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What Is Really Wrong with the Michael Brown/Scooby-Doo Investigation Of Todd Bentley

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Let the elders who rule well be considered worthy of double honor, especially those who labor in preaching and teaching. -- 1Timothy 5:17 (ESV)

Inspector Shaggy Clouseau-Brown stopped writing pro-Trump pieces long enough yesterday to give the world an update on his Scooby-Doo investigation into the sordid Todd Bentley mess. As the Charismatic world waits with baited breath, many in the real world just pass by this silliness as it continues to erode the witness for Christ and His Gospel. So, let us briefly walk through this latest statement while discussing what is at the heart of this problem that so many are simply not talking about.

"Update on the Allegations Against Todd Bentley,

September 18, 2019

As a follow-up to our initial statement concerning allegations against Todd Bentley, here is our most recent update. First, all the major parties involved in this dispute, including Todd Bentley, Rick Joyner, and Stephen Powell, have welcomed the work of our panel. Also note that none of them have had any say as to who will serve on the panel, which has been tasked with acting impartially and fairly in the sight of God." -- Dr. Shaggy Brown

Dr. Brown goes out of his way to sound all official when the reality is that false teachers within the New Apostolic Reformation (NAR) asked him to leave his post as NAR Gatekeeper long enough to investigate a man who has already admitted his guilt and should never have been allowed back into ministry to begin with. Rick Joyner welcomes the panel? Who cares? If it were not for Joyner and Bill Johnson the sheepfold would have never seen the wolf Bentley again after the false revival at Lakeland Florida in 2008. People have balked at my mockery of this situation, with the Scooby-Doo references and the NAR clown car that went to Lakeland and anointed Bentley a prophet. Quite frankly the only one who should be offended is Scooby-Doo. At least he and those meddling kids were never neck deep in the controversy they were investigating. Unlike Brown that is. The truth is that Dr. Brown deserves nothing but contempt and mockery for his involvement and the enablement of the cancerous tumor that is Todd Bentley within the body of Christ.

Brown goes out of his way to cast as much doubt on the accusations as possible. If he were truly being impartial and fair in the sight of God he would stop covering up the fact that Bentley already confessed to sexting with his interns and providing lurid details of his wife's sexual prowess. This is point number one of what is really wrong with this sham investigation. Bentley has already confessed! The key verses remind us that those that labor well in teaching and preaching are worth double honor. Does anyone think Todd Bentley is worth double honor? Even single honor? Now there are other allegations, including offering $1000 for oral sex from a male intern, but does it matter if Bentley is somehow cleared of that? Does not his confession of sexting with interns the intimate details of his wife disqualify him from the pulpit? When Tully Tchividjian recently returned to ministry he was so deluded that he thought as long as the two people having the affair agreed consensually to the sex that everything was ok. Seriously, that was why he said he could return to ministry one year after being exposed as having committed adultery with one of the sheep God entrusted him with. This is how low we have set the bar for preaching God's word. We go by their purpose driven bonafides, such as generating crowds and money, instead of the basics of morality according to the bible. Shaggy continues:

"Second, an investigator with more than 20 years of police experience has received all the relevant evidence and is in the process of vetting each allegation. Please pray for the truth to come to light for the good of all involved. As for the panel that will review the evidence, we are not releasing their names at this point so they will not be inundated with comments on social media or via email and so that they may focus on the task at hand without outside distraction. Once they have finalized their opinions, their names, along with all relevant statements and findings, will be released to the general public." -- Scoobs Brown

The truth has come to light Dr. Brown. You are a gatekeeper for the very people you are investigating and those peripherally involved. The truth is that Todd Bentley never should have been allowed to maul the latest round of sheep he stands accused of. He never should have been put in a position to abuse his pastoral role and sext his interns and violate his second wife. The reason why he was is the second point abut what is really wrong with this investigation. It whitewashes history as if Lakeland didn't count. Even if Mr. Doo and his panel of former police and pastors come back with an innocent of all charges decision and overlook his confession that still does not address how we got here. Let's bullet point what is established historical fact:

* In 2008 Bentley oversaw a false revival that saw him kick people in the face and punch people with stage four pancreatic cancer in the stomach, while exclaiming Bam!

* Bentley blamed this horrific behavior on the Holy Spirit, saying God wanted him to assault people in order to "impart" healing.

* Bentley claimed he had a personal angel named Emma, whom he spoke with regularly.

* The NAR realized the earning potential of Bentley and sent a clown car full of false teachers to anoint him a prophet. This included Bill Johnson who prayed over him, as well as Joyner, Che Ahn and the founder of the NAR, C. Peter Wagner.

* Shortly thereafter, it came to light that Bentley was having an affair with his nanny and thus ended the Lakeland Nightmare.

* Bill Johnson and Rick Joyner oversaw Bentley's restoration, which included divorcing his first wife to marry his nanny. They announced him penitent and returned him into the sheepfold to again, tear apart the sheep of the Lord.

These are established facts beloved. No one disputes them. Even if Brown exonerates Bentley for 2019, how in the world does he condone 2008? The real problem with this investigation is it lends credibility to how Bentley was handled originally, which is where the problem began and persists from. Read that list again and ask yourself if that person should ever be allowed back into the sheepfold! Then when he is, are we really surprised when new accusations arise? Brown not releasing the names is just a ploy so that when the decision is reached the focus will have to be split. How weak is this panel that they need to be sequestered away in anonymity? How feckless are they that they could not investigate and answer email at the same time? The NAR enforcer concludes by trying to add piety to this sham.

"Once more, we covet your prayers for God's best for all involved, and, for the sake of unity and truth, may we follow these scriptural guidelines until everything is brought to light: "Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable in your sight, O LORD, my rock and my redeemer." (Psalms 19:14)" - Scrappy

There is nothing scriptural about this beloved. The true sadness is that everyone except the carnival barkers of the NAR can see it. There is nothing scriptural about physically assaulting people to heal them. That alone should disqualify Mr. Bentley from ever standing behind a pulpit again. It is an insult to common sense and decency to even suggest that the Holy Spirit was involved in that. There is nothing scriptural about then anointing the assailant a "prophet." There is nothing scriptural about having sex with your nanny behind your wife's back. There is nothing scriptural about pretending to restore such a reprobate to the pulpit after he has divorced his wife and married his adulteress. There is nothing scriptural about sexting with your interns behind your second wife's back and then send either pictures or stories about her sexual conduct to your interns. There is nothing scriptural about investigating all of this as if there can be any outcome other than the permanent removal of Mr. Bentley from preaching, which should have happened over ten years ago. You can quote Psalms all day long Scooby. Those with an ounce of discernment can see right through your sham and those pesky, meddling kids will find you out!

Rev. Anthony.

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