not gather with me scatters. -- Matthew 12: 30 (ESV)

Beloved these are the end times. The clock is running out on this world and the Lord will return soon for His bride. The imposter that sits in the pews across this country is not His bride. It is tossed to and fro be every cunning wave of doctrine or silly false prophecy. The enemy has done am masterful job of infiltrating the modern church and compromising her to the point that when she stands before Jesus He will say I never knew you. The purpose driven heresy has convinced everyone that their purpose is carnal. The prosperity heresies have convinced the church that it should pursue money. The experiential Christianity sect declares that experience trumps scriptural verity. The NAR corrupts all by focusing people on this country, politics, and entertainment instead of on the Gospel. They combine to form the Seeker Friendly Industrial Complex and it is worth millions, if not billions of dollars every year. Every day it seems there is a new figure on the charismatic landscape set to make their fortune off fleecing the poor unsuspecting flock. Some are harder to discern because so much of what they say is accurate. Remember that truer discernment is discerning between what is right and not quite right. Then there are those who should be low hanging fruit for anyone who reads their bible. Examples of this are Mike Murdock, Benny Hinn and the Calamari Queen herself, Jennifer Leclaire.

Jennifer now advertises herself as an Apostle, so I guess congratulations are in order. The larger point is in how she uses her fake ministry to lure people in and take their money. The even larger point is in how she just creates nonsense out of whole cloth and pretends it is from God or supernatural. We saw this earlier in the year when she claimed a "sneaky squid spirit" was stalking her. Beloved, ask yourself honestly if such a claim helps or hinders the cause of Christ? Are there non-believers out there that will be drawn in to hear the Gospel out of a fascination with possibly encountering a sneaky squid? The truly sad thing is that most non-believers are more discerning that those who claim to be saved. Dr. Michael Brown, biblical scholar with over four decades of service in the church defended the sneaky squid garbage. What happens when you refuse to call what is false, false? The leaven spreads. Suddenly one sneaky squid becomes an entire book on "drowning water spirits:"

Just in case you thought I was kidding. Thanks to churchwatchcentral for highlighting the following from the summary:

"From Python, to Leviathan, to Triton to Rahab and beyond, spiritual warriors are feeling the effects of water spirits but often don't know how to combat these evil forces."

Who knew? Who knew that the son of Poseidon was an anti-Christian spirit! You know, Poseidon from Greek Mythology. The book is not due until October so it has no price yet but Leclaire has already hosted a Facebook event where for only $69 you can learn how defeat mermen in your life. For the mythologically challenged, a merman is a male mermaid. Jennifer continues plugging her upcoming book:

"Everyday people are feeling the effects of unseen evil forces, and yet, they don't know what's attacking them, let alone how to have victory. While many spiritual warriors are familiar with principalities and powers like Jezebel and witchcraft, few have heard of marine demons. Also called "water spirits," these powers wreak havoc in places near bodies of water. From Python, to Leviathan, to Merman to Rahab and beyond, spiritual warriors are feeling the effects of water spirits but often don't know how to combat these evil forces." -- Jennifer Leclaire

Notice the ploy here. She appeals to something vague and generic -- the effects of unforeseen forces. If you asked the average person they would probably agree that they feel this way sometimes. Hyper-spiritual charismatics? 10 times as much! She then turns it into an attack! You are being spiritually attacked! Aren't you special! She then offers you victory! Hallelujah pass the offering plate! In order to play this scheme though the enemy has to have a name. She has written extensively about the "Jezebel Spirit so that well has run dry. She floats out new ideas every now and again, such as the sneaky squid. To put together a live event and follow book? Jennifer must believe this water spirit concoction is a winner. Leclaire finishes the sales pitch:

"Bestselling author, Jennifer Leclaire equips you to prophetically recognize these spirits and engage in victorious warfare against them in this spiritual warfare intensive. Discern the presence of these water spirits and become equipped with spiritual warfare strategies to defeat them!" -- Jennifer Leclaire

Do you feel constricted? Things closing in around you? Well that must be that nasty old python spirit! A sudden hankering for calamari? That sneaky old squid! Seriously beloved, this is the theater of the absurd. It is a mockery to a holy God and the Holy Spirit within us. This does nothing but damage our witness for Christ and hinder the work of the Gospel. The key verse says that we are either gathering people to Christ or scattering them away. There is no third option. Do not be fooled beloved. Jennifer Leclaire is a huckster of the greatest order who has no fear of God before her. This leads us into the second Leclaire Story of the week. Linked above is her latest article whose title grabbed my attention right away; "I am Mantling Seers with an Anointing for a New Dimension of Glory." The title was so ridiculous I just knew it had to be Jennifer! Pirate Christian Radio has this phrase -- "Blue sleeps faster than Tuesday." It is a perfectly correct sentence grammatically; it just doesn't mean anything. That is the same for this silly title designed to throw some super-spiritual words against the wall in the hopes that something sticks. Let us reason together beloved through this article:

"When I had an encounter with the Lord last fall at the Apostolic Council of Prophetic Elders--an encounter that led me to start raising up seers and seeing people--I had no idea the journey the Lord would take me on through the seer realm. There are hidden mysteries and secret places He's inviting me--and many others--into. As I've studied the Bible and pressed into the Holy Spirit's revelation, He has given me what I believe are key words for seers in this season." -- Jennifer Leclaire

