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The NAR Teachings On Display in Christo-Politics

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Putting aside the blinding arrogance of that statement, this is the first time I have heard a Christian try to make the argument that the Republican Party is the party of responsible environmentalism. I did not realize that "Drill Baby Drill" was code speak for "wise use" of resources. Just consider this argument for a second. Cheech is proffering the notion that the policies of destroying God's creation faster are somehow more aligned with a Christian worldview! That it is only man's benefit we ought to concern ourselves with. Is that what you take away from the life of Christ?

"5. Beliefs about whether we can know right from wrong. If a person doesn't hold to an absolute standard of morality, then it follows one person's views are as good as the next. If it follows you can't really know what's right or wrong with any certainty, the people who are most dangerous to society are those who hold strong religious convictions -- these folks have to be kept at bay and shouldn't be allowed to influence public policy. The people that should have the power in society are those which agree with them about their own subjective beliefs concerning what's good. The Democrat Party certainly attracts people of this persuasion, while Republicans, by contrast, attract more people who believe in absolute standards of morality as found in the Bible, traditional Jewish teaching, the Bible plus Roman Catholic tradition, or the book of Mormon. Moreover, Republican policies tend to reflect these moral absolutes -- beliefs that rely on a higher authority and transcend themselves." -- Dr. Mark Creech

The outline presented is kind of correct, although I am not sure why Cheech would be supportive of an ecumenical government. The Book of Mormon should be complete anathema to a Christian. It is something added to scripture, treated as higher than Scripture and emanating from a satanic cult. Roman Catholic tradition is also incorrect and not something we should be holding aloft as a virtue of anything. Let's put all of this aside however and deal with the argument being made. Cheech is right that if you believe in the Bible then you believe in absolute truth and the world likes their shades of gray within which they can feel better about their sin. Is this a surprise? We have already stated multiple times that the things of God are foolishness to man. Thus the concept of absolute truth is foolishness to them. Now, the world does tend to not want Christians in positions of power but perhaps that is because for every Christian praying dutifully, there are ten Christians screaming Deuteronomy verses at them. Perhaps they also see our blatant hypocrisy. Another Christian office holder in Alabama said this past week, that other than the fact that the girl in question was 14 he didn't see what the big deal was. I do not want to gloss over this. Roy Moore has made it his mission in life to play the Christian card at every turn. Even in defiance of the rule of law, for which he was removed from office twice. He now stands with five women accusing him of sexual advances to assaults, all of which were 18 or younger, all the way down to 14 years of age. A fellow office holder at the time is now on record as saying everyone knew the 32 year old Assistant District Attorney dated high school girls and thought it was weird. Reports are now out that one of the malls and the YMCA banned him because he would proposition young girls. When asked about whether he dated girls as young as 17, he offered a mea culpa of not being able to remember with the caveat that he always asked the mother permission to date the daughter. What kind of 32 year old man needs a mother's permission to date unless the girls are under 18? I do not really care about Roy Moore. He is just another in a long line of Bible thumpers who should have shown more humility considering the life he has led. My concern is all of the Christians lining up to stand with him. My concern is people like Dr. Michael Brown providing cover for him. My concern is Franklin Graham tweeting that he is praying for Roy Moore and not the victims. When you see only your NAR dominionist agenda however, the cause of Christ always takes a back seat. What do we think the world sees?

"6. Religious Beliefs. As a whole, there is a significant difference between the religious beliefs of Republicans and Democrats. The Democrat Party leans more to the favor of those who either have no religious belief or are moral relativists. Those that view the Bible as God's Word in its entirety and authoritative in all matters of life, typically align themselves with the Republican Party.

Grudem concludes that the differences in our political system, which is largely a two Party one, Democrats and Republicans, have great significance for the Christian. "These differences are not accidental," he says, "but stem from differing convictions about several moral and theological issues." Although some of these issues overlap each other, Grudem is absolutely right. Of course, an article of this nature is bound to result in some folks wrongly concluding Rev. Creech and the Christian Action League are just another arm of the Republican Party. Hardly! Those who know me are familiar with the way I can be appropriately critical of Republicans when I think they have departed from eternal verities. Neither do I mean to suggest that Republicans are always better morally than Democrats. And I don't exclude the fact some good Christians choose to register as an Independent or with a third Party that they believe is closest to their biblical convictions. What I am saying, however, is that Christians who are members of the Democrat Party and earnest about bringing their politics into line with a strong Christian worldview, may want to seriously consider changing their political affiliation." -- Dr. Mark Cheech

The last offering here is just silly logic. Because most Christians identify as Republican, you should too? Despite his pleas to the contrary, Dr. Creech is a shill for the Republican Party. Sure he may throw a little shade their way on issues he cannot avoid. He may even spank them for the Moore situation. In the end though he has sold out the cause of Christ for the politics of man. While he admits that democrats are not always morally inferior he says that regarding individual people. His beliefs seem pretty clear that he thinks as a party -- the Republicans are more righteous. That is because of his skewed worldview, which he has convinced himself is Christian. His first piece of evidence was on limited government, a topic never covered in Scripture. He had to mutilate the eighth commandment to try and make it appear pious but in the end this was about a carnal preference wrapped up in Christianese. His second example was the usage of the two prominent wedge issues always used to divide Americans. There is no recognition however of what people have actually done in each party versus what they merely promise they are going to do. Perhaps Dr. Creech needs to be reminded that six of the seven approved votes for Roe versus Wade were republican appointees. None are righteous. None seek after God. His third argument seemed to be a placard for the NRA or indemnity for rogue corporations. His fourth argument was to try and convince us that the republicans are the real party of the environment but that dog don't hunt. The fifth point seemed to advocate for a one world religion as long as they had some standard of morality that he approved of. His last argument was intellectually and scripturally vacuous.

Within these specious arguments however were slivers of what Dr. Creech seems to believe and has bought into. It is the NAR that teaches the Republican Party is more aligned with Christianity and is the more righteous way to go. It is the NAR that convinces Christians to vote myopically on issues no one has any intention of doing anything about. It is the NAR that promotes this "worldview" nonsense. Are we seeing the pattern yet beloved? Dr. Creech titled this article Can a Christian be a Democrat but that can be asked of virtually any party affiliation. The real question is can someone sold out to any political party truly be a Christian? Where in this false NAR worldview is taking care of the neediest in society? Where are the widows and orphans? Where is the Gospel? It is not in the NAR or politics. No matter how much Dr. Creech wishes it was.

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