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The Faith Of Science and the Theory of Devolution

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But make so mistake about it beloved -- science is faith. They claim to be anti-faith but in many instances it takes a lot more faith than I have to believe what they believe. Take the dominant theory about creation science today has; the Big Bang Theory. In summary, they believe that all matter that ever existed once sat on a space no bigger than the head of a pin. No explanation is offered as to why or how but regardless, this then randomly exploded (or like a balloon popping) sending all of the matter spiraling into the newly created space (which they claim did not exist prior to this event). This then randomly created all of the universes that currently exist, including placing earth exactly the right distance from the sun to sustain life -- by accident. I have read that as little as a 3% difference either way and there would never have been life on this planet. Then out of rock -- life spontaneously developed all on its own! Science then implements the theory of evolution from there to explain how man comes to be. Wow. With all that theoretical supposition I think it takes way more faith to believe that! I just believe that a creator spoke everything into existence. The word universe when broken down means single spoken sentence.


Now, I am neither apologist nor scientist (although I used to teach science years ago). There are far more qualified people to get into the nitty gritty details. I am sure that the science defenders will say that my representation was at best rudimentary and I would agree. But the essentials are accurate and the suppositions are reported accurately. Science such as the big bang theory is theoretical. It has to be because there was no one around at the time to verify. Just look at the key verses for today. This is God speaking to Job but He may as well be speaking to modern day scientists. Excuse me -- where were you when I laid the foundations of the earth?


The reality is that science seeks to darken the counsel of God (His Word) by words without knowledge. Beloved, knowledge is not theory. It is not supposition. It is based upon fact. I believe that I have an eye witness to creation because God was there! Now, I fully understand that is only by faith that I believe this because no living man was there at the time, not even Adam yet. Science however believes in the essence of the big bang theory I laid out and by faith accepts it to be true. The difference is that science passes their faith off as knowledge. That is the inherent dishonesty within science and the inherent arrogance found in man.


Human pride will be humbled, and human arrogance will be brought down. Only the LORD will be exalted on that day of judgment. -- Isaiah 2: 17 (NLT)


God will not be mocked beloved. Science can trace things as far back as they would like to assume but at some point they have to answer the question -- and where did that come from? At some point you have to come to the question of a Creator for creation. Science seeks to make those things random that God has made clear. Because by doing so man becomes God. It is as old as time:


"How you are fallen from heaven, O shining star, son of the morning! You have been thrown down to the earth, you who destroyed the nations of the world. For you said to yourself, "I will ascend to heaven and set my throne above God's stars. I will preside on the mountain of the gods far away in the north. -- Isaiah 14: 12-13 (NLT)


This is the account of the fall of Lucifer through the Prophet Isaiah. Science merely does what Lucifer tried to do. To ascend to heaven and set its throne above God. What better example do we have than the theory of evolution? I say theory because that is what it is. It is a guess. It is an idea Charles Darwin came up with to explain the origins of species. What better way to ascend above the throne of God than to dismiss the fact that He created us? If that is the case and we evolved from monkeys then this actually is our best life now and you better run out and buy a Joel Osteen book! But before you head out to Barnes and Noble you may want to consider that Darwin himself was concerned about the lack of a transitional form in the fossil record. For his theory to be true, Darwin said that there needed to be a transitional form somewhere in the fossil record, which means a fossil that would be half man and half monkey. The mid-point, if you will on the evolutionary scale. Darwin himself said that his theory would be inaccurate if such a form was never found. To date, no such form has been found but science remains arrogantly undeterred, declaring every fossil to be a transitional form. This "moving of the goal posts" is widely accepted as science fact today. Anyone who does not blindly place their faith in a theory of a 19th century naturalist who dismissed his own theory, is considered unintelligent and a science denier.


What is really going on here beloved? Evolution seeks to remove God from the equation -- pure and simple. If we were derived from monkeys then we can make our own rules. We can decide our own morality. We can ascend to the heavens and be our own God. The problem is then morality exists on a sliding scale. Morality exists only in theory. For the gunman from Newtown Connecticut or the bomber in Boston, their morality allowed them to slaughter innocent people -- including children. If you do not believe that morality exists in a godless humanity on a sliding scale just look at the last 100 years and what I like to call the theory of devolution. Look at the crimes committed today verses 50 years ago and versus 100 years ago. Look at what is culturally accepted today versus 50 years ago and 100 years ago. Look at what is allowed on television today versus 30 years ago. How did we go from Andy Griffith to Modern Family? How did we go from Leave it to Beaver to Family Guy? The thing I find the most ironic is how the enlightened cannot see the darkening all around them. As they feel they are evolving, society is actually devolving. And that is my theory:


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