I do not doubt you had an encounter Jennifer but it sure wasn't with the Lord. For starters that Apostolic Council of Prophetic Elders (ACPE) is a conflagration of false prophets and teachers founded by C Peter Wagner the deceased founder and leader of the New Apostolic Reformation. Through the last 20 years ACPE boasted such notable con artists such as Cindy Jacobs, Dutch Sheets, Kim Clement, James Goll, Chuck Pierce, and Steve Schultz. That is a veritable smorgasbord of prophetic heresy. Beloved, there is no "seer realm." This was created in the wicked heart of Jennifer Leclaire to make money by making merchandise of the sheep. After all, it is only $300 per year to attend Jennifer's "School for Seers" which is run out of the same airport hotel room as her false prophets school. The Lord did not lead her to raise anything up. There are no secret place and hidden mysteries! This is the same error as the first century Gnostics. There is no higher mystical plane of knowledge. God did not divinely inspire the 40 authors of the Bible over 1500 years only to save slivers of hidden knowledge until Jennifer Leclaire came along with her Fort Lauderdale Airport school. That premise is ludicrous on its face. One does not press into a revelation from the Holy Spirit unless one is trying to add to that revelation what their wickedly deceitful heart has cooked up. Let us see what this false prophetic word looks like:

"Here is one prophetic word I received before I left for my life-changing journey through Sweden and London: I am mantling seers in this season--seers who have turned to see the voice speaking to them, to record the dreams and visions I have revealed to them, and to steward the mysteries I've unlocked to them--with an anointing to enter into a new dimension of My grace, My revelation and My glory. I am inviting My seers to forget about the persecution of the past and embrace the next level of My calling for them." -- Jennifer Leclaire

The concept of mantles comes from the Old Testament. The mantle a prophet wore signified their authority from God. In reality, it was a cloak or a robe that the prophet wore. There is one time in recorded history that one prophet passed his mantle on and that was Elijah to Elisha. The Charismaniacs like to latch onto this one-time event and create whole doctrine out of it. Suddenly because they declare themselves prophets, they too must have a mantle! Seers is another word for prophet, although a seer generally saw visions from the Lord. The point Leclaire and this cabal purposefully miss is that this is all Old Testament. This is all before the Bible existed. Now that we have the final revealed will of God we do not need to be told what sayeth the Lord by someone claiming extra-biblical revelation. I do not want you to miss this beloved. When someone says that they have heard something from God either audibly or through dreams and visions we need to do the work of a Berean. God is not the author of confusion. He did not orchestrate the Bible through divine inspiration and then forget to say something that He is choosing two thousand years later to reveal to someone who charges $300 for an Old Testament office. Here is the real proof. The seers of old and the prophets as well were known to be from the Lord by one trait -- infallibility. Not ironically, we consider the Bible to be infallible. Why? Because any word from the Lord is infallible! Yet Jennifer will readily admit that it is ok for modern day seers and prophets to "get it wrong." Mega false prophet Chuck Pierce sets the bar for a solid prophet at 65% accuracy! That means these people who claim to either hear directly from God through his audible voice, dreams, or visions can be wrong 35% of the time. Does God stutter? Look at the arrogance of what else she promises here. That God has a new dimension of grace? The persecution of the past referred to here is simply when people call what is false, false. Her nonsense continues:

"I am opening the eyes of believers who have been crying out for their hearts to be enlightened. I will pour out visions, dreams, spiritual encounters and utterances that eye has not seen nor ear heard. I am calling you to rise up and look again and again and again; to be watchful in the Spirit because I will show you things to come in the days ahead. I will show you new dimensions of My glory. I will show you the enemy's operations. I will even show you the intents and motives of hearts. You can go as deep and far as you choose to go. I am inviting you to study My Word. I am inviting you to study My heart. Your dedication to the study of your gift will unlock more and more, and the mantle will cause you to operate in higher realms. Don't neglect the study of My Word. Stay rooted and grounded in My holy Scriptures for this is your safeguard against deception in an hour where I will pour out a new wave of anointing on My seers." -- Jennifer Leclaire

Wow, not only a new dimension of grace but of His glory as well? Guess she missed the verse about God not sharing His glory. Not only new dimensions but higher realms! This is like a bad 3AM infomercial -- but wait! There's more! The truly ironic and sad thing is that if they actually stayed and studied His Word they would know this is a sham and there is no new wave of anointing for seers. They would be able to discern that this is just a money making scheme for Jennifer Leclaire. She is just as sneaky as the squid that stalks her. Mercifully, she concludes:

"Do not move beyond the boundaries of My Word but do not reject spiritual experiences without deep study because I am going to do some things in this hour that go beyond milk. I am offering My seers the meat of the Word--deeper revelations many around you will not understand but that you will embrace by faith.

I am dissecting this word, praying through this word and seeking to walk in this word. The seer ministry has been largely rejected in the body of Christ, but the Lord is shining a light on this gift. We can expect the enemy to rise up and pervert what God is raising up, hence His admonition to stay rooted in Scripture even as the Spirit takes you places you've never seen. Amen." -- Jennifer Leclaire

Do not move beyond the boundaries of my word? Seriously? This entire gobbledygook is light years beyond His Word. You do not take a one-time incident in 6000 years of recorded history and create a new doctrine. You do not charge $300 to create a new office and then allow that position to wrongly speak for God 35% percent of the time. You do not write a book about made up water spirits and fighting Greek mythological figures and mermaids. The seer ministry has been rightly rejected because it is made up. It is false. Beloved do not allow the spirits Jennifer Leclaire traffics in to take you anywhere. Sneaky squids, drowning mermen, or fake seers. Whatever she is selling we must mark it for what it is. A mockery of Christianity that serves only the enemy and scatters people away from Jesus Christ.

Reverend Anthony Wade -- June 26, 2018

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Credentialed Minister of the Gospel for the Assemblies of God. Owner and founder of 828 ministries. Vice President for Goodwill Industries. Always remember that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him and are called according to His purpose.