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Inherent Dishonesty Blinds Apostate Church Leaders from Seeing Trump as Judgment

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"I've been operating as a prophet for 30 years, and I have never in my experience as a prophet seen every prophet I know and respect--and some I respect and don't know--all on the same sheet of music." - Stephen Strang

So Strang has never seen all the prophets he knows on the same page about a given prophecy? Why wouldn't they if they are actually hearing from God! Are you kidding me? Does Strang even understand what prophecy is supposed to be! Then the one time they actually do all align on a given prophecy they are all proven wrong and you cannot see what God is saying? He sure is not saying Trump will win a second term because he didn't!

'"Basically, the prophets were right," he says. "If everything would have been stopped legally on election night, Nov. 3, like it was supposed to be, Donald Trump technically would have won and [Republicans] would have won the House, too. Now, you have all this corruption taking place. The key is, as the anointed ones and the prophets of God, we have to come into agreement in prayer and intercession to take back what the enemy has stolen."' - Stephen Strang

No, the prophets were not right. They were in fact spectacularly wrong. This despite not only "prophe-lying" about Trump winning but they bragged about it. They reveled in the false prophecy. Now that is bad enough but to show such tremendous ignorance about how elections work is just embarrassing at this point. Stop counting votes after Election night? Seriously? What about provisional ballots? What about citizens living abroad? What about the military! Every election prior to 2020 was conducted the exact same way. This stale talking point was designed by Trump who urged his followers to not mail their ballot in and only show up in person to vote. The rest of the country understands there is a deadly pandemic out there and they mailed theirs in. Some states mind you are not allowed by their state legislators to even open the mail in ballots until the following day! Only in the mind of the truly depraved can counting legal votes be considered "corruption." The enemy did not steal anything. The people took back their country. The truly sad thing is they are leading so many people astray with this garbage.

'Porter, who helped expose election fraud in Florida in 2000 when the news media declared Al Gore the winner in Florida and therefore the president-elect of the United States, adamantly agrees with Landry and says Trump--and God's people--will ultimately prevail. "What I'm telling people is do not listen to the naysayers; we have been here before," Porter says. "God will do it again. I have not one ounce out of doubt, not one. This is the time for high-octane prayer. We need fasting, and we need mountain-moving prayer. If you ever thought about fasting, this is the moment to do it." She adds, "If you are discouraged, turn off the fake news and get with God's people and see what He's speaking to them."' - Stephen Strang

Yeah, no. Porter exposed nothing fraudulent with the 2000 election. As a vote counter in Florida she saw when the election was called for Gore and she claims she prayed for God to overturn that vote. Since Bush was installed by a partisan Supreme Court, Porter actually takes credit for his presidency because of her prayer. Oh, and the world that needs the Gospel? They think she is a loon and they are probably right. God does not operate like this. He does not overturn elections. He does not give half truths for prophecies. The notion here to get with "God's people" and turn off the "fake news" is just their way of getting people away from the truth. This is a truth they simply cannot see because their entire premise is inherently dishonest and biblically vacuous.

"I wrote that the prophets have said that Donald Trump would win a second term in my book God, Trump and the 2020 Election, as well as on podcasts and on our website. Recently, when I was a guest on the America Stands election tonight coverage by the Victory Network, I talked about what the prophets have said (and so did other guests)--even when it was clear the election could not be decided that night. I still believe that the election fraud will be exposed and Trump will be reelected." - Stephen Strang

Of course you believe that. You have to based upon the initial question you asked when the election was correctly called for Joe Biden. How will I cover it? Strang's inherent dishonesty blinds him from what is clearly before his eyes. Do you think that God was unaware of all of false prophets declaring and decreeing a Trump victory? Did you think He did not hear how you compared such a morally compromised man to Elijah? Deborah? David, a man after God's very heart? Did you believe that God agreed that his two divorces and three infidelities were irrelevant because he was not going to be a "pastor-in-chief?" Did you believe that God just looked the other way about a man who bragged about grabbing women by their genitals? Paying off porno stars he cheated on his wife with? You must realize that this is not just about judges or moving the embassy. You could have supported policies and decisions without trying to convince the world that he was saved. Do you think God did not notice the unparalleled deception and lies? Did you think He overlooked the racism and division? Do you honestly think that God does not care about the 250,000 dead in this country while the man in charge mocks people who would dare the support wearing masks? What about the unsaved that have had to suffer under his rule while people who claim the cause of Jesus Christ deified him? The man who said he has nothing to ask God for forgiveness for. The man who has the huckster Paula White as his spiritual advisor. The man who is literally surrounded by a gaggle of false preachers and prophets.

Then this compromised apostate church, which has bowed its knee to the Donald, all joined hands and swore he would win the 2020 election. Not only swore but swore on behalf of God Almighty. Declared that God told them specifically he would get elected again even though God said no such thing. They wrote books about what God said about this election assuming God must have not been paying attention the past four years. A funny thing happened on the way to those prophetic voices being redeemed. God silenced them instead. The election wasn't even close. The man they all deemed as God's righteous choice lost by over five million votes. In a nice touch of irony God made sure Trump lost by the exact electoral college total he had won by in 2016, which he called a landslide. Instead of repenting for lying about hearing from God these prophets of Baal keep screaming out to the heavens, cutting themselves until they bleed, wondering why the god they really serve cannot show up. That is because the god of Stephen Strang is not real. The god of Paula White is not real. This transactional god that looks the other way when it comes to personal morality as long as carnal political ends are met is not real.

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