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February 8, 2019

With Apologies to the World -- Duck! Billy Graham's Mantle is About to Fall!

By Anthony Wade

False Prophet Lou Engle has moved from TheCall to TheSend. Let the world take notice and beware.


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Woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! For you travel across sea and land to make a single proselyte, and when he becomes a proselyte, you make him twice as much a child of hell as yourselves. -- Matthew 23:

To the churches across the world -- I am sorry. I am sorry that we sent you so many missionaries who did not understand the true Gospel of Jesus Christ. I am sorry they have spread the popular American heresies to your countries as well. I am sorry that the prosperity gospel heresy is so popular in Africa that half of the world's top ten richest pastors now are from there. This despite the fact that Africa is the poorest continent not named Antarctica or Oceania. I am sorry that the false signs and lying wonders were also spread far and wide and now poison nearly the entire Christian world. Now today I am sorry because we are sending another wave of calamity your way because apparently another shift is occurring in the heavenlies and the mantle of Billy Graham is about to be poured out! Yeah, I don't know what that means either but false prophet Shawn Bolz apparently does. Let us reason through the above linked tripe. Because of the length and to save time, I will not respond to every point but try and stick to what is salient.

For the uninitiated, Shawn Bolz is the resident false prophet for Bill Johnson out at Bethel Church in Redding California. Bethel is a virtual cesspool of false teaching as they embrace the NAR, dominionism, soaking prayers, contemplative prayers, false signs and lying wonders, gem stones, gold dust, angel feathers and glory clouds. They operate a school for supernatural ministry where they pretend to be able to teach you the gifts of the Holy Spirit. Oh and Bolz was caught doing cold reading false prophecies through his smart phone. Now before this mantle hits you in the head, let us reason together once more!

'Lou Engle and key charismatic leaders believe that in 2019, God will ignite a movement in the next generation as never before. Specifically, these leaders believe Billy Graham's mantle of evangelism will be poured out on the next generation--and they have called for a gathering to usher it in. This event, called The Send, will take place Feb. 23 at Camping World Stadium in Orlando, Florida. Everyone involved says this isn't just a stadium event; it's a movement. In fact, Engle is so confident about this that he has ended his longtime ministry, TheCall, to pursue The Send. "We believe that [Graham's] mantle is hovering, waiting for thousands to lay hold of it," Engle says. "It is a mantle that is a burden for evangelism--for a new era of Jesus the Evangelist--to manifest a new Jesus People movement harvest to take place. I believe The Send will be a flashpoint for the fulfillment of that word. I so believe in this shift that I have ended TheCall."' -- Shawn Bolz

So the mantle of Billy Graham is hovering now? It is probably waiting for air traffic control to give it clearance to fall but the government shut down must have delayed everything. I guess we start with the obvious. Lou Engle is a raving heretical false prophet extraordinaire so the fact that he is the source should be enough for discerning Christians to discern the falseness of this story. As if the notion of a mantle hovering and then falling was not enough. His key Charismatic leaders are equally false. He is aligned with Bill Johnson, Todd White and Bolz to name a few. This is a who's who list of false teachers and prophets. It is a wolf movement beloved. You see Engle had this shtick going for a while now named "The Call"; where he would fill stadiums with duped Christians to call them into service. I assume the shekels were not coming in as well as they had at the start so what we see here is known as a rebranding. The call becomes the send, which is not only silly but illiterate. The real warning for the world here is this merry band of apostates intend to send more people out into the world to spread their false doctrine.

"Through TheCall, Engle has hosted stadium gatherings for nearly two decades. Those events have called the youth of America to fasting and prayer for revival to break out. Now he believes all that prayer has led to this--a great release of evangelism--and he's working with most of the major missions and evangelism ministries in the charismatic world to achieve it. Engle is believing for this generation of Christians to go after evangelism as no other generation has, and he is standing on prophetic words to back up his claim. The Send's organizers are busy mobilizing missions ministries, evangelism groups and churches across North America and even other continents, asking them to throw their weight behind one central theme: It's time to carry out the Great Commission and show the world Jesus the Evangelist." -- Shawn Bolz

So let me see if I have this right. For 20 years Engle has been selling stadiums out to call youth to fast and pray for revival and that ministry is over? Did I miss the revival? The church has gone the opposite direction over these 20 years beloved. The country has grown darker and the church has gone more into the world to the point that they are just as carnal. So good job Lou. Well at least you must have made a killing on it. Here is an idea -- come meet Jesus the Savior before you get involved with whoever the evangelist is.

'Then six years ago, Engle and a team went to Orlando. He began to prophesy that at the Citrus Bowl (now known as Camping World Stadium), a massive sending movement was coming, and a new breed of evangelism would break out. Engle and his team began to pray for 80 million souls in America to be saved and for 200,000 missionaries to be sent. On Feb. 12, 2018, Engle was on a trip, seeking God, when he read 2 Kings 2, in which Elisha actually receives the mantle of Elijah. Elisha basically says, "I will not leave you, Elijah, until I get your spirit upon me." As Engle read those words, the Holy Spirit gripped him, and he wrote in big letters in his Bible, "BILLY GRAHAM I WILL NOT LEAVE YOU UNTIL I GET A DOUBLE PORTION OF YOUR SPIRIT ON THE NEXT GENERATION!"' -- Shawn Bolz

So what happened to the 80 million souls and the 200,000 missionaries? Did any of this nonsense come to pass? No, instead we are presented with the guy whose idea it was to change the call to the send and the notion that he "prophesied" the switch. Whatever. The hijacking of the story of Elijah and Elisha is basically a scriptural mugging. God did not tell Lou Engle any such thing. How do we know? Because God did not include the story of Elijah and Elisha so that Lou Engle could pretend it had something to do with a mantle that doesn't exist.

