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Charisma News Plays with Timeline to Make False Prophecy Appear to Come True

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There is a reason why the False Prophecy Industrial Complex discourages false prophets from attaching timelines or dates to their false stories about what God said. I harken back to when Benny Hinn prophesied that Fidel Castro would die in the 1990s. He prophesied this in 1990 mind you, giving himself ten years for the often-sick dictator to pass. As if to prove how wildly false benny Hinn was and is, Castro would last until 2016. Benny just missed his prophecy by 16 years. So instead, we now usually get some vague sense of prophecy that can be applied to almost any circumstance. Saying, "God is showing me something bad will happen" is not predictive nor prophecy. So, it was surprising when Charisma News ran a story on April 21, about a detailed prophecy given for April 20th. I realized this when after writing my devotional I had to go back and change the date references to the 21st, as I thought it was the 20th. The point being is that the date had actually passed with none of the prophecies having come to pass, such as:

"Today, April 20, something will happen within the walls of the U.S. Congress that he says will shake the nation and bring "settlements" to crucial issues facing the American people, including the plight of former President Donald Trump." - Charisma News

'"This is just one more milestone towards the freedom and liberty and vindication and settlements. The word 'settlements' is the word God gave to me," Milton told Charisma News' John Matarazzo in a recent interview. "He says, 'I'll bring settlements in, in regards to President Trump. I'm going to use the House of Representatives for this.'" - Charisma News

'"No, I'm not nervous about this. At the end of the day, God wants us to prophesy what needs to happen, and God really gives us the dates as well. So for me, God told me that on April 20, tell the people, to prepare the people, and to release the faith, to speak to the mountains and to see them disappear. That's the kind of faith I'm operating a prophetic anointing mixed with faith and then to speak to the nation to say what needs to happen to the nation."' - Charisma News

These were some pretty specific prophecies even in their vagueness. I said at the time of my writing that I couldn't wait to see how they would try to spin it. Now we know. Today, Charisma took the same article from the 21st, put a timestamp of 04/20/23, and pretended they "recorded the prophecy" on the 19th. They changed the title to now say that the prophecies were already staring to come true and ran a concurrent article, from a different Charisma editor, to provide distraction and confirmation. That article is linked above. The first half of it is nothing but nonsense about Hunter Biden's laptop. This is provided to serve as color for the burying of the false confirmation of the prophecy from April 20th. We will start there.

"When Israel had kings who did evil in the sight of the Lord, He would send prophets to warn the king and the nation to repent with a humble heart before the Lord. This path of disobedience and rebellion against the Lord led to the eventual destruction of Israel and her people being scattered. Why would things be any different for America?" - James Lasher

Maybe because America is not Israel? This is one of the foundational flaws in NAR dominionist teaching. America is not Israel. Things that happened to Israel in the Old Testament are not foreshadowing for us today. Note the inference here. According to Lasher and the dominionists, America has had righteous presidents who did good before the Lord, such as all Republicans. Then there are those that do evil, such as Democrats. What pure unadulterated nonsense. All are evil before the Lord! Lasher would then get into the false prophecy:

'"Prophets such as Albert Milton have recently proclaimed that on April 20, 2023, Jim Jordan was going to be involved in what God is doing next:

"God told me that He is going to use a lot of the people in the House of Representatives; that He would raise them up in this time and season," Milton says. "God has spoken to me about many of those in Congress, like Sen. Josh Hawley, Rep. Jim Jordan and Marjorie Taylor Greene and others. God specifically told me to pray for them and pray for their protection, to pray that they have wisdom and knowledge and that they lead from God so that they can do exactly what God wants them to do.

"On that, it's all about truth. It's all about bringing the reality as it is and then that is the justice and vindication. That is what God is going to do through the House of Representatives and especially through Jim Jordan in this case. So, I strongly believe that on the 20th, something is going to happen spiritually and also physically."' - James Lasher

So now it is out there. We can get into the silliness of proclaiming that Jordan, who hold little to no power here is going to do anything. This is merely meant to rally the NAR troops because the reality is none of this came to pass on April 20th, but Lasher will embarrass himself to claim it had!

"And what happened with Milton's prophecy, that Charisma News recorded on Wednesday, Apr. 19th? Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg had a change of heart of Thursday, Apr. 20. Now, the deposition of Mark Pomerantz will move forward. Pomerantz will testify in front of the House Judiciary Committee in regards to the historic arraignment of a former-U.S. president. It is still early in the proceedings for former President Donald Trump's legal battles, but with Republican control of the House Judiciary Committee, crucial information will not be so callously swept under the rug as it has been in past years." - James Lasher

Except Charisma made no public notice of recording the prophecy. More importantly, the news reports show that the "change of heart" for DA Bragg occurred on April 21, not the 20th. Oops. Now most in the false prophet network would scream - close enough! That is not how prophecy works, however. God is never wrong, even if it is just by one day. Putting that aside though, how in the world does Bragg's decision amount to the severity of the prophecies originally offered up? Bragg's case, while serious, is the least of the charges the former president faces. He still is facing charges of stealing the election in Georgia, including creating a slate of fake electors. He has the rape case moving forward, the classified documents case and the little matter of an insurrection to deal with. It seems the false prophets are pinning a lot of hope on Mr. Pomeranz. That aside, does Bragg's decision to play nice amount to the nation being shaken? Are settlements now on their way to the American people and Trump specifically? This is the result of speaking to mountains? No beloved. This is just another shill pretending to hear from God who overstepped his training on how to be a false prophet. He assigned a date and that date came and went with nothing happening. Charisma can try all it wants to scrub this story but in the end the dates do not align and the prophecies never came to pass no matter what date you want to use. Mark and avoid yet another scammer, grifter, prophet wannabe. Mark and avoid.

Reverend Anthony Wade - April 26, 2023

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