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Navigating Beth Moore's Tweetstorm Regarding Her Disobedience

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I do not permit a woman to teach or to exercise authority over a man; rather, she is to remain quiet. For Adam was formed first, then Eve; and Adam was not deceived, but the woman was deceived and became a transgressor. -- 1Timothy 2:12-14 (ESV)

Beth Moore is very popular, especially with women believers. Her heresies are subtle but obvious if you approach her with an open bible. Recently she has made a lot of noise about the "me too" movement in the world and tried to drag it into the church because deep down she knows she has been disobedient to God for many years by preaching at all. In her rebuke of everything male inside the church she recently had a one sided exchange with a theologian who disagreed with her. This is summarized by Relevant Magazine at the link above. Let us reason together through Beth's rantings.

"Beth Moore remains one of the most forceful and fearless Christian leaders in the game, and she recently stoked the fires of controversy by expressing -- again -- her longtime opposition to sexism in the church -- particularly when it comes to women not being allowed to preach." -- Relevant Magazine

Beth Moore is not a Christian leader. She is a false teacher in rebellion to the word of God. Her fearlessness in not having an appropriate fear of God. She may not seem as egregious as many false teachers today but consider a previous summary from this ministry:

"Beth Moore is a false teacher. Flat out false. The company she keeps reveals her falseness before you even have to get into her doctrine. She preaches at Joel Osteen's church, Hillsong, and many other international false churches. She is buddies with false pastrix Christine Caine and Joyce Meyer. This alone disqualifies her. But her teachings are even worse. She espouses new age spirituality and contemplative prayer. She is widely regarded as an ecumenicist and routinely claims direct auditory revelation from God. Despite these things, Beth can be very subtle. She can say a lot of right things. She can say a lot of plausible things. As preachers and pastors however it is our job to discern and not further propagate someone we already know to be false. Why? Because even if the quote you are citing is 100% true, you are inadvertently leading people back to the false teacher." -- Anthony Wade

Her assertion about women being allowed to preach was recently rebuffed by a theologian named Owen Strachan who tweeted, "women do not preach on Sunday to the church "We will not capitulate here." Now, I do not know Mr. Strachan but he is 100% correct here for reasons abundantly clear in the key verse today. Moore was having none of it however and she unleashed a tweet storm in response. Let us reason together through these waters Mrs. Moore likes to muddy so much:

"Owen, I am going to say this with as much respect & as much self restraint as I can possibly muster. I would be terrified to be a woman you'd approve of. And I would have wasted 40 years of my life encouraging women to come to know and love Jesus through the study of Scripture." -- Beth Moore (@BethMooreLPM) May 9, 2019

The fact that Moore has spent 40 years in disobedience to God is not indicative that she is somehow correct. It also may not be "wasteful" in that the Lord can use anyone but the portions of false teaching she will answer for. Where she taught people to engage in contemplative prayer -- she will answer for. Even this tweet is undeniably arrogant in needing to express that she has to show restraint. She also tries to make the issue about Strachan instead of what the bible actually says. It is not that Owen Strachan disapproves of your preaching Beth -- God does.

"The first one is that I have a very active daily practice of repentance. I never have nothing to repent of. You need not worry if I am aware of my own sins, flaws & weaknesses. I am. You can know I am hashing out things on my face on the floor before God every day. That said, -- Beth Moore (@BethMooreLPM) May 11, 2019

Now Moore tries to play up her piety instead of providing a biblical response, because she has none. Mr. Strachan never said anything about her personal repentance or sins. He simply stated a biblical truth in response to her very loud disobedience. You can be on your face 24-7 but if you have convinced yourself your darkness is light, how deep is that darkness?

"There are countless conservative Complementarians I very much respect & deeply love even though I may not fully understand their interpretations of certain Scriptures as the end of the matter. I love the Scriptures. I love Jesus. I do not ignore 1 Tim or 1 Cor. What I plead for -- Beth Moore (@BethMooreLPM) May 11, 2019

No Beth you absolutely ignore 1Timothy. It says, "I do not permit a woman to teach or to exercise authority over a man." I did not interpret that Beth -- I read it. If you love scripture you would obey it even if it hurts. If you love Jesus you would listen to what He has said through His word. Do you remember His lament about why bothering to call Him Lord if you will not do what He says? This is the situation He was speaking about Beth.

"Above all else, we must search the attitudes & practices of Christ Jesus himself toward women. HE is our Lord. He had women followers! Evangelists! The point of all sanctification & obedience is toward being conformed to HIS image. I do not see 1 glimpse of Christ in this sexism." -- Beth Moore (@BethMooreLPM) May 11, 2019

This is why you are such a bad teacher Beth. Above all else we ought to seek out what the scripture already says, not try to "search attitudes and practices." Is God unclear in scripture Beth? Above all else when a scripture says "I do not permit" we should believe God and not try and find a loophole in some perceived practice or attitude. Do you know why Beth? Because ascertaining attitudes and practices requires the involvement of our wickedly deceitful hearts whereas what God has said is simply what He has said. Yes Jesus had women followers but no disciples. No one in leadership. No one exercising authority over men. None, zero, nada. Perhaps the most frightening admission you make here is you thing God is sexist. Yes Beth; that is what you are saying. The reason you do not see a glimpse of Christ is that you have pre-determined what you believe based on your life and your feelings, not scripture. In fact, the only two scriptures you vaguely referenced disagree with your position 100%! God said you could do anything for Him in His kingdom except one thing and like Eve and Lucifer before you; the one thing is still more desirable. God is not sexist Beth. You're just disobedient.

"Here is what you don't understand. I have loved the SBC & served it with everything I have had since I was 12 years old helping with vacation Bible school. Alongside ANY other denomination, I will serve it to my death if it will have me. And this is how I am serving it right now." -- Beth Moore (@BethMooreLPM) May 11, 2019

You still don't get it Beth. We do not have to understand all of the carnal reasons why you think you are right. Your involvement with a denomination does not make you special nor give you the right to violate God's word. Your bow down here to ecumenicalism is yet another facet of your falseness. I know you do not believe what I am saying Beth. You have spent 40 years, since the age of 12, in utter disobedience to God. While repentance would be desirable, the bible says your destruction sleeps not Beth. You will answer one day for all you have led astray. Until then my hope is those that follow you will read about these matters, seek what the bible actually says and be freed from false teachers such as yourself. In Jesus name.

Rev. Anthony

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