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Steve Strang -- Pimping Carnality as Christianity Through Charisma News

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"I did not send the prophets, yet they ran; I did not speak to them, yet they prophesied. But if they had stood in my council, then they would have proclaimed my words to my people, and they would have turned them from their evil way, and from the evil of their deeds. -- Jeremiah 23: 21-22 (ESV)

It is far beyond time for believers in Jesus Christ to walk away from Charisma News. The one time bastion of Charismatic perspectives the current online version is a cesspool of conspiracy theories, false witness, and Dominionist NAR theology that spends most of its time serving the wicked hearts of political men while propping up nearly every false teacher and prophet under the sun. While there is plenty of blame to go around a lion share must be laid at the feet of Steven Strang, the CEO and founder of Charisma. Strang is nothing short of a parasite trafficking in outright falsehoods and political garbage wrapped up in a pious bow. He uses the platform he created to advance his political agenda, pretending that it is in line with Christ and the Bible. His beliefs clearly support the New Apostolic Reformation teachings of the Seven Mountains Mandate. These folks believe they must conquer the seven cultural mountains of this world to facilitate the second coming of Christ. Strang however also mixes in a xenophobic and false nationalism dressed up as Christianity as well. He sells America as an idol to us just as Sodom was once an idol to Lot. He dreams of an America past that never existed and he is taking far too many Christians down the broad path, worshipping this country as their God. Today's obnoxious and noxious offering is found at this link:

For the uninformed, Lance Wallnau is a false prophet extraordinaire. He is the huckster that prophesied that God was raising up Donald Trump to be a "wrecking ball" in America and claimed that God will use him as He used King Cyrus. But something happened on the way to the election. Something dark and evil that Strang and Wallnau did not foresee. Something named Donald Trump. They got in bed with the devil and now they are stuck. The national polls have Trump down by double digits and a potential electoral landslide is imminent. If this holds true, the good news is Lance Wallnau will be completely exposed by God as the false prophet that he is.

This short article appears to be only published to try and garner more support for Trump so his buddy doesn't look bad when his wrecking ball prophecy gets wrecked. In the wicked carnal heart of Steve Strang he must now seek to place blame for the false prophecy that is close to being revealed. As if this is not bad enough, his mannerism and approach is even more carnal and angry than usual:

"I'm sickened by the self-righteous, weak-kneed "evangelicals" who want to be like by the culture they are trying to win so much that they compromise and actually play into the hands of the enemy. -- Steve Strang

This is what happens when you pretend to be Christian but you are only serving your own idolatry and carnality. Even according to the title of this article, the musings of Wallnau are called a prophecy. Well what does that mean biblically? It means Lance Wallnau is presuming to speak for God. It is not that Wallnau is saying he thinks Donald Trump is a wrecking ball and will be used as King Cyrus was. No beloved. Wallnau is claiming God is saying these things. So Mr. Strang, why are you so upset at the people you label as self-righteous and weak kneed Evangelicals? Why are you upset that people rightly expressed outrage at the lewd and lascivious comments from Trump in 2005? Can they sway enough people to not vote for Trump if God has decreed he will be this wrecking ball and King Cyrus? Why is it so dire that people listen to your podcast and repost your nonsense on social media? Is God still God? If He speaks is there anything that can stop what He has declared? In his fever to see the carnal man he wants elected, Strang exposes himself as a fraud. Prophecy is prophecy. When prophets in the Bible declared thus sayeth the Lord they did not have to rally support for it to come to pass. They did not have to write articles and do podcasts to ensure that it came to pass. Do you know why Steve? Because God said it!

I wrote at the time of this false prophecy the absurd nature of it. The complete misusing of the story of King Cyrus. The silliness of the wrecking ball vision Wallnau claimed to have received from God. But this is the norm across the Charismaniacal landscape. False prophets emboldened to make ridiculous prophecies in the name of the Lord and when it doesn't pan out they will find a place to lay the blame elsewhere or talk about how a 65% accuracy rating is acceptable when the Bible says one wrong prophecy and you are forever a false prophet. Consider the key verses today from the days of Jeremiah, an actual prophet of the Lord. There is nothing new under the sun beloved. What is past is prologue. God did not send Lance Wallnau yet he chose to run with his carnal prophecies born out of his wicked idolatry of this country. God did not speak to Lance Wallnau. He gave him no vision of Trump being a wrecking ball. He gave him no insight into the story of King Cyrus. If Wallnau had truly stood in the council of the Lord then he would have proclaimed words to the people of God; not to the world. He would have proclaimed words to Christians about their evil deeds in these last days. He would have warned them to turn from their evil ways. Their evil ways of constantly looking to man to solve their problems through politics. Their evil ways of idolizing the Sodom that they live in. Their evil ways of following false prophets like Wallnau and idolatry pimps like Strang.

That is the beauty of an article like this. It exposes not only the falseness of Lance Wallnau but the sheer wickedness of Steve Strang and his bully pulpit of Charisma News. Strang does not use Charisma to serve the Lord but rather to serve himself and his political operatives. The majority of the stories you see on Charisma these days are defending the most indefensible man to ever run for president or propping up the most absurd false teachers and prophets of our day like Jennifer Leclaire, Bill Johnson, and countless others. The Bible says that we are either gathering people to Christ or scattering them away. It is clear that Strang is in the business of scattering them away. The Bible also says to mark those and avoid them who cause division in the body through doctrine contrary to Christ. Sadly, it is well beyond the time for discerning Christians to mark Steve Strang and Charisma News as such.

Rev. Anthony.

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