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The Cruel Church - Trampling on the Dead with New CDC 6% COVID Lie

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As I wrote about earlier in the week, there is a new lie/talking point for those who live in a world of fiction. A world where COVID is a deep state conspiracy. Sometimes you can spot these people easier than others. Like the crazy doctor who also believes in alien DNA conspiracies. Or the hireling pastors who only want to get back to fleecing their flock amidst the purpose driven utopia they had created. It is not a surprise that Charisma News has fallen into this group because they are hardcore NAR dominionists. This new lie is that the Center for Disease Control quietly released a new report proving that only 6% of the COVID reported deaths actually came from COVID. The heck you say! The above linked article is from someone named Amir George who is part of the "president prayer team." Mr. George should not quit his day job because he clearly does not understand medicine, viruses, or CDC reports. I am going to skip the gratuitous opening where he somehow compares the release of the CDC report to the "big lie" as told by Adolph Hitler. Let's just cut straight to the real nonsense and debunk it easily:

"The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention finally released the data on COVID-19 from Feb. 1 to Aug. 22 and came to the astounding conclusion that "for 6% of the deaths, COVID-19 was the only cause mentioned." This news came amazingly, seemingly without any introspection that 94% of all people who died from the virus died from another cause and not solely because of the virus." - Amir George

This is the first lie that has been propagated in this story. That the CDC "finally" released" this data. This is untrue. This data has been readily available and regularly updated since as far back as March. I saw an April 15 report that had the percentages at 90/10 and now it is at 94/6. Not really a groundbreaking change at all. But it simply does not fit the overall untrue narrative they wish to sell. That there has been some deep conspiracy to cover up the alleged truth. That there really has not been any pandemic. The second lie contained here in the opening is regarding the nature of viruses. They attack the weaker if one would just think logically. So if you line up a perfectly healthy man with a man with diabetes for example, the person with diabetes has a far greater chance for more negative outcomes. Those outcomes however are caused by the underlying condition but rather the introduction of the virus. Is this revelatory in any way? Is someone surprised by this?

"The cause of death were varied, but included "respiratory conditions such as influenza and pneumonia, respiratory failure and respiratory arrest, as well as circulatory conditions such as hypertensive diseases, cardiac arrest and heart failure, sepsis, diabetes, renal failure and Alzheimer's disease," all the information taken from death certificates and finally totaled. The CDC continued to call the report "the most reliable source of data" while telling the deceptive story that as of Monday, the U.S. has surpassed 6 million coronavirus cases and 183,000 deaths. This means that for all these months, as many have believed, other than a small percentage of deaths, nearly all the coronavirus deaths were in fact not caused by COVID-19 at all but by preexisting conditions." - Amir George

No, no, no. It is so frustrating to watch Christians who cannot stay in their lanes insist on talking about things they clearly have no clue about. It appears that Mr. George is simply regurgitating Facebook memes without doing any objective research. The report Mr. George is referring to is a comorbidity report. It lists all the conditions some had at the time of the death. Where he sees listed "sepsis, renal failure and pneumonia" he is not looking at causes of death. These are comorbid conditions. They are what the person had along with COVID when they died. When he states that these people did not actually die from COVID he only makes a jackass of himself. First of all, many of the conditions listed were CAUSED by COVID and at the time of death both conditions existed. Where do you think the respiratory arrest came from? Yes some had pre-existing condition which the COVID feasted on but the person still ultimately died because they contracted COVID. If someone had diabetes they would still be alive if they had not contracted the virus.

"After six months of terror in which average citizens cowered in fear, afraid to go outside or talk to other people, their lives destroyed and businesses shut down, it turns out that, while of course there is an actual coronavirus, it only took 6% of the lives it was reported to have taken. This confirmed the consistent word on the street that, while dangerous, this virus was not even close to the terrible pandemic that had been predicted, wreaking far less misery than expected. More deaths came from unrelated causes than from the actual virus itself." - Amir George

So many lies and distortions. First of all, we were not "cowering in fear." We are using wisdom, as the bible commands us to. Secondly, it is a flat-out dangerous lie to mangle the CDC report to mean that only six percent of COVID deaths count. That if there was another condition at the time of death, even conditions caused by COVID, are somehow not attributable to the virus. It is a cruel lie that spits in the face of the dead. There are 25 million people infected worldwide with over 850,000 deaths. Besides those who die, many are permanently suffering. Plus, what does this say about how we care about people who may not be perfectly healthy? Is Christ honored by this callousness?

"It behooves believers, in particular the 37 million who did not vote in 2016, to stand up, be strong and in only 63 days, stand valiantly with a leader who said, "the forgotten men and forgotten women will be forgotten no longer." And truly, those who were "forgotten" once again with this massive lie need to be defended at all costs." - Amir George

So let me get this straight. The CDC releases a report and updates it for the past five months and now you seize on it like it has just been revealed. You then insist that people come out and vote for the very man who is in charge of the CDC now! This is Donald Trump's CDC! I look forward to the day that Christians are not the stupid people anymore. Commenting on matters they clearly do not understand and too intellectually lazy to do the work needed to gain insight. This is why we are mocked around the world. This is what damages the cause for the Gospel and our witness. Why would anyone want to hear what you have to say about God when you are this dishonest and so heartless as to not care about so many people lying dead before us.

Rev. Anthony.

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