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Seven Mountains Heresy on Steroids

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"3. The kingdom releases people to serve in the marketplace. Most contemporary churches only release and equip people to serve in the church space. In the kingdom, it doesn't matter how many people attend your church service on Sunday; how many are discipled and equipped as ministers to serve their community on Monday is what matters most. Contrawise, in the contemporary church space, people often separate their Sunday church attendance from their Monday vocation." - Joseph Mattera

This is pure seven mountains dominionism and remains wholly heretical. That is not say that Christians cannot serve in the marketplace but the notion that God designed the church so that we could make Christian movies with dubious theology or spend our days trying to redeem the world instead of redeeming the time for unbelievers is patently false and biblically absurd. The notion of your Monday vocation being different from your church attendance is supported biblically. Paul often plied his craft as a tentmaker to not have to rely on giving from those he preached to. Now we certainly need to represent Christ in our Monday vocation but that is vastly different from what Mattera is pushing here.

"4. The kingdom applies Scripture to all of life. Many contemporary churches apply Scripture merely to the individual soul. In the kingdom, we turn the world upside down, not just church structures (Acts 17:6). The gospel should positively impact both individuals and communities (Isa. 61:1-4; Matt. 28:19). Jesus told us to pray for His kingdom and will to come on earth. Thus, gospel impact should impact societal systems (Luke 11:2-4). In a typical contemporary church, the focus is solely on the implications of redemption for an individual soul." - Joseph Mattera

This heaven to earth heresy is central to most NAR churches such as Bethel. It simply is wrong. It is not our job to bring heaven to earth, nor within our abilities to do so. The rest of this item is just sad to read. The bible is written for your individual soul beloved. It is not meant to be a blunt instrument to slap across the face of the unbeliever. The disciples turned the world upside down through the preaching of the Gospel, not by forcing their beliefs on others or taking over their cultural mountains. The Book of Acts tells of when Paul was rebuffed by the locals in his preaching. Did he try to take over their cultural structures? No. He picked up and went on to the next place to preach the Gospel until all had heard his message. We positively impact communities by seeing more people saved by the gospel. The gospel does not impact societal systems. The gospel impacts individuals. The value of the individual soul is infinite to God. Remember, all of heaven rejoices when a single soul is saved, not a single societal system. Mattera's flippant attitude toward individual salvation is the end result of not focusing on the individual.

"5. In the kingdom, all believers participate in Jesus' ministry DNA. In contemporary churches, only a few are encouraged to participate in His ministry DNA. Paul said that each one of us in the church has received grace according to the measure of the gift of Christ (Eph. 4:7). In this context, the gift of Christ is His ministry DNA, as seen in Ephesians 4:11 (apostle, prophet, evangelist, pastor, teacher). These five basic expressions demonstrate Jesus' fivefold ministry gifts as illustrated in the four Gospels. In the typical contemporary church, only a few of these five ministry gifts (pastors and teachers) are recognized in the church, and only among the clergy, who tend to be full-time church ministers. Consequently, every person in the church functions in at least one of these five ministry gifts of Jesus, whether in the church place or the marketplace. For example, in the marketplace, the apostles are the entrepreneurs, the prophets are the futurists who predict macro trends, pastors are the caregivers and counselors, teachers are the instructors, and evangelists are those in public relations and sales." - Joseph Mattera

This is just ridiculous and supported nowhere in scripture. The bible does not indicate that apostles are entrepreneurs or any of the other carnal assessments Mattera makes here. The silliest notion is that prophets are "futurists." A prophet's job is not prediction but rather relaying what God has said. Unfortunately, in the NAR paradigm, prophets have become soothsayers utilizing psychic parlor tricks. Consider also that in Mattera's vision, EVERYONE is operating in a leadership position! Who exactly will they be edifying? Striving for the unity in Christ does not mean everyone magically attains it. The other piece Mattera keeps missing is that the things of God are utter foolishness to those who are perishing! You cannot talk people into salvation. You can convince them in the marketplace. According to Romans they must hear the gospel in order to be saved!

"6. In the kingdom, the church shepherds the community. The typical contemporary church shepherds only the flock. Pastors who understand the implications of the kingdom often get their churches involved in caring for the practical needs of their surrounding communities. The lead pastors are also known by many of the gatekeepers of their region as key spiritual leaders to whom they can go for help. In the typical contemporary church, Christians are often only encouraged to serve in their church, and the lead pastor limits his or her gifts, abilities and calling to his or her congregation." - Joseph Mattera

Wow. Beloved, the church most definitely does not shepherd the community. The implication is that the lost are somehow transformed into sheep without being saved. His disdain for how God organizes His church is palpable. They only shepherd the flock? Is he serious? That's their job! I take no issue with a local church assisting the community with their needs. Then many might come to service and hear the gospel. Then they might be saved. There is no step for salvation in Joseph Mattera's plan. Take heart pastors. If God gives you a congregation, no matter how small, be faithful to the gospel and your sheep and you will hear "well done my faithful servant." If you throw your sheep into the wilderness of the world and expect them to do your job, you will not hear that when you stand before Christ.

"7. In the kingdom, we understand creation grace. In the contemporary church, we only understand saving grace. Lead pastors who understand the kingdom of God realize that God's temporal blessings come upon the just and the unjust (Matt. 5:45). Through His creation (or common) grace, He calls unsaved civic leaders, His anointed ones, and servants to enact His purposes in society (Isa. 1-4; 45; Rom. 13:1-7). This gives kingdom-minded pastors the theological permission to serve alongside unsaved magistrates and civic leaders for the common good of their cities. In the typical contemporary church, many lead pastors and congregations only collaborate with other like-minded Christians, thus limiting their gospel witness and their capacity to utilize their collective gifts to impact their communities." - Joseph Mattera

We only understand saving grace? Hallelujah! I do not doubt that in his darkened heart, Mattera believes this but he is simply making it up as he goes along. Once again this is how dominionists think. That God has secret purposes for each society in this world and is looking for pastors to partner with unbelievers to accomplish those purposes. Wait a minute! I thought He was God! Why does he need any of our help to accomplish His purposes? He doesn't of course. The arrogance to think He does need our help is staggering. It seems Mattera sets this premise up to excuse partnering with the world. So, despite his assertion of permission, the word of God still says to have no fellowship with darkness. This is all the idolatry of man. Take no part in it beloved. Take no part.

Reverend Anthony Wade - May 6 2022

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