"Since then, many more partners have joined, including TBN, Bethel Church in Redding, One Voice, Every Home for Christ and Burn 24-7. Engle says he has never been more sure that he is making a step in the right direction." -- Shawn Bolz

TBN has decades of false teaching they will answer for. Bethel has already been addressed. Burn 24-7 appears to be a Bethel affiliated copy of the IHOP prayer room, where "worship and prayer" never cease. You get the idea. The apostate church is the purpose driven movement fueled by the seeker friendly industrial complex. They protect the brand at all cost because it is a multi-million dollar endeavor, you know, for Jesus. Wink wink.

'"I believe there will be a move of the Spirit of God for a true impartation of courage from one generation to the next as healing and supernatural signs break out," Byrd says. "We are going to see an impartation of supernatural ministry as well as a strong practical thrust." In short, they are seeking a move of God.' -- Shawn Bolz

In short, they are looking to spread their heretical beliefs worldwide. The "supernatural" ministry is the same name we have for false signs and lying wonders. So they wish to see gold dust in Africa and glory clouds in South America. The false prophetic networks they have established in the United States, which has made Shawn Bolz a rich man for pretending he hears from God, will be replicated in other countries.

"Many of the ministries co-sponsoring The Send have ministry training schools, universities or missions programs people can join after the event. Todd White, whose ministry, Lifestyle Christianity, just bought a campus in Dallas, Texas, says The Send is about empowering everyday people to live out and share the gospel. "What we're going after is to produce people who stand in their identity, fully realizing who they are in Christ and who Christ is in them," White says. "We are going to make sure that we are making an impact individually for the kingdom of heaven. We want to see heaven full and hell empty, and the only way for that to happen is for the body of Christ to step into its calling."' -- Shawn Bolz

So we see the money scheme behind this scam. Do you know why Todd White was able to buy his new campus? Because his ridiculous university costs you 2500 dollars per semester to join. He has parlayed his recent success on the false prophet circuit to a big payday. This is still the same guy who performed the "growing leg trick" at a Korn concert in the heretical Holy Ghost movie. As we pointed out, Bethel also has such "academic" offerings at similar prices. So where the call was merely to pray and fast for a revival that never came, the send is establishing a pipeline for the false schools that the Complex has now set up across this country. Training people how to falsely prophesy and tap into the demonic under the guise of getting close to God. Then the worst part is to actually send them out as goats thinking they are sheep to infect other countries with a false christ and a false gospel -- producing false conversions. We are seeing the manifestation of Matthew 7:21-23 unfold before our very eyes.

"While evangelism seems to have taken a backseat among Millennial priorities, the leadership of The Send believes God will make it front and center through this powerful gathering. They hope this one day will instill this value as a primary goal for the church in America." -- Shawn Bolz

The ultimate goal of the enemy. To have the church so out of focus that no one is discipled anymore. That no one knows the word for themselves. That for their primary goal they would be seeking supernatural gifts and false prophetic words. This is not unheard of. What is past is prologue. The key verses today reveal that. These are part of the seven woes Jesus proclaimed to the Pharisees. The woes are essentially judgments -- things Jesus found them guilty of. I highlighted the one above for the purposes of this discussion. Woe to you oh Pharisses for you travel across the world to make a single proselyte and when he becomes one you have only made him twice the son of hell that you are! The Pharisees had the control of the religious system in their day and the NAR is rapidly assuming control in this country. Never forget that many in the movement are quite sincere. Not everyone is an outright charlatan like Johnson and White. The people who will stand before Jesus and say Lord Lord seem genuinely confused! Lord Lord, didn't we go to Todd White's school? Didn't we cast out demons in your name? Didn't we seek glory clouds and miraculous gold fillings in your name? Didn't we perform many miracles in your name? Jesus will respond:

And then will I declare to them, 'I never knew you; depart from me, you workers of lawlessness.' -- Matthew 7:23 (ESV)

What a sad day that will be for many beloved. People who were lied to. People who were duped.

The seeker-friendly industrial complex has built up their brand over many decades and now the great apostasy prophesied in the bible is well underway. Narrow is the road that leads to eternal life and few are those who find it. Test everything and hold onto the good. To my brethren across the globe, I am sorry but you are going to have discern as we all do or else it will be you standing before Christ saying Lord Lord. Do not believe gospels about yourself and this world. His kingdom is not of this world and you are but pilgrims and sojourners on earth. Be careful beloved because after TheCall and TheSend can only follow TheFall.

Reverend Anthony Wade -- February 8, 2019

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Credentialed Minister of the Gospel for the Assemblies of God. Owner and founder of 828 ministries. Vice President for Goodwill Industries. Always remember that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him and are called according to His purpose.