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Jennifer Leclaire Warns About False Prophets; Seriously

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They have seen false visions and lying divinations. They say, 'Declares the Lord,' when the Lord has not sent them, and yet they expect him to fulfill their word. -- Ezekiel 13: 6 (ESV)

The truth is often stranger and funnier than fiction. We have covered Jennifer Leclaire and her random loony tunes that she sells as prophecy for a long time now. We just covered how her church building collapsed and she blamed it on a python spirit who was apparently having a tussle with that sneaky squid and the battle was so intense Jezebel herself had to break it up but not before the building could no longer take it. All kidding aside, Leclaire is part of the new breed of false prophets who brazenly fleece the flock of God promising all sorts of unbiblical things. For a measly 500 bucks you can attend Jennifer's school for prophets which she runs out of a Fort Lauderdale airport motel room. That same room houses the "school for seers" for another paltry $400. She created the "Ignite" prophetic network so you can establish street cred before venturing into your own false prophecy gig. So you can imagine my surprise when Charisma posted a video teaching from her today about three ways to recognize a false prophet, linked above.

Now, Jennifer begins with assertion that there is a bit of a civil war brewing in false prophecy circles these days. That is the second such admission from the cabal in recent days. Jennifer sees it as true prophets disagreeing and that they need to join hands and sing Kumbaya to correctly call out the truly false prophets. Yes, there is nothing more absurd beloved than Jennifer Leclaire, Chuck, Pierce, and Cindy Jacobs warning you of whom a false prophet is. Jennifer's first sign she called "savvy seduction" and it was relatively incoherent, although it has something to do with Jezebel, as nearly everything does in her life. It was the second last two signs that had me violently laughing. The first one is that false prophets make merchandise of the saint. Let that sink in for a minute as I paraphrase what she said:

"False prophets are usually associated with merchandising the saints. Fleecing the sheep as I call it. They market false miracles, offer manipulative prophetic words, and fabricate testimonies to get money out of your pockets." -- Jennifer Leclaire

Yes, merchandising the saints. Like creating a school for seers and prophets and charging exorbitant fees for both when those words mean literally the same thing biblically. Marketing false miracles? You mean like when you "released" the angels of abundant harvest back in January that just so happened to coincide with a book you were writing with the same title? Enticing people to buy your book with promises of excess and greedy dreams fulfilled by mystical angels? Is that what you meant? Manipulative prophetic words? Do you mean ear scratching and biblically vacuous only designed to feed our flesh? How about this one:

"I heard the Lord say "epic." "We are moving into a season of epic. We're moving from mega to epic. "My promises are epic. My thoughts toward you are epic." -- Jennifer Leclaire -- 2018

Yes, who can forget the time that Elijah prophesied Israel moving from jumbo to mammoth? Is the next prophetic word going to be gargantuan? I think you see the point beloved. Jennifer needs to stop robbing the people of God; I mean fleecing the sheep as she likes to say.

Her final observation of what makes up a false prophet is zero accountability. This one is a little more intricate. You see Jennifer has accountability. Granted it is from another false prophet but who is counting? Jennifer often brags about being under the covering of James Goll, who does have a far more extensive record of false prophesying. What does under the covering mean? It means you have bought protection like the old mafia racket. If anyone questions Jennifer's credibility within false prophetic circles she just points them to James Goll. No to be outdone, Jennifer pays it forward by creating her own fake network of false prophets, which she calls the ignite network. For a paltry $330 per year, you can have Jennifer be your covering. Now if this all sounds silly to you do not doubt yourself because it is. Yet in the seedy world of pretending to hear from God you need street cred and that is what you pay the more established false prophets for. In the mafia, it is called tribute. At Charisma News it is call accountability.

Don't fall for it beloved. The key verses were spoken to the false prophets of the day in Ezekiel's time but they stand for the Jennifer LeClaire's of today. They have seen false visions such as sneaky squid spirits. They proclaim lying divinations such as the angels of abundant harvest. She says "declares the Lord" when He has not sent her, and yet she still expects Him to fulfill her words. If we want to hear from God we need to only read our Bible. We do not need to be chasing false schools, false squids, and false prophets. Jennifer is right to sound the alarm but she need look no further than her own mirror to see who set it off.

Rev. Anthony.

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