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False Prophet Jennifer Leclaire -- Lying In Jesus Name

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2) In prepared remarks, Obama once said that the US had been "enriched by Muslim Americans. Many other Americans have lived in a Muslim majority country. I know, because I am one of them."

3) Also in 2012, Obama apparently once referred to Christ as "a" son of God instead of "the" only begotten Son of God.

4) Bowing to the Saudi King.

5) The "fact" that his wife does not travel with him to Muslim nations because Sharia Law demands women cover their heads.

Let us work backwards through these and remember they are presented as reasons to question the profession of Christ of President Obama. Number five is what is known as a lie. It started as many of these lies do, as a lying email that people forward to everyone they know. The claim arose years ago, after Michelle Obama had reportedly cut short her part of a trip as the President was heading to Turkey and then Saudi Arabia. Two problems. First of all, not all Islam is the same. Turkey for example is a very secular Islamic society, which does not require women to cover their heads. As for the alleged stop in Saudi Arabia, it was not even on that trip. It was simply made up. Yet there were Christians gleefully forwarding this email scourge, not caring if people now looked upon them as liars and Christ less favorably. By the way, as a visiting head of state, Michelle would not be required to cover her head anyway so the entire premise was a lie. Yet years later, Jennifer Leclaire is still pimping it.

Just like she is still pimping the misrepresentation of the Obama bow to the Saudi King. Did he really bow? Sort of because that is the international custom. Just like George Bush did before him and even Richard Nixon. And Bush claimed Jesus Christ was his favorite "philosopher." So in the warped mind of Jennifer Leclaire, showing respect to a foreign head of state that every president before him had done is enough to question his profession of Christ? Wow. When it comes to number three though I think Leclaire is just muddying the waters. When speaking to clergy once, Obama was drawing a distinction between the divinity of Jesus and His humanity and said the following, "It's also a chance to remember the tremendous sacrifice that led up to that day, and all that Christ endured -- not just as a Son of God, but as a human being." Now I find it odd that a Muslim would be getting into such finer Christology as the humanity versus the divinity of Christ but more importantly this looks like a moment of inarticulateness, not willful snub to the fact that Jesus is the "only begotten" as Leclaire whined about. Only where the president is talking to Christian leaders and referencing Jesus Christ's divinity can the Leclaires of the world be hung up on the usage of "a" instead of "the." Methinks thou protest too much.

The first two quotes I lump together. President Obama is not president of Christo-stan. He is president of what essentially is Babylon. I know many Christians think this is a godly Christian nation but it is not and it never was. Put down the Jonathan Con books and Todd Starnes articles and realize that there are other beliefs in this country. Our job is not to stick our thumb in their eye and tell them they are wrong. That is certainly not the job of the President of the United States. Do we honestly think the president should come out in favor of slander? That is a false spoken statement? If you think that you better read the key verse again. Let no crooked speech escape our lips! Is he supposed to pretend that there has never been a Muslim American who contributed to our secular society? We need to be very careful that we do not listen to the lies of the enemy who keeps selling us hate of other people who think differently than we do. Spreading the Gospel is not slandering people and lying about the President of the United States. And beloved do not lose sight that what Jennifer Leclaire tried to do was sell these innocuous events as reasons to question the profession of Christ by Barack Obama. How utterly irresponsible!

Yet there is Jennifer Leclaire. A woman already debunked and exposed as a false prophet judging the "fruit" of a man she has never met. Doing so not with the truth but with enough shades of grey to make us forget she espouses to be Christian herself. In her conclusion she even alludes to the possibility of Obama actually being the antichrist! So apparently not only does she not understand basic doctrine and prophecy but eschatology escapes her as well. No Christian fruit? I guess in the age where we wink and nod at Christian leaders on their third marriage we scoff at the fact that our president has managed one successfully, while raising two children.

But this is not an infomercial for the President. There are plenty of legitimate reasons to disagree with him on substantive policy issues and matters of faith. There is no need to create things that are not true. There is no reason to spread lies and innuendo. It damages our witness for Christ because at a bare minimum, Christians ought to stand for the truth. Not what 43% of people might think is the truth but rather the actual truth. Not what 41,000,000 search results may or may not infer -- but rather the actual truth. This is the actual conclusion to Leclaire's assassination:

So is Obama the antichrist? Is our Commander-in-Chief a Christian? Is he the first Muslim president? The debate continues.

Yes the debate does continue Jennifer. It continues in the minds of 43% of republicans who so desperately want to fit this false narrative into their worldview. Where all Muslims are evil and all presidents are white. It continues in the minds and hearts of the wickedly deceived who somehow think the Mormon was the righteous choice in the last election. People who keep looking to man instead of to God. Who like living in Sodom so they are desperately trying to save Sodom. More importantly Jennifer the debate continues because irresponsible people like you keep propping it up. You keep pretending that recycling old lies will somehow resonate with people as truth and who can blame you! There are 43% of republicans who have bought your lies. How truly sad and unfruitful.

Beloved, if you want to dislike our president, go right ahead. If you want to protest him, go right ahead. If you want to disagree with his policies on any issue go right ahead. That is one of the perks of living in the greatest country today. Barack Obama has given Christians enough legitimate reasons to disagree in an agreeable manner. As would any other candidate I might add. But if you are going to wear the mantle of a follower of Jesus Christ then you must begin with the understanding that truth is paramount. God does not need you to lie for Him. He does not need you to recycle other people's lies either. He does not need you to consult the great oracle Google to buttress your untruths either. Let's do one last check in with the great Apostle Google"

Sorry Jennifer. According to Google, 75,000 people do not even believe that you are Christian. Maybe they read this article of yours"

Reverend Anthony Wade -- September 25, 2015

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