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The Calamari Queen Venturing into New Seer Dimensions of Glory, Seriously

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You see, we are not like the many hucksters who preach for personal profit. We preach the word of God with sincerity and with Christ's authority, knowing that God is watching us. - 2Corinthians 2:17 (NLT)

'I Am Mantling Seers With an Anointing for a New Dimension of Glory' -- Charisma News

Jennifer "Sneaky Squid Spirit" LeClaire is back again. Jennifer is a false profitess who runs her shop out of a room at the Fort Lauderdale Airport Holiday Inn. From there she runs multiple Christian based scams such as teaching you how to drown marine demons and no, I am not kidding. She once claimed to be able to release an army of angels that were on strict assignment to provide an abundant harvest for you. She even wrote a book about it, which she released at the same time. Ahh, brilliant marketing. The above link is to her latest article on Charisma News claiming a new, direct revelation from God. No joke as God apparently had lunch with Jennifer because this was a long and detailed word He gave her. She must have had a stenographer present. Anywho, let us reason once more together through complete unreasonableness.

"When I had an encounter with the Lord last fall at the Apostolic Council of Prophetic Elders--an encounter that led me to start raising up seers and seeing people--I had no idea the journey the Lord would take me on through the seer realm. There are hidden mysteries and secret places He's inviting me--and many others--into. As I've studied the Bible and pressed into the Holy Spirit's revelation, He has given me what I believe are key words for seers in this season. Here is one prophetic word I received before I left for my life-changing journey through Sweden and London:" - Jennifer LeClaire

The first thing we need to understand is that the false prophets network that has been established within he apostate church is an industry. It generates money and a lot of it. As such there are too many interested parties to allow it to be exposed as false or to lose the ability to continue to earn that money. There are plenty of people whose sole source of income is from fake prophetic words. Jennifer LeClaire is one of them. In order to build legitimacy within the ranks of the body of Christ, the network sets up systems to lend credibility to each other under the ruse of answering to authority. Jennifer for example is under the "covering" of James Goll. This means as Jennifer was an up-and-coming scammer she gave Goll enough money to vouch for her credibility. Once she was more established, Jennifer created her own network where she can be your covering for the right price. The Apostolic Council of Prophetic Elders (ACPE) is a larger covering of credibility. This is where all of the dues paying false prophets gather together to make themselves look and sound more professional and official than they really are. People like Cindy Jacobs, Stacey "Headshaker" Campbell and the aforementioned Goll are but three of the false dignitaries. They meet early each year and then "release" what they say the Lord has given them for the upcoming year. Here was the opening of the 2020 Report:

"2020 is significant in that it is literally a new era. One of the words God has given is that we're going to grow into our own skin. What do I mean by that? We're going to grow into the purpose of God that He has for us. It's time to intentionally ask, "What is my purpose? Where am I going in life and how do I achieve that? And how do I do come into conversion (a place where our full gifts, our full abilities are used)?" It's a very exciting season." - 2020 ACPE Report

Strange, as I would have led with the impending pandemic that would forever change the landscape of the entire world. Except COVID was not mentioned anywhere in the report. So a bunch of people who make their living pretending to hear from God get together to hear from Him for what 2020 will hold and no one gets a word about a deadly virus that is about to sweep the planet? That is all you need to know about the real credibility of the ACPE and charlatans such as Jennifer LeClaire. If she ever had a real encounter with the real God He would rebuke her for lying on His behalf and stealing money from His people. We see the classic Gnostic invite here. There are secrets! There are hidden realms! He has already invited me because I am so special but maybe He wants to invite you too! So now let us examine the supposed word she received while "pressing in."

"I am mantling seers in this season--seers who have turned to see the voice speaking to them, to record the dreams and visions I have revealed to them, and to steward the mysteries I've unlocked to them--with an anointing to enter into a new dimension of My grace, My revelation and My glory. I am inviting My seers to forget about the persecution of the past and embrace the next level of My calling for them. I am opening the eyes of believers who have been crying out for their hearts to be enlightened. I will pour out visions, dreams, spiritual encounters and utterances that eye has not seen nor ear heard. I am calling you to rise up and look again and again and again; to be watchful in the Spirit because I will show you things to come in the days ahead. I will show you new dimensions of My glory. I will show you the enemy's operations. I will even show you the intents and motives of hearts. You can go as deep and far as you choose to go. I am inviting you to study My Word. I am inviting you to study My heart. Your dedication to the study of your gift will unlock more and more, and the mantle will cause you to operate in higher realms. Don't neglect the study of My Word. Stay rooted and grounded in My holy Scriptures for this is your safeguard against deception in an hour where I will pour out a new wave of anointing on My seers. Do not move beyond the boundaries of My Word but do not reject spiritual experiences without deep study because I am going to do some things in this hour that go beyond milk. I am offering My seers the meat of the Word--deeper revelations many around you will not understand but that you will embrace by faith." - Jennifer LeClaire

Mantling seers? That sounds painful. This is what the false prophet crowd loves to do. They take obscure biblical references and blow them up into super spiritual teachings that the bible and God never intended. Are there mantles in the bible? Yes. They were usually cloaks that were worn. Elijah was known as someone who wore a mantle, which was once used to perform a miracle. Elisha took this mantle when Elijah was taken away to heaven. So where did the Lord commission mantles to be used by seers? When did He turn the word mantle into a verb? Only in the depths of Jennifer LeClaire's wickedly deceitful heart. That is the same place where such bad teachings arise as there being new dimensions of the glory of God. This fantasy land that LeClaire creates is the only place where imaginary mantles allow you to operate in higher realms. The tug of war between the surety of scripture and the wickedness of the heart LeClaire states here is painful. Beloved we do not need an invitation nor some esoteric seer visitation to study the word of God and go as deep as we want to go. It is true that the more we study His word the more we will be protected from deception. Such deceptions however include silly notions about new waves of anointings for seers. That is not the meat of the word. That is rancid, rotten and should be avoided at all cost.

"I am dissecting this word, praying through this word and seeking to walk in this word. The seer ministry has been largely rejected in the body of Christ, but the Lord is shining a light on this gift. We can expect the enemy to rise up and pervert what God is raising up, hence His admonition to stay rooted in Scripture even as the Spirit takes you places you've never seen." - Jennifer LeClaire

There is no gift of being a seer. Jennifer made it up. You see, Jennifer ran a fake school for prophets, where she taught you to be a prophet even though that is supposed to be an appointment from God. This was one of many scams you can sign up for on her website, including a school for people who want to be an apostle! These range from 300 to 500 dollars per semester. So one day Jennifer wanted to create a new school, with new charges so she created this realm of seers nonsense. Allegedly, a seer is just a prophet who is given dreams by God. The body of Christ rejecting this teaching means they are discerning correctly. All this is beloved is more super-spiritual gobbledygook from a huckster seeking to profit personally as the key verses teach us. I expect no less from the Calamari Queen. Discern and learn. Mark and avoid.

Reverend Anthony

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