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My Prophetic Snark for the Month of May -- Jennifer Leclaire Edition

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Image From Diary
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The conspiracy of her prophets in her midst is like a roaring lion tearing the prey; they have devoured human lives; they have taken treasure and precious things; they have made many widows in her midst. Her priests have done violence to my law and have profaned my holy things. They have made no distinction between the holy and the common, neither have they taught the difference between the unclean and the clean, and they have disregarded my Sabbaths, so that I am profaned among them. -- Ezekiel 22: 25-26 (ESV)

False prophetess Jennifer Leclaire has released her prophetic word for May and not a moment too soon! Already four days into the month, Jennifer needs to be more responsible. How are we expected to get by the first three days of the month without her fresh downloads from the Lord for us? I don't know about you beloved, but I didn't leave my house. Thank goodness I had some sick time stored up at work. I can't go out into this dangerous world armed with only the stale old Word found in the Bible! I mean c'mon. It's over 2000 years old! Jennifer tells me that God wants to do a new thing. Something about open heavens, atmospheric shifts and pouring wine into new wineskins. She says I am going to be washed over by waves of "suddenlies." I couldn't find that word in the Bible or the dictionary though. Maybe she meant for there to be a space between the "n" and the "l." Anywho, I can return to the world now that Jennifer has released the word for May. I felt compelled to share with you so you too can be prepared for the month ahead. Jennifer's Word for May is a call to return to sound orthodoxy, solo scriptura, and to break the yokes of false teachings from around our necks. Ok, just kidding! Here it is:

"Mega faith plus mega grace equals a mega movement." -- Jennifer Leclaire

I know! Who knew? This blew my mind it sounds so spiritual and yet so obvious! Normally Metamucil is needed for a mega movement but now we have the secret that has eluded us for over two thousand years! That ordinary faith is not going to work with the mega grace of God. This must be hidden somewhere in the depths of Leviticus or something. God wants mega movement, provides mega grace and here I come with my weak everyday faith in Him and His Word. What was I thinking? Jennifer was kind enough to put some meat on these bones for us. The following is not doctored by me in any way. These are the foreboding, harbingering words of omen for the body of Christ in these end days from Prophetess Jennifer. Please make sure you are seated for these somber and sobering words:

"My grace is sufficient for you and I've given you the measure of faith. I will move on your behalf when you step out in faith and rely on My grace to obey the words I have spoken to your heart. I will make impossible things possible. I will show you ways over, around and through things that have held you back in past seasons. I will make a way for you as you release faith-filled words and appropriate My grace that dwells on the inside of you. My grace offers you supernatural favor. My grace offers you supernatural power. My grace offers you whatever you need in the moment. Release your faith to walk in My grace, and you will see things move that seemed immovable. You will see Me move in ways you hoped and prayed for. You will see yourself move into a new dimension of my goodness. It's time to move." -- Jennifer Leclaire

Hmm"that did not seem so bad. Let's do a tally:

  • I will move on your behalf

  • I have spoken to your heart

  • I will make impossible things possible

  • I will show you ways over, around and through things that hold you back

  • I will make a way for you

  • I offer you supernatural favor

  • I offer you supernatural power

  • I offer you whatever you need in the moment

  • I will move immovable things for you

  • I will move in ways you have hoped and prayed for

  • You will move into a new dimension of my goodness

That's not bad at all beloved. That is 11 absurdly ridiculous promises from God in a prophecy lasting only 11 sentences. Not to mention there are seven references to the grace of God alone! Now that is mega-grace! Not only that but this is so biblical, isn't it? I mean who can forget the Weeping Prophet Jeremiah delivering the heartbreaking news to King Josiah that God has decreed that He make the impossible things possible. No? Surely we all remember when the Prophet Nathan confronted King David regarding the Lord declaring that David would be moving into a new dimension of God's goodness, right? Who can forget this classic exchange:

Nathan: You are the man!

David: I am the man?

Nathan: Yes! You are the man David (fist-bump)!

Yes, Jennifer Leclaire is just like the prophets who went before her. Delivering the tough words from the Lord about offering whatever is needed in that particular moment or bestowing supernatural favor and power. I am sure that Isaiah was moving in supernatural power when he was lamenting that he was a man of unclean lips. I am sure that The Prophet Michaiah must have been overwhelmed by the supernatural favor of God when King Ahab threw him into prison for prophesying the truth.

I think the point has been made, with tongue planted firmly in cheek. I hope my May Snark of the Month helps some people realize how false someone like Jennifer Leclaire is. God did not give her these 11 promises to deliver to everyone for the month of May. If He wanted to say something to His people it would be repent for the kingdom draws near. The problem is Jennifer can't sell that. But supernatural power? New dimensions of goodness? She can sure sell that to the undiscerning rubes. All of churchianity wants their itching ears scratched. We all want to hear about how God is going to move things out of our way and bring us supernatural favor and power! There is real damage here to consider though beloved. For every false word scatters people away from Christ. The key verses today are from Ezekiel. God is speaking about the Jennifer Leclaires of that day. How she is like a lion tearing its prey and devouring human lives. For every time you say what God has not said is a time you have held back the actual Gospel from them which is the only thing that has the power of God to save them. The Leclaires of the world have no problem taking treasure and precious things. She has also however, taken the holy Word of Almighty God and profaned it by turning it into a caricature to be mocked. She has taken what is clean and made it filthy. Let me leave you with a mega word for May you can truly take to heart:

Mega false prophecies, plus mega biblical ignorance equals a mega movement to hell. Mega count on it.

Rev. Anthony.

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