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Darren Wilson Expose' Part Two -- Religion Sucks

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Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit,teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you. And behold, I am with you always, to the end of the age." -- Matthew 28: 19-20 (ESV)

Undoubtedly, Wilson himself would refer to these verses to claim the discipleship angle he is playing up but it is attached to a definition that undercuts his entire argument. A disciple is someone who is baptized -- you know -- a religious ceremony. A disciple is someone who is taught to be obedient to all Christ taught -- you know -- religious rules. Odd that this doesn't say a disciple is someone who seeks an intimate relationship with God. Except it is not odd at all. What is so interesting next is the usage of the unbiblical term "messy faith journeys." Do you know why Darren Wilson believes in messy faith journeys? Because he refuses to adhere to the Bible. You see beloved relationships are messy, as I am sure we can all attest to. The Bible actually cleans up any messes but we have to believe it and know it. He is right that being a Christian is not reciting a prayer or only attending church but that does not mean that prayer and church are out. It does not mean that you replace the safe confines of Scripture for this experiential and emotionally based messy faith journey. Wilson continues:

"I lived much of my life steeped in religion, and I didn't mind it at all. In fact, I liked it. I think that's why religious people tend to fight so hard against the concept of true relationship with God. Religion is a warm blanket of rules, regulations, the knowable and the "normal." It's so attractive because it's so attainable. Do this, do that, believe this, believe that and you're in. Never once did I stop to ask myself this question, though: Into what?" -- Darren Wilson

Beloved let's deal with the first false narrative mentioned here. "Religious" people do not fight against a relationship with Christ. We are already in one. But it is a proper relationship based upon the assurance and verity of Scripture not what our hearts are telling us this day or that. So what then is the proper relationship? Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savior. The first relationship is one of servant and Lord. He is the Master. I am the servant. That means I try to obey what He has taught and commanded. Not out of duty but out of a reverent relationship. His yoke may be light but it is still a yoke. Secondly as Savior that means I am the wretch. I am the one who was in desperate need of being saved. The point here is that my relationship should constantly remind me where Christ found me so that I will not become conceited in my position in Christ. If someone wishes to preach this relationship theology I would line up for a front row seat and write how biblically spot on they were. That is not however the relationship Darren Wilson preaches. He believes the Bible oppresses relationship. He was raised on the friend of God theology. Jesus is his wingman you see. The truly sad part is he fancies himself a risk taker for casting his theological nets outside of the "warm blanket of rules, regulations and the knowable" that is the Bible. He is not. He is just foolish.

"The easy answer would be heaven. Religion likes to focus on either a destination or on consequences. Now I can't wait to experience heaven, but that isn't my focus while I'm here. My focus in this life has turned from getting to a destination to understanding my Father's heart in the here and now. Religion is always looking forward or backward, but a relationship is firmly rooted in the present. What are You saying right now? What are You thinking? How would You like me to react in this instance?" -- Darren Wilson

The beauty of false teachers is they do not realize that the longer they speak or write the more transparent their heresies become. Darren Wilson is being completely honest when he says heaven is not his focus. Therein lies the problem. Darren Wilson loves this fallen world and has chosen it over the eternal life that we will have in heaven. Religion does not focus on a destination or consequences Darren. We just admit they exist. Religion does not turn a blind eye to any part of the truth -- even the parts that might make us cringe a bit. The focus of religion is Jesus Christ and His Gospel. His Gospel however, included teachings on the destinations of heaven or hell. It discussed at length the consequences we all face apart from Christ. That is why the first word uttered in the ministry of Jesus Christ was -- repent! It wasn't love or relationship. It was repent.

"If I had to identify what I was most scared of in my past life, it would probably be the untethering of the knowable and the embrace of the possible. The knowable is safe. The possible could be anything. You're telling me God can speak to me, I can hear Him, and we can actually have a conversation? To someone who loves relationship, this is a basic truth. But to the religious camp, this carries the real possibility of disaster. What if you hear wrong and mess things up worse? What if people get hurt from your mistaken conversation with God? How are we supposed to police you if you're giving us the answer that "God told you" to do something?

I get it. I get the fears and the concerns. And I've made all the mistakes I used to be afraid of. I've heard Him wrong. I've hurt others as a result. But I've also actually heard Him for myself. I've encountered Him in ways so powerful that one moment in His presence changed me forever. I've heard Him correctly many times and .. .well, if I hadn't listened, I never would have made any of my films, millions around the world wouldn't have been able to see Him on display that way, and I would probably still be wallowing in my own religious misery." -- Darren Wilson

Wow, is that fist line revealing of the deception that sits in Darren Wilson's heart or what? It is the core of most false teachings beloved. The knowable is the Bible. God has already provided us with all we need to know to survive this life. He did not forget anything nor keep anything from us. I do not need an extra-biblical revelation from my pastor or Darren Wilson. I can receive a prophetic word but if it is not confirmed in Scripture it is dismissed. Why would you want to leave such surety and confidence? Because you don't like what God has said! So instead you seek something more malleable. You pursue something more flexible and yielding to your deceitful heart. You embrace the possible because the possible can be anything! Yes and that is the problem Darren. It can be anything. It could be God or it could be angel of darkness masquerading as an angel of light. It could be demonic spirits but you'd never know because you cast aside the only thing that could help you discern such when you walked away from Scripture! Just look at the example he gives!

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