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NAR False Teachers Reach Global Summit of Heresy -- Cannot See Jesus In Front of Them

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I must admit I have heard the name of Che Ahn but never came across a sermon to review or topic to discuss. I knew he ran in the depths of the false teaching networks however so it would only be a matter of time. Above is a link to a recent article of his on Charisma News, regarding his recent annual Global Summit held at his church. This year's card was a star filled lineup of heretics across Charismania, including Chuck Pierce, General Cindy Jacobs, Bill Johnson, Lance Wallnau, Lou Engle, Patricia King and worship with the undeniably icky Rick Pino whose music often reads more like soft core pornography. No Rick; that is not Jesus leading you into his chambers. What a lineup of false teachers beloved! Was Alexander the Coppersmith busy? In all seriousness, Che Ahn wrote this to draw people to view the conference on his website but also he seems genuinely amazed that there was an emerging theme from the conference speakers. The truly amazing thing is that this theme is so unbiblical and shows that none of them can see our Lord Jesus Christ; even when He standing right in front of them. For some helpful foreshadowing, the title is, "Che' Ahn: It's Time for Davids to Arise!" Ugh. Let us reason together and be amazed for ourselves:

"Last week we hosted the HIM Global Summit Conference at HRock Church. It is such a blessing to gather and do life and ministry with the men and women who were a part of the Global Summit. Some I have known for over 30 years, and others are more recent brothers and sisters in Christ. For every conference we hold, each speaker is free to share on whatever they feel the Lord is saying; however, there always seems to be a consistent word that is released to the body of Christ during these meetings. This year was no exception, as there was a sense that the church was being encouraged to arise and defeat the "giants" in our lands, even when we are feeling weak or insignificant. A word such as this was so empowering and refreshing as we focused on how we can bring revival and reformation to our cities, states, and nations." -- Che Ahn

So the entire panel of heretics agreed that God was saying it is time to arise and defeat the giants in our lands? OK, why don't we start with inane Bible twisting? Beloved, as we have covered before, the Bible is not about you. It is not about me. It is about the fellow named Jesus Christ who just happened to be the Son of God. Not just the Gospel accounts mind you. Not just the Pauline letters which outline the New Testament church and doctrine. The entire Bible is about Jesus. From Genesis through Revelation. That includes the Old Testament. A funny thing happens when we realize the Bible is about Jesus. We start to think more about Him. We start to develop greater faith in Him. We start to focus less on our temporal circumstances. We become better witnesses for Him. People start to see Jesus in us. These hucksters actually believe there can be revival based upon a narcissistic gospel of self-idolization.

The actual truth God intended is always so much better than our personalization of Scripture. Throughout the Old Testament, God provides "types of Christ." These are biblical characters that foreshadow the coming Savior. Moses was a type of Christ because he led the people of God out of their slavery in Egypt just as Christ leads His people out of their slavery to sin. Jonah is considered a type of Christ for he spent three days in the belly of the fish as Jesus spent three days in the earth before the resurrection. These are important because they point to Jesus Christ thousands of years before He walked the earth. It shows the sovereignty and grand scheme of God's plan as well as keeping us focused on God instead of ourselves. So these heavyweights of heresy all got together and agreed that you are David in this story.

Except you are not David. Jesus is David. You have to laugh when you realize that a gaggle of some of the most egregious false teachers on the planet all got together for a weekend to agree that they cannot see Jesus when He is standing plainly before them. The children of God could not go up against Goliath. They needed a deliverer. They needed a Savior. They needed a substitute. David was not even a full grown man and Jesus was nothing to look upon. David goes as the same lamb to slaughter as Jesus would thousands of years later. All look bleak and hopeless. David carries a slingshot and Jesus carries the cross -- both instruments of His victory. Beloved we are not facing down giants in the Valley of Elah. If we are anyone in this story we are the cowering people of God, desperately needing David to walk onto the scene and save us. Ahn continues:

"Run Toward Your Giants - David knew that it wasn't in the armor that he found his strength, but in his God. This is how he could run to the battlefront--the battle was already won. As revivalists and reformers of society, we may feel that our sphere and mountain of influence is a "giant," too big for us to face or make an impact in. But we must know that we aren't to wear Saul's armor or look like the world we are wanting to influence. Instead, we must realize that in our weakness and dependence on God, He will make us strong and anoint us with favor for victory in our spheres of influence and in the nations." -- Che Ahn

