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Debunking NAR Dominionism Using Lies to Rewrite Slavery and American History

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"You shall have no other gods before me. - Exodus 20:3 (ESV)

Above everything, NAR dominionism is rooted in rebellion against the very first commandment, listed today as the key verse. God is quite serious about idolatry and that does not always mean bowing down to literal false gods. It means whatever we make a god in our life and place ahead of our true Father. That includes money, fame, power, and in the case of the dominionist, the secular world we enjoy. When asked about this world, Jesus always said His kingdom was not of this world. When asked repeatedly to intervene regarding the politics of His day, Rome, He refused. Jesus was entirely apolitical. NAR dominionists always try to leverage His outspokenness with the Pharisees but that was a religious issue for Jesus, not a political one. One of the most egregious NAR dominionist culture warriors disguised as a Christian is Eddie Hyatt. I love reviewing his work because he is so bad at both history and the bible that debunking is easy. Eddie lies with impunity regarding American history to set up his false biblical narratives. One of the cornerstone arguments for Eddie is that America is under attack from godless lefties who are dismantling Christianity. Of course, nothing is further from the truth. People just rightly push back when Eddie and his ilk try and force Christianity upon people who do not share the faith. The truly sad thing is Eddie thinks this is somehow a Christian duty when Christ never asked us to force faith upon people. Eddie does it of course because he worships this country and the sin excess it encourages and allows. His masters are political forces within the Republican Party as he leads people to hate the very people that need the gospel the most. Let us reason once more together beloved.

"I do not support an Americanized Christianity, but I am passionately contending for a Christianized America. It was the influence of Christianity that gave America the prosperity and freedoms that have been the envy of nations all over the world. The same can be true of any nation, for as the psalmist declared, "Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord" (Ps. 33:12a).

America is now in trouble because there has been a decades-long war to dismantle Christianity in America. When President Joe Biden declared March 31, which happened to be Easter Sunday, "Transgender Visibility Day," it was not done in a vacuum. Neither was the White House ban of any messages about Jesus or His Resurrection on children's eggs at the annual White House Easter Egg Roll." - Eddie Hyatt

At a bare minimum, Christians are supposed to stand for the truth. We believe, represent and in large part try to preach the gospel on the basis of knowing absolute truth. Yet the compromised NAR church seemingly has no compunction about lying when it comes to politics. As such, it exposes itself as entirely carnal in nature. In this opening paragraph, Hyatt lies twice. The first is that Biden declared March 31 as Transgender Visibility Day. He did no such thing. It turns out March 31 has been recognized as such since 2009 and yes, that includes the four years when Donald Trump was president. What changed? The date of Easter obviously. It rotates every year and this year; it fell on March 31. It has nothing to do with the fake victimization Eddie peddles. The second lie is even worse as the instruction to not have ANY religious symbols, not just Christian ones, has been in place for over 45 years through administrations from both parties, including Trump. Hyatt's distorted view of history only equals his evisceration of the bible. He knows nothing about either. To contend for a "Christianized America", means he is pushing for a theocracy. God has not instructed us to try and force faith upon anyone, let alone create a theocracy. His fanciful rewrite of American history omits all of the bad that comes along with the good. The larger point here remains his incessant lying while pretending to represent Christ. It is an insult to our collective intelligence and faith. If people see that you are willing to lie about so little, why would they ever believe you about the gospel?

"These were merely the fruit of this 60-plus year push to de-Christianize America. We have now reached a defining moment in our history, and it is time for all freedom-loving Americans to push back with the truth about the positive, life-giving role of Christianity in America. For the first 150 years of America's existence, no one questioned the axiom, "America is a Christian nation." This did not mean that the nation officially sanctioned any church, sect or denomination. America was considered Christian because the vast majority of its citizens identified as Christian, and its laws and institutions were founded on Christian principles and values. John Marshall, who served as America's second chief justice of the Supreme Court from 1801-35, made this point very clear when he wrote, "No person, I believe, questions the importance of religion in the happiness of man, even during his existence in this world. The American population is entirely Christian, and with us Christianity and religion are identified. It would be strange, indeed, if with such a people, our institutions did not presuppose Christianity, and did not refer to it, and exhibit relations with it" (Hyatt, "1726: The Year that Defined America," 169)." - Eddie Hyatt

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