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Spiritual Schizophrenia At Bethel - Multiple Prophetic Personality Disorder

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"How and when did you discover that you had a prophetic mantle?"

"I don't think I set out knowing that I was a prophetess. I grew up in a prophetic home, but back in the 70s and 80s, there was normally just one prophet and they were kind of strange I wasn't sure if that was my call. But, my dad was a minister and had a prophetic gift; he would use his gift by giving one on one prophetic words that would normally lead to inner healing for the person receiving them. However, I remember thinking I could not hear God's voice. I began telling my dad, "Are you sure you are hearing God's voice when you give people a prophetic word because what you hear seems so obvious about their life." He told me: "It is obvious to you because you see the prophetic word over their life, sometimes the prophetic is calling out the obvious on someone's life." Once I realized that I was hearing God I began to practice giving prophetic words I always say growing in the prophetic is kind of like working out; you have to build your prophetic muscles. Now, I know there are people that are just extremely prophetic, but I don't think we have to change our personalities to hold the gift. God knew what he made when he created you we should be ourselves and allow God to use our voices in a natural way. When you are authentically yourself while operating in your prophetic gifting you will live a spirit-led life. However, when we try to become someone or something besides who we were created to be, we limit our gifting to a prophetic platform. - Havilah Cunnington

There is always this nebulous sense these false prophets have about hearing the voice of God. The notion of testing prophetic words runs contrary to the entire bible. Either God is speaking to you or He is not. There is no middle ground. There are no "prophetic muscles"; only lying tongues. I do not recall the scriptures where Elijah was considered "extremely prophetic" while Elisha was merely average. I do not recall Jeremiah working out his prophetic muscles. Look how backwards she has it! She claims if you are authentic while giving prophecies then you will lead a spirit filled life! Shouldn't it be the other way? Do you think God is going to give a prophetic word for His people to someone who is not being led by the Holy Spirit? This is ridiculous.

What is it like to be a prophetess in your own home with a young family?

"As you can imagine living in a house with 5 boys can be a lot, but probably less complicated than with 5 girls. Well, in terms of what it is like to be a prophetess and a mom, it kind of goes back to living that spirit-led life versus living off a prophetic platform. It also helps knowing which prophetic personality you are. There are four distinct prophetic personalities: knower, hearer, seer, feeler. The knower is intuitive; I think about how Paul became a mentor to Timothy instinctively. You might just know you are supposed to do something or go somewhere but lack a word or encounter to support the impression. The hearer is likely to hear God saying specific things. Maybe it's a verse or a phrase that just comes to mind. I like to call this the classic play-by-play. The Seer is a visionary, God gives them a vision for life, but sometimes they struggle with the details of life because they have a big picture that may take a lifetime to accomplish. The Feeler is often given an emotion by God usually so that you can partner with God to intercede for people, your family, etc." - Havilah Cunnington

Who knew that you can have a multiple prophetic personality disorder! Seriously, let's go through these. So the knower is a rogue who does not actually operate under any word from God? They just "know" they are supposed to do or say something? By the way, Paul mentoring Timothy was not prophetic. You do not need a direct word from God to do what you know is right. The hearer apparently does not even need to actually hear from God. Having a verse or phrase come to mind is not necessarily "hearing" from God and it most certainly is not cause to then assume that it is a prophetic word for others. There could be any number of reasons why things pop into our heads and hearts. We see this now in the trend of prophetic worship, which is not a real thing. I saw an itinerant worship leader once at my old church and during praise she obviously had the phrase "jump in the river if you want a hug from Jesus" pop into her mind because then she chanted it over and over again for 15 straight minutes. People rolling on the ground exclaiming they were soaked but I just shook my head in disbelief that so many could be so fooled, so quickly. This ridiculous phrase, which is not worship and did not come from God, was assumed to have by the woman who fancied herself a prophetic worship leader. This is not an outlier either as this nonsense goes on every single day in the charismatic church.

Do any of these personalities actually hear from the Lord? The visionary is supposed to be someone God gives a vision to with no direction? Can anyone think of a single example in the entire bible of a prophet operating under a vision but never hearing from God as to what to say to His people? I am amazed at how many people are deceived by this smooth talking with zero biblical foundation. The fourth example is just as silly and unbiblical. God apparently gives this prophet a feeling instead of actual words. You take this emotion and somehow intercede, without any instruction, for random people. Do not fall for such garbage. There are only two types of prophets. One that hears from God and one that does not. One is true and the other false. One should be heeded and the other dismissed.

"I am addressing this because my dad used his prophetic gift to parent us and I saw him operate in this from a very young age. He would often acknowledge that he "knew" something. For example, my dad was a minister and he would often travel to minister. One time he was traveling and my twin sister and I were at home and I was watching something on the TV. Suddenly, the phone rang and it was my dad. He had woken up from his sleep and knew that I was watching something I should not be watching. Through events like this, my parents modeled to me my whole life that you can allow the Holy Spirit to lead you in raising your kids. Just recently, this happened for me as a mom. I noticed one of my sons came home and seemed off, maybe I could have written it off as just tired, but I knew something else was going on. So, I asked the Holy Spirit what to do and in response, I heard Him say, "Get him away from his brothers and ask him what is wrong." I pulled him away from his brothers for a moment and asked if we could talk, but he said nothing when I asked what was wrong. Now, normally I don't say, "The Lord told me" or, "God said" when I am parenting, simply because I don't want to manipulate my children into opening up. Trust me though, I have not always done parenting and the prophetic perfectly, but the truth is the prophetic is not something to perfect; it is a tension to manage. In this moment with my son though I felt to say, "The Lord told me to ask you," then he began opening up about a situation that had happened at school. I knew then if I had not tuned into the voice of the Holy Spirit I could have totally missed it." - Havilah Cunnington

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