Dear Lord. Do you know what would happen if you ran towards your giants? They would take that weavers beam spear and impale you. You are not David! Spiritually what these charlatans are robbing you of is the divine assurance we have in Christ. They are teaching you to rely upon yourself. Run towards your giants! What dangerous nonsense. Then we see the glaring NAR influence behind these speakers and Che Ahn. We are not called to be reformers of society beloved -- not even close. We are in fact called to be pilgrims and sojourners through this land. There are no mountains of influence we should be working on other than our own obedience to Christ and refusal to accept anything less than the full Gospel of Jesus Christ within our churches. We are not called to try and wear Saul's armor. The Bible does not promise and end times revival but rather an end times apostasy. Do you know why? Because hundreds of thousands of people who are in the church follow teachers such as these. There is no reviving this beloved. There is only the continual falling away.

"But He said to me, "My grace is sufficient for you, for My strength is made perfect in weakness." Therefore most gladly I will boast in my weaknesses, that the power of Christ may rest upon me. So I take pleasure in weaknesses, in reproaches, in hardships, in persecutions, and in distresses for Christ's sake. For when I am weak, then I am strong (2 Cor. 12:9-10).

Brian Simmons, Johnny Enlow and other speakers referenced King David as a prophetic symbol for the season we are stepping into as reformers of culture and society." - Che Ahn

It is so sad to see people so enamored with themselves and steeped in false doctrine that they cannot even see how their attempts to wield scripture only further solidifies their falseness. Che Ahn and his wolf pack are not taking pleasure in their weaknesses here. They are in fact taking pleasure in usurping the power of God for their own glory. David is a prophetic symbol beloved but only of the Messiah to come. True to NAR form, they are interested in reforming our culture and society instead of preaching the Gospel to save people from it. That is because they love and idolize this world. They revel in their own carnality while convincing themselves of their own piety.

"One of the moments during the Global Summit that was of particular importance was when my good friend and respected prophet, Chuck Pierce, said on the opening night of the conference: Up until now HIM (Harvest International Ministry) has been known for apostles, but HIM is going to be known for the harvest. This is significant, because I also shared a word during the conference that true revival includes the reformation of society. HIM will be moving forward in reformation as we move forward in bringing in the lost! There were other strategies for reformation shared by the speakers, such as Bill Johnson, Lance Wallnau, Mark Chironna, Patricia King and more. Mark Chironna reminded us that reformation begins in the heart, which is why we must turn our pain into praise and our darkness into a backdrop for the Lord's glory. Lance Wallnau brought clarity to our role as revivalists and reformers when he declared that, "revival is personal, but reformation is institutional." And Bill Johnson imparted a word of wisdom for us as leaders and influencers, that all leadership has two basic functions: to protect and empower. We are empowered to rule so that we would protect and released to serve so that we would empower. This is what true servant leadership looks like." -- Che Ahn

No Che. This is what the Great Apostasy looks like. Chuck Pierce is a loony tune, not a respected prophet. He once bestowed a mantle upon Mormon political operative Glenn Beck. If HIM is moving into the realm of harvester that only means more people will be falsely converted. Just as Jesus rebuked the Pharisees for traveling to world to make a single convert, Chuck Pierce will only serve to make people twice the son of hell that he is. Lance Wallnau? This is the guy who took a 50-50 shot on Trump and because Trump won, he acts as if he is the second coming of Isaiah. He is also behind the "Trump is Cyrus" nonsensical prophecies. Patricia King claims to have visited heaven and seen many barrels of wine there. Perhaps she visited many barrels of wine and thought she saw heaven there. That I can believe. Bill Johnson is perhaps one of the top three heretics on this planet right now. We are not empowered to rule -- that is NAR heresy. We are empowered to be obedient to Jesus Christ. That was the whole point of the verses Che just quoted about there being power in weakness!

I think we get the point beloved. This is what it looks like when wolves gather for a summit to discuss their plans for the next slaughter. They prop each other up and pretend they are receiving the same message from God so they can appear super spiritual. But all you need to debunk them is an open Bible and an understanding of who you are in relation to who Christ is. Only so many debased and carnal minds could all conclude that we must be David and to run towards our giants. Only such egregious false teachers could stare Jesus in the face and see only themselves.

Rev. Anthony

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