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Thus Sayeth Our Wickedly Deceitful Hearts -- Examination of Two Recent False Prophecies

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"I then saw the Spirit of Integrity begin to descend upon dignitaries, celebrities and the very elite!" In the Spirit, I sensed the Lord saying. "There is a certain caliber of society that has been overlooked and given up hope for by many of My people, who have even stopped praying for them. But again it will be proven that it is by My Spirit, and My Spirit is being poured out upon all flesh." -- Bill Yount

Ah yes, the spirit of integrity from the Book of 2Prevarications. Seriously, where is Yount going with this? That the church has ignored rich people? Seriously? Since when? By the way -- why do they get the spirit of integrity? Do we need material wealth to have integrity? Then there is the butchering of the Joel prophecy:

"And it shall come to pass afterward, that I will pour out my Spirit on all flesh; your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, your old men shall dream dreams, and your young men shall see visions. Even on the male and female servants in those days I will pour out my Spirit. -- Joel 2: 28-29 (ESV)

All flesh is clarified within the context. Male and female. Young and old. Socio-economic status is not addressed. So Yount has laid the premise however for this false prophecy. The poor poor rich people who have been neglected by the church will be returning:

"The 'Elite' Come to the House of God. I saw very influential people being drawn by God's Spirit into His Kingdom. I saw dignitaries, celebrities and the very "elite" being drawn into the house of the Lord. I saw some of them coming to church in armored cars with security guards around them ... but they were coming! I saw, at times, helicopters landing in church parking lots, bringing in dignitaries from high positions of government. Some were walking through the front doors of churches with body guards because of their honor and prestige. The high and mighty were coming into Father's house now as well as the lowly." -- Bill Yount

This would be downright comical if it were not so insulting. Apparently Mr. Yount is unaware of the Scriptures that speak about how the elite will be laid low. What makes these people elite to Mr. Yount anyway? Because they are celebrities? Because they have bodyguards? Helicopters landing in church parking lots? The high and mighty were now coming to church? Oh and those lowly people too. Pathetic.

"Integrity was gripping their hearts to hunger and honor the king who, they were realizing, had given them power, wealth and high positions in the land. I saw one very prominent person, whose name was a household name known throughout the nations, put a check in the offering plate in one service that was large enough to meet the church budget for the next five years. The tithe from this one check went out from this church to support all their missionaries a full year." -- Bill Yount

We are starting to see the pet issues for Mr. Yount as we did for Pastor Christmas and tithing is again at the top of the list. Beloved, there is no such thing anymore as tithing. It was part of the law that Jesus nailed to the cross. Galatians 5 actually teaches us that tithing will yoke us back to the law and sever us from Christ. This is not a prophecy. It is a dream that Bill Yount must have. That rich people would come in and drop millions in the offering.

"These dignitaries and wealthy ones, who had been filled with God's integrity and glory, could rarely stay in one church long, because of the publicity, and because they were making some religious people uncomfortable." -- Bill Yount

Argghh" stop the insanity Bill Yount! There is no way God said this! The term religious people is a made up foil used by people who wish to step outside the bounds of Scripture. God established the term religion in His holy Word. People who insist on biblical accuracy are branded as such or with a "spirit of religion." Whatever. So according to this prophecy the rich people couldn't stay long because of the publicity? Wouldn't we want the publicity if the Gospel was being preached? Wouldn't we want these "dignitaries" to then represent Christ to the throngs of paparazzi following them to church?

"As a result, the Holy Spirit would lead them to different churches, to visit and receive counsel and wisdom from many different styles of worship and revelation of teaching from more than just one minister, thereby receiving the whole counsel of God. Cross-pollination was vital for them, as they would visit different churches to receive various revelations to help lead a nation. In the meantime, many churches were being blessed, experiencing the presence of integrity brought by these elite visitors from a caliber of society where integrity is rarely found. This presence was a result of the dignitary's service to the Lord in the midst of the absence of integrity." -- Bill Yount

Wait a minute. So God is saying his church did not have a spirit of integrity so He sent these celebrities and rich people into the church with the presence of the spirit of integrity and this spirit was made manifest through some service provided by the rich people in the area that usually has no integrity, the church? Is God not God? Why not just send the spirit of integrity? Why send it through these people at all? How were they able to even receive this spirit of integrity lest they be saved and since they did not hear the Gospel -- how did they get saved? How exactly did they receive counsel from various styles of worship? That makes no sense. Why do you need more than one minister to impart the entire counsel of the Lord? Do you see how confused you get when you try to make it up outside the safe confines of Scripture?

'I heard the King of kings say, "When you begin to see the kings of the earth and high government officials and the upper class being drawn into My house, honor these kings and their high positions and know that the time is soon when the King of kings and Lord of lords will soon appear in all of His glory in His house. Get used to honoring those in high places and those who are gifted with talent that astounds the world. Continue to pray, believing for their souls.

"I didn't say 'not any;' I said 'not many!' "I have said that 'not many mighty and not many noble are called... I didn't say "not any" I said "not many!"' I have said. 'It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than a rich man to enter into the kingdom of heaven," but I didn't say it was impossible for Him to enter. The pendulum is beginning to swing. It will touch now, not only the poor and lowly, but also the rich, the famous and those in high places. I hear God say, "All arise... the kings, queens, princes and rulers of nations are coming in on this next move."'-- Bill Yount

Does Bill Yount own a Bible? Get used to honoring people based upon earthly talents and carnal accomplishments? Seriously? The Bible says He uses the foolish to confound the wise. It says the first will be last in the kingdom of God. I do not pretend to know what affinity Bill Yount holds for rich, powerful, and exalted people of this earth but I do know their prestige, notoriety, and money mean nothing to Almighty God. The point Bill Yount must be uncomfortable with is that the pendulum does not discriminate the way he does. It has already touched the rich and the poor alike. It's just that the poor do not have much to hold onto in this world so they come into the kingdom more easily than the rich who think they have made it all themselves. That is why it will be hard for the rich to enter heaven. They do not think they need to. The Gospel does not discriminate Mr. Yount. It does not see people in terms of caste, class, or wealth. Even if you do.

That leaves us with our key verse today. A reminder from the Apostle John that we must test the spirits, yes even the spirit of integrity, whatever that is supposed to be. We are required to test them because many will not be from God but will be from the false prophets that have gone out into the world, such as Kent Christmas and Bill Yount. As the church we need to stop chasing a word from man and start chasing the final revealed will of the Lord. Whenever someone utters thus sayeth the Lord we must hold up the mirror of Scripture to that prophecy to test the spirit it is from and dismiss out of hand and hold in contempt those that would presumptively speak for the Lord when He has not spoken.

Reverend Anthony Wade -- January 17, 2018

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