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Turning God Into Santa and Willie Wonka

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And no wonder, for even Satan disguises himself as an angel of light. So it is no surprise if his servants, also, disguise themselves as servants of righteousness. Their end will correspond to their deeds. - 2Corinthians 11: 14-15 (ESV)

I link the above article from Charisma Magazine in case people doubt the insanity I am about to speak about. I do not know who the author Bob Hartley is but his bio indicates that he is not only a youth pastor but a well sought out public speaker. Now we can add pawn of Satan to that impressive resume. False prophet. Deceived and deceiver. You see Bob Hartley claims in this article that he dreamed he was sitting at a table chatting with God when the Lord revealed to him that this is time of released inheritances for the children of God. Hartley giddily exclaims that he has never seen God's eyes so full of wonder and excitement. God went on to say that He has placed inheritances in our bank account to be withdrawn at the right time and hallelujah! That time is apparently upon us! As if this was not enough blasphemous nonsense, Hartley jumps off the cliff by completely turning God into a cartoon character.

"He kept saying "Did you get the memo?" and that it's time to write a check on the deposit of inheritance He had given us. Those around the table were looking bewildered but excited and intrigued. He kept saying "Didn't you get the memo?" He was so fun and alive. He said "You have an inheritance as kings and queens ... this is yours."

Next, He put us in little red wagons and pulled us up the hill to show us what our inheritance was. I felt like the one from Luke 15 who hadn't realized his inheritance that he had at home.

He said: "It's time to cash in on these golden tickets." I saw that each of us had many golden tickets, like what you get when you are at a carnival and you throw the ball and hit the target. We had hundreds of these golden tickets in our hands and each one was incredibly precious. However, there were 16 that he was allowing us to cash in on for the year 2016. I thought it was kind of gamesical, but he said it was fun.

You can either worry like a man or trust and receive like a child. Receive your 16 golden tickets for this 16th year and take your time like you did when you made out your list to Santa and make it out to me. Your 16 requests for your 16 inheritances. And whatever you are thinking, make it bigger."

I said to myself and to the Lord that I had never read or heard of anything like this in the Bible and it sounded like charismatic jambalaya. But He said, "Haven't you ever heard of the prophet I told to strike the rock again and again for the blessings, or Nathan and the waters, or the coin out of the fish's mouth, or the five loaves and two fishes? I'm a lot more fun than you think, and I love to give great substantial gifts that are life changers. Wait on Me alone, wait on Me with friends who can believe for great things for you and cash your checks on your inheritance."

He gave me a picture in the dream of Willie Wonka and the chocolate factory (I wish it was more biblical, but I just got to tell you it happened), how a pauper got an inheritance, but there was one thing required of him, and it was to be humble ... everybody was wrong and had made mistakes, but Charlie would pass the test of humility and receive God's great gift of the kingdom.

"It's time the golden ticket is released and inheritance gained." - Bob Hartley

Beloved, you simply cannot make this stuff up. God putting us in little red wagons and giving us golden tickets to cash in. Sixteen for the year 2016? Treat your prayers to him like you treated your list to Santa? Visions of Willie Wonka? Gamesical? God is a lot more fun than we think? Ironically, some truth came out as this is nothing more than Charismatic jambalaya. The reason he had never seen nor read anything like this in the Bible is because it is not in the Bible. It is only in his wicked heart. The sad thing is that even though he realizes it is completely unbiblical, he still entertains these false visions as if God is involved. The examples of Nathan, the coin in the mouth of the fish and the loaves and fishes are all in the Bible. God giving us rides in red wagons and carnal checks to cash are not.

But it is clear that the Bible means nothing to Mr. Hartley. If it did he would not so brazenly take the story of the prodigal son and turn it into an excuse for greed and avarice. The story that is a representation of the salvation we have in Jesus Christ means so little to him that it reminds him of cashing inheritance checks. Now I always try to give people the benefit of the doubt so I will assume that Mr. Hartley did in fact have this dream. Our key verses however remind us that even Satan and his emissaries disguise themselves as angels of light. Hartley claims that he was visited by an angel named Hope but we know this was no angel from God because none of what is revealed is in agreement with His Word. Thus he is either a liar or deceived. Deceived by an angel of light and Satan himself to lead people away from Jesus Christ. To have Christians take their eyes off of their Savior.

Because that is what absurd claims like this does beloved. It takes our eyes off the eternal inheritance we have in Christ and places them instead upon the carnal fleshly riches of this world. While this article may be written off as being beyond the pale we must realize the polluting nature of it. That it appears on Charisma, still highly regarded in Charismatic circles speaks volumes for the downward slide of doctrine within Pentecostalism. The blog title is "Prophetic Insight from Charisma." As if there is anything prophetic at all about this nonsense that would probably make Joel Osteen blush. I was not going to write about it at all but I was reminded of the times when people defended equally absurd things. Is Mr. Hartley's fairy tales any more ridiculous than preaching a sermon from the new Star Wars movie? How about singing a sexed up version of Silent Night during a Christmas service? How about the once proud Assemblies of God in bed with the likes of Bill Johnson and Roma Downey? Granted this article is so obscenely grotesque that many should be able to dismiss it out of hand but it really is just a microcosm of the state of the church and what it is willing to tolerate in these last days. It is only a slight exaggeration of what we see preached every Sunday across the pews of America. This article is the end result of believing this is your best life now or that we were destined to reign.

Lest we forget that God is coming back and He will not be dragging a little red wagon behind Him. He will come back for His spotless bride, the real church. He will separate the wheat from the chaff with His winnowing fork. We all will hear one of two things. Well done my good and faithful servant or I never knew you.

What? Didn't you get the memo?

Rev. Anthony